“Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” approved by JeSU. Japan, eSports and ProSports license acquired by 6 new! There are a total of 30 Japanese, eSports, and Pro license holders of ST V AE!

“GAFRO” player, “Ryusei” player who ranked in the top 100 in the global ranking points in the CAPCOM Pro Tour 2018 season, “Crusher” player who won the top 8 in EVO Japan 2019, “Jovin” player , “Powell” players, 6 of the “Joni” players who ranked in the top 8 in Final Round 2019, newly added the JeSU official Japan e-Sports Pro license in “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” as a Capcom recommending frame player I decided to get it.

“One Connect | Gaflo” players


“Crusher” player


“Team Fudoh | Jonny” players


“Yoshimoto Gaming | Jobim” players


Powell player


“FAV gaming | Ryusei” players

Daily School

The top eight players in the CAPCOM Pro Tour Super Premier and Global Premier tournaments currently held around the world are nominated as nominated.

■ Notice of extension of license acquisition support period

From February 2018 to the end of March 2019, Capcom had fully supported the expenses for JeSU accompanying the issuance of a new Japan eSports Pro License, but extended this support to the end of January 2020 I will.

■ About Street Fighter V

The “Street Fighter” series recorded a big hit in “Street Fighter II” released in 1991, after its first game as a commercial game console in 1987. An innovative competition system has attracted much attention, and in the home video game software, we have established a genre of competitive fighting games, such as boasting shipments of a total of 42 million series (as of the end of December 2018) worldwide. It is still popular all over the world, and it is the title that will lead the field of fighting games in e-sports. We have realized the introduction of “cross platform” play, which is the first ever in the “Street Fighter” series history, where PlayStation (R) 4 users and PC users can play against each other.

About CAPCOM Pro Tour”

“CAPCOM Pro Tour” sponsored by CAPCOM Media Ventures, Inc. is a generic term for “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” tournaments held around the world throughout the year, including the Global Premier Tournament and the Regional Ranking Tournament. The year-round overall winner will be determined at the end of the year’s “CAPCOM CUP”.

■ About Capcom, Inc.

Founded in 1983, it is a leading company that creates many hit products in the game entertainment field. As a masterpiece, he holds series titles such as “Resident Evil”, “Street Fighter”, “Rockman”, “Monster Hunter”, and “Devil May Cry”. The company is headquartered in Osaka, with overseas subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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