e Sports industry first! Kids’ racer national basketball development project training started with active professional started

e Sports industry first! Kids racer nationals player development project started with active professional
Legend’s Legend Luxury curriculum by direct guidance of Mr. Takayuki Oi

“Gran Turismo SPORT” is adopted as the e sports event in Ibaraki national body in 2019. In order to let elementary school students participate in the “boys’ section until 18 years old, we will organize and nurture a kids team at Niwaka Games!

◆ Objectives / Philosophy

At Niwa Games Games, we would like children to learn “ability to think by themselves”, “sportsmanship”, “importance to strive towards goals” by e-sports.
With e sports as a trigger, I hope your child will be interested in the game industry such as professional player · game production · video distribution, work such as professional racer, automobile industry · circuit relations, and have a dream of the future.

◆ Support content

◎ full instruction by a professional racer!

Mr. Takayuki Oi
He also served as former editorial staff of Kodansha’s automobile magazine “Best Car”, then later served as deputy general manager of “Video Magazine” “Best Motoring”, “Hot Version” and also participated in the race to the top domestic category. I also have experience of the championship and series champion.
Currently he presides over D-Rights, conducts sports driving missionary activities that can be enjoyed safely, he is also active as a car journalist and driving instructor besides racing activities.
YouTube channel “Let’s play with the car! Sports Driving LABO.” Is also in operation

Professional Racing Driver Mr. Oi prepared a full-blown training curriculum and planned direct guidance and online communication guidance.

  • Practical skills such as driving technique
  • Strategy of Suzuka Circuit to be the stage of the race in Ibaraki national body
  • Qualified operation method to win the race, such as how to run due to differences in tire grip and fuel consumption management

Actually running at the Suzuka Circuit and teaching children to a national racer under the guidance of Mr. Oi who advises in the Gran Turismo series!

◎ Curriculum suitable for individual level

From the foundation of cars and races to knowledge and techniques to actually win in the race, we will tailor to the individual level.

  • Driving position
  • Car control
  • How to take a line
  • How to take and transfer course
  • Leading race of pro racer

◆ Equipment

Mr. Oi’s classes will be held at “Niwa carabo” like a secret base. We will prepare 4 cases of Gran Turismo and practice in the same environment as the actual number.

◆ Participation qualifications From April 2019 to New 1 to 6th graders

  • Living in Fukuoka prefecture, those who can come to the lab directly
  • Capacity 10 people

Children only can not participate. We think that cooperation of parents is indispensable for aiming at national body seriously. We are looking for people who are motivated for parents and children!

◆ Recruitment Period / Cost

We are planning to recruit until the end of March.
There is no need to bear any cost (such as tuition and travel expenses) related to national body participation.
※ The recruitment period may change.
※ Please prepare each game player etc. to practice at home.

◆ Flow of participation

  1. Participation application
  2. Descriptions of application documents (online)
  3. Document selection
  4. Interview and practical investigation
  5. Participation notification
  6. Start in April

You can apply for participation online from the website.

We will narrow down to 10 people by screening documents, interviews and practical examination.
* It is not necessary to judge pass / fail with just the current skill. We value emphasis on motivation to national bodies.

◎ All-aged subjects scheduled as general part
After the seminar for elementary school students, we plan to have a higher level driving lesson and a classroom for all ages by Mr. Oi from the afternoon.
※ General section is charged. As in the elementary school section, you can apply online from within the website.

◆ Contact Information
Niwaka Games (Niwa Soft Co., Ltd.)
Representative Director Satoshi Koga
〒 810-0005 Fukuoka City Chuo-ku 1-9-19 Kiyokawa Watanabe Tonami Building 5F
Mail: games_granturismo @ niwakasoft.jp
TEL: 092-406-5353
Officer: Ota, Yamazaki, Kurokawa (weekdays from 10: 00 to 19: 00)

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