[TV anime]Bungo Stray Dogs The third season is broadcast decision in April 2019! A key visual is also released!

Main staff & cast, theme song artist also released! Battle action action “Bunbu Stray Dogs”, a character based on real fiction writers such as Atsushi Nakajima, Osamu Dazai, Edogawa Ranpo and the like, fights with different powers. After the TV anime of 2016 (1st season & 2nd season), 2018 theatrical version, the TV anime third season broadcast was decided from April 2019. In the new key visual there are seven people, including Dazai Osamu, Izumi Kanaka, Fukuzawa Yukichi, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Mori Ogai, Fodor D, including the leading character Atsushi Nakajima. This has become a common design with the key visual of past TV series. The main staff / main cast […]

2019,this year is for[We Never Learn]! New Year campaign held!

In commemoration of TV animation broadcasting in April 2019 Bunno, Rika, Announcement of New Year’s Daylight Drawing and Drawing Illustrations Published! Illustration poster posting · Poster card distribution at store! A big hit love comic manga by Tsutsui Tsutsui who is serializing in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Published by Shueisha Publishing) announced as TV animation “We can not study.” In commemoration of TV anime broadcasting from April, I exhibited Funno, Riku, Urawa’s New Year, drawing and drawing illustrations. In addition, posters using illustrations will be posted at 120 shops nationwide below! Postcard of the same picture is also distributed. Please check in the target shop at New Year’s! TV anime official […]

[Decided to animate TV!] Case book of Lord Elmeroy II

▶ “Case of Lord Elmeroy II” – Evil Collection Collector Train Grace note- 1st PV Broadcast start from July 2019!!! The orthodox and supremely magical mystery drawn by original work · Makoto Mita published since December 2014 “Case book of Lord Hermeloy II” (previously published volume 9). Today Monday December 31 (Monday) Fate New Year ‘s episode “0 th episode” is broadcasted at the surprise within the special number, and in the last of the 0 th episode broadcast this work is animated as a TV series from July 2019 It was also announced. The animation title is “Case of Road Ermeloy II ‘s Episode – Evil Collection Collective Train […]

[TV anime] [Fate / Grand Order – absolute monster front Babylonia -] character visual 1st and 2nd bullet simultaneously announced!

1st “Gilgamesh (CV: Tomokazu Seki)” / 2nd “Elkidou (CV: Yuu Kobayashi)” Fate / Grand Order – Fate / Grand Order – Absolute Monster Front Babylonia – “which is one of the best popular episodes · the seventh singularity in the FateRPG” Fate / Grand Order “for smartphones that exceeded 15 million DL ahead of the start of broadcasting We announced the first and second character visuals within “Fate Project New Year’s Eve TV Special 2018”. This time we announced the first bullet “Urgent’s Wise, Heaven’s Wedge – Girugamesh (CV: Seiichi Seki)” and the second bullet “God made a doll, heavenly chain – Elkidoo (CV: Yu Kobayashi ) “Two pieces. We […]