The New Prince of Tennis:Lineup of all six kinds of silver necklace!

The official collaboration and licensing site “The Kiss” of the jewelry brand “THE KISS”, “FanFun MARKET” licensed site, received the order of collaboration jewelry “New Prince of Tennis x THE KISS” from Friday 21 December 2018 Sales started. (Ordering period: 12/21 – 1/9) “The New Prince of Tennis x THE KISS” Collaboration Jewelry ■ The special page is here: 【Product Details】 1. The New Prince of Tennis Echizen Ryoma Silver Necklace It is a necklace that imaged the character of anime “The Prince of New Tennis”. I set the image color stone charm of middle school on the top of the bar type which imaged the line of each […]

Virtual Character Singer [Kanade MiMi] finally debuted! “Singing and dancing BBW cat”

Virtual Character Singer “Mi Mi (Kana Mimi)” finally debuted! “Singing and dancing BBW cat” is released on YouTube December 21 (Fri) at 19! “Mi Mi (Kana Mimi)” YouTube: https: // V = jbHl4uYKVdM Virtual Character Singer “Mi Mi (Kana Mimi)” finally finished at 19 o’clock on Friday, 21 December 2018 from Smarprise Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, President: Ken Igarashi) who handles entertainment business I will birth. Please expect it outstanding singing ability.     About “Mi Mi (Kana Mimi)” Chubby cat singing and dancing, virtual character singer “Mi Mi (Kana in Mimi)”. The deployment platform is Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter. I am aiming for an artist active in […]

The cartoon comic book “Neko Host” on Twitter finally gets a comic book!

“Your cat can be a female hostess or a feline cat!” Twitter campaign is ongoing as well! ! ! Today, the comic book of the comic book “Neko Host” (Futabasha) which became a hot topic on Twitter has been released! This work is a comic set on the “cat host club” that started with the thought that the author / Uzuki Yu (Twitter account @ yo_yo_yo_u) said “There is no cat host club! . Four pieces (some 3 pieces) Manga and parentheses A cute color illustration combines a cat book that is unbearable. Please bring “cat host” by all means during New Year’s holidays! Cover ‘cat host’ Cover ‘cat host’ […]

The first ranking of 2018 years of cartoon complete volume dot com was decided [Kingdom]!

The first place in 2018 is a crown of “Kingdom”! Manga Total volume dot com 2018 annual sales set number ranking TOP 500 announced! TORICO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuro Ando) announced TOP 500 ranking of annual sales sets in 2018 for “Manga Complete Dot Com” operated by the company. 【Manga Complete Dot Com / 2018 Annual Sales Set Number Ranking TOP 500】 In 2018, I will announce sales ranking ranking of comic set sold within cartoon full volume dot com ranking 1st to 500th. ※ Paper comic only (excluding electronic comics) ※ Aggregation period: January 1st – 2018th December 7th Ranking special page   ▼ Manga […]

Young magazine serializing “Why is your teacher here?” TV anime key visual first addition & additional cast release! Comment from voice actor Goto Yuko and Masuda Toshiki san!

We will release the key visual first addition & additional cast of “a bit extreme high school love comedy” “Why is this teacher!?” Under the popular series at Young Magazine (published by Kodansha) scheduled for TV animation . This work is a popular work which exceeded 900,000 copies of circulation comics. Mr. Kanoshima’s colleague Mr. Matsukaze, along with Professor Kojima who appeared at the time of announcement on TV animation, first appeared as an animated visual on the key visual. In addition, Mr. Matsukaze’s visual release will also release cast information of Mr. Matsukaze and his student, Rin Suzuki. Mr. Mayuki Shoppu is handled by Mr. Yuko Goto and Mr. […]

“Theater version City Hunter ” Commemoration! ! RYO & KAORI picks! TV series “City Hunter” Special Selection

“City Hunter” is released as a completely new animation movie nationwide on Friday, February 8, 2019 Original circulation number of copies exceeded 50 million copies worldwide, and now “Legend” of the cartoon circle which is extremely popular all around the world “City Hunter” will be released nationwide on February 8, 2010 (Friday) as a completely new animation movie. To celebrate the theatrical release, the TV series will be rebroadcasted on Yomiuri TV, TOKYO-MX, Gunma TV, and Tochigi TV. Offer numerous TV series Deliver Special Selections chosen by Yoshinobu Saeba, Akira Kamiya, Kaori Makimura and Kazue Ichura! Please enjoy the world of “City Hunter” in the episode carefully selected by two […]

“Future Card God Buddy Fight” TV anime all 30 stories on YouTube for a limited time only

Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshiaki Hashimoto) will deliver overlooked delivery of TV anime “Future Card God Buddy Fight” at “Korokorochannel”, and ” We will inform you that we will exhibit at ‘Hobby Fair’ 19 Winter ‘. We hope that you will be able to handle this information by all means of press cooperation. Buddy fight for Christmas and New Years too! Let’s roll back from 1 story to 30 talks at once in “Korokorochannel”!   TV anime “Future Card God Buddy Fight” of Limited winter holiday period, overlooked delivery is decided! Korokoro comic Official YouTube channel, “Korokorochannel” will be delivered for 2 weeks. Opportunity to enjoy all […]

Project NOAH – Project Noah – New TVCM pre-published on Youtube

iOS / Android compatible turn-based naval battle RPG! We released a new TVCM of smartphone application game “Project NOAH – Project Noah -” scheduled to be distributed this winter in Youtube preliminarily! We released a new TVCM of smartphone application game “Project NOAH – Project Noah -” scheduled to be distributed this winter in Youtube earlier.     (CM will start broadcasting at BS11 etc. from the end of the year) Project NOAH – Project Noah – will be exhibited at “Comic Market 95” to be held from December 29th to 31st. Project NOAH – Project Noah – In addition to broadcasting this movie etc. at the booth, we plan […]

TV anime “BAKUMATSU” second period, 2019 broadcast decision! First ban on “Ikazuma 5 big news” of “BAKUMATSU”!

Official blog & LINE @ opening, Blu-ray jacket release, presenting announcement such as holding of handed-down meeting by cast voice actor Flu Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Mishima, hereinafter Flu) has decided to broadcast the second period in 2019 for TV animation “BAKUMATSU”. In addition, we will inform you as we have banned “Ikizama 5 big news” about this work. TV animation “BAKUMATSU” second period broadcast decision TV animation “BAKUMATSU” second period broadcast decision “BAKUMATSU” is a TV anime based on the popular romance game Flu’s popular romance game “Renai Bakumatsu Kareesi – Flower Blossoming Love Beyond Time” (below, love the end of curtain). On stage “Another Bakumatsu (Bakumatsu)”, […]

Girls & Panzer characters 90 people drawn! “Girls & Panzer” The third 10,000 piece puzzle early reservation benefit in Japan [Decatuto bag] is a picture release!

Set in Oarai-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture, the animated cartoon “Girls & Panzer” which drew a world where girls used tanks to martial arts “Tank Road” and got a big hit, was inaugurated in theaters in 2019 “Girls & Panzer The final chapter “is the popular title scheduled for public release of episode 2. This product has drawn 90 characters appearing in “Girls & Panzer” and finished in a jigsaw puzzle using 10,000 pieces which is the third in Japan. From around the middle of March 2019, it will be sold limitedly at gamers ‘gamers’ online shops nationwide. “Girls & Panzer final chapter” 10,000 piece puzzle picture “Girls & Panzer final chapter” […]