[Yu-Gi-Oh]Immediately in session! Event original goods released all at once! SCRAP × Yu-Gi-Oh King Duel Monsters “Challenge from Kaiba Corporation” March 6 (Wed) Finally start! !

Holding at hand! Event original goods released all at once! SCRAP × Yu-Gi-Oh King Duel Monsters “Challenge from Kaiba Corporation” March 6 (Wed) Finally start! !
Mysterious event “Challenge from Kaiba Corporation” that SCRAP Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Representative: Takao Kato) collaborated with “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” on March 6th Wednesday).
In commemoration of the event holding, we decided to sell original goods “Challenge from Kaiba corporation”.
Goods Lineup List
Goods lineup list


Event Visual Event Visual

This time, the original goods to be sold at the event venue include SCRAP’s staple item “Sticker Sheet”, plus the popular item “Mystery Clear File” (Yuugi ver. / Kaiba ver.), Yu ☆ Play ☆ King Duel Monsters We have prepared four kinds of lineups, “Words can badge” reminiscent of each character’s name scene, “Pouch” which can store decks of Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game.

Also, we will distribute ‘Oblisque giant soldier’ ​​※ ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game Duel Monsters’ (Konami Digital Entertainment) as a clearing benefit of this event. This is a special Millennium specification this time. It is valuable card limited to 30,000 pieces nationwide .

As soon as next week, starting with March 6 (Wednesday) together with participation in “Challenge from Kaiba Corporation”, please also enjoy original goods.
※ In addition, the clear benefit card can not be used in the official duel.

mysterious clear file Yugi ver.
Mystery accompanied clear file Yugi ver.

Mysterious clear file Kaiba ver.
Mystery clear file Kaiba ver.

Famous can badge

sticker sheet
Sticker sheet


● SCRAP x Yu Gi-Oh Duel Monsters
“Challenge from Kaiba Corporation”

■ Story
Kaiba Corporation, which has made a breakthrough to the world’s leading company with the charisma of the president and Kaiba Seto and overwhelming financial capability, has further improved its solid vision developed by himself, and reproduces the entire city with solid vision “Solid Vision · Sphere “, and convened a tester of the latest system to Kaiba Corporation.
“Make you experience the battle city with this solid vision sphere!”
Under the command of the hippocampus, the device is activated and the world of battle city spreads around.
In this virtual space, you will experience Duel of Battle City as a tester.
“Come now, Duelists, get the title of duel king in this virtual reality battle city!”

■ Venue, start date
[Tokyo] Tokyo Mystery Circus
Wednesday, March 6 –
Store information: https://mysterycircus.jp/events/3665
[Nagoya] Nazo · Complex Nagoya
Wednesday, March 13 –
Store information: https://www.scrapmagazine.com/nazocomplex/events/yugioh_mmb/
[Osaka] Hideobi Scrap Osaka Nazobil
Wednesday, March 13 –
Store information: http://realdgame.jp/ajito/osaka_nazobldg/event/yugioh_mmb.html

■ Ticket release date
February 23 (Saturday) 12 noon

■ Price
1,500 yen (tax included)
* Advance, both rates are uniform on the day.
※ If the advance ticket is sold out, we will not sell the same day ticket.

■ Game system
Time limit: None
Estimated time required: 60 to 90 minutes for each
Team number: unlimited
Location: indoor

■ Organizer / Project Production SCRAP
(C) Takahashi Kazuki Studio · Dice / Shueisha · TV Tokyo · NAS
What is SCRAP?
Established SCRAP Co., Ltd. in 2008. While renting out amusement parks and stadiums to make real escape games, mysteries on books, applications, TV programs, and helping companies solve mysterious promotion projects, as a creative company of a mystery event, A free paper production company from Kyoto who has been acknowledged (and free papers are also being praised for praise). We also formed a fan club “Boys Detective SCRAP Team” on the momentum. We also collaborate with television stations, record companies, etc. and constantly create new entertainment. * “Real escape game” is a registered trademark of SCRAP Co., Ltd.
★ Official website http://www.scrapmagazine.com/
★ Twitter account @ scrapmagazine
★ Real escape game official website http://realdgame.jp/
★ Real escape game Twitter account @ realdgame


game play image
Game play image

game play image
Game play image

game play image
Game play image

A dubious red box lined with slurry on one wall.
It is a mailbox where letters arrive from residents of various stories.
You can unravel the mystery hidden in the envelope, and draw out the key with your hand, you can open the door of the box.
When I open the door the next story is waiting. When the last box opens, the story will surely connect with you.

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