Opened Kyoto’s first e-sport facility on May 6 (Mon). Free to community

Opening ceremony inviting the mayors of Kyoto will be held

Susano Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City; President: Takahiro Nakano) is the home of the e-sports team “Kyoto Susano ‘” on May 6, 2019, and is also the first in Kyoto Announced that it will open an e-sports facility “e-sports FIELD YASAKA”.

“E-sports FIELD YASAKA” is an e-sport facility that is scheduled to open in Kitakyushucho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City. It will be opened as a home ground for “Kyoto Susanoo”, but at the same time, it will be open for the community carrying out e-sport events with the aim of activating regional e-sports, and e-sports can be experienced while contacting with affiliated professional players. It will be a facility.

In addition, “e-sports FIELD YASAKA” is an e-sport facility “e-sports SQUARE” operated by RIZeST, Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Akihito Furusawa) since 2011 (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) Make a partnership with After opening the facility, we will share know-how on the management and planning of the event and plan various events such as online competitions between Tokyo and Kyoto. In addition, we will collaborate with other e-sports facilities in other areas.

In addition, when opening “e-sports FIELD YASAKA”, an opening ceremony will be held from 14:00 on the same day at the same facility on Monday, May 6. In addition to inviting Daisaku Kadokawa, the mayor of Kyoto, the ceremony will also feature demonstrations using the latest equipment and demonstrations by e-sports prominent players.

【Planned completion of facilities】
Floor composition / 2 floors of 1F and 3F
・ The 1st floor is the actual condition, commentary booth and event space (number of PCs / 34)
・ 3F is a delivery studio and battle stage of 10 high spec PC, reception room

Glass full-scale commentary booth. Also used as a practice area for players
Glass-lined commentary booth. Also used as a training area for players

The industry's first competition space with stage with hologram screen
Industry’s first competition space with stage with hologram screen

Battle stage where five high-spec gaming PCs are installed face to face
Battle stage with five high-spec gaming PCs installed face-to-face

Install a reception room based on the image of sum
Set up a reception room with an image of sum

Presentation is possible in the reception room
Presentations are possible in the reception room

【About “Kyoto Susanoo”] Kyoto Susano is an e-sports team formed to make it possible for the e-sports athletes who will bloom from now on to become “Susanoo” who can compete with “Yamatano Orochi (a powerful player in the world)”. We will contribute to the increase of player population and the local community by holding not only the support of players but also exchange events for players who enjoy e-sports. Currently, fighting game players are the main players, but in the future, teams of other genres such as FPS and MOBA and streamers will be formed.

Kyoto Susano’s official website:

Kyoto Susanoo Official Twitter:

【About “e-sports SQUARE AKIHABARA”】

“E-sports SQUARE” is an event & community space that caters to a wide variety of needs, including games, eating and drinking, and events. It was established in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture as the first e-sport facility in Japan in 2011, and moved to Tokyo’s Akihabara, a holy place where game information was sent out in 2014. We perform a wide range of operations from planning and proposing event plans utilizing this facility, lending of this facility, and management of community events.

“e-sports SQUARE AKIHABARA” official website:
“e-sports SQUARE” Official Twitter: < / a>

【About RIZeST Co., Ltd.】
RIZeST Co., Ltd. is an e-Sports Entertainment company with the vision of sharing the excitement of e-Sports with other people. It produces e-sports programs and broadcasts, tournaments and league management, and promotion utilizing cutting-edge broadcasting technology.

RIZeST Co., Ltd. Official Website:
RIZeST Co., Ltd. Official Twitter:

【Susanoo Co., Ltd. company profile】
Company name: Susanoo Co., Ltd.
Representative director: Takahiro Nakano
Directors: Kazutoshi Matsuishi
External Directors: Jiro Hijiri
Operators: Isamu Yamaguchi
Location: 400-8 Osaka-shi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8177 Miyoshi Building 2F
Contact information: TEL 075-342-1158 / FAX 075-342-0138
Found: February 27, 2019
Business description: e-sports training, e-sports facility operation, e-sports business consulting

Notice of establishment of Susano Corporation, Inc. < / td>

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