“Otogi no Shichi-CHRONICLE-” Jacket of Otokuro 2nd single and contents recorded

“Otogi no Shichi ~ CHRONICLE ~” Otokuro 2nd edition single jacket & recorded contents released The details of the second single to be released on Wednesday, May 29 have become clear from the character content “Otogi no ~-CHRONICLE-” presented by San-X x Nippon Columbia. Otogi’s score (Ohagi no Uta) is a unique character with the motif of “ fairy tale ” that everyone knows and “ music The story of the world that “we weave”. San-X and Nippon Columbia are producing popular characters such as Rilakkuma and Sumikkogurashi Teamed up and started in 2017. Developing a story where characters called Udaibito repeat the battle (live battle) to fulfill their respective […]

TV anime “Date A Live III” drama companion and new record character song recording album is decided release simultaneously on May 22! Comments also arrived from Takeshi Sakabe who was in charge of music! !

TV anime “Date a Live III” currently on the air in popular on AT-X, TOKYO MX and others. From the same anime, the final episode of which will be broadcast today from midnight, it has become clear that an album containing an original sound track and a newly recorded character song will be released simultaneously on Wednesday May 22nd. The title is TV Animation “Date A Live III” Music Selection DATE A “Unforgettable” MUSIC , DATE A “World” MUSIC . In addition to BGM played by Takeshi Sakabe , followed by the 1st and 2nd TV anime series, Shido, Toka, Akari, Origami, Madsan, Seven sins Each new song contains a […]

Hard Rock Japan, Hokkaido · Sapporo Concert “Hard Rock Family Live” to be held!

A major IR facility deploying more than 200 entertainment facilities in more than 70 countries, Hard Rock Japan, Holding concert “Hard Rock Family Live” in Hokkaido and Sapporo! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MIYAVI, Hatsune Miku, DA PUMP perform luxury live performances We also introduced a device “Sound Hug” that feels sound with technology so that people with hearing disabilities can enjoy it Duration: February 4, 2019 (Monday) – February 7 (Thur) Hard Rock Japan (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Edward), a Japanese company of Hard Rock International (Headquarters: Hollywood, Florida, President: Jim Allen) deploying more than 200 facilities in more than 70 countries worldwide · Tracy) will hold a concert “Hard Rock […]

Virtual Character Singer [Kanade MiMi] finally debuted! “Singing and dancing BBW cat”

Virtual Character Singer “Mi Mi (Kana Mimi)” finally debuted! “Singing and dancing BBW cat” is released on YouTube December 21 (Fri) at 19! “Mi Mi (Kana Mimi)” YouTube: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = jbHl4uYKVdM Virtual Character Singer “Mi Mi (Kana Mimi)” finally finished at 19 o’clock on Friday, 21 December 2018 from Smarprise Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, President: Ken Igarashi) who handles entertainment business I will birth. Please expect it outstanding singing ability.     About “Mi Mi (Kana Mimi)” Chubby cat singing and dancing, virtual character singer “Mi Mi (Kana in Mimi)”. The deployment platform is Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter. I am aiming for an artist active in […]

3D avatar karaoke application “nemo” beta version is available

3D avatar karaoke application “nemo” beta version is available A lovely 3D avatar of universal character design loved all over the world is singing out according to the movement of the singer’s face! Aboon Co., Ltd. will start offering 3D avatar karaoke application ‘nemo’ beta version from December 20th. First of all deployment only for iOS version (iPhone X and later models). During the January 2019 provided to the iPhone X previous iOS devices, we plan to provide also for Android in the prospect of the 2019 year. ■ Features of 3D avatar karaoke application “nemo” “Nemo” is a 3D avatar karaoke application that allows you to enjoy expressions freely […]

“Diva of trackers” Singer “Ad” new song release live!

“Ad”, a singer who released a new song “I love you”, held a new song release on December 17 at Tokyo · Ginza “TACT”.   Ad made debut as a member of the trio unit “Luxis” (Laxis) in 2008, started solo activities after the dissolution of Luxis in 2011, was a singer who made a solo debut in “Love is ad lib” in 2016, In recent years it has been drawing attention as a “diva of trackers”.   This “tracker” is a person who loves trucks decorated such as “Decorato” familiar with the movie “Trucker” or “Art Truck”, through various teams and organizations spread all over the country, grassrootsly The […]

Dwango × Honda joint project. “Special” Hatsune Miku released full of Kentaro Yabuki’s commitment is released!

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takahiro Yacho) “Headquarters: Chuo Ward, President and CEO: Takashi Araki” Dwango ” Today at the NicoNico live broadcast on December 18, we made an interim presentation of the joint project.   “Publish Hatsune Miku of Yentaburo Kentaro ‘s painting drawn in S660” Honda History’ s Highest Miku “Project” A collaborative project between Dwango and Honda who announced the release of smartphone application “osoba (osaba)” Hatsune Miku speaks according to the behavior of the car. Midterm project announcement today on December 18, Yabuki who was written for the cosplay of the popular cosplayer Eenako with the 2-seater · open sports S660 […]

“Space Battleship Yamato” “Sailor Moon” “Dragon Ball”! Compilation appeared containing 50 songs of animation songs! All songs included in original sound source / full size!

“Space Battleship Yamato” “Sailor Moon” “Dragon Ball”! Compilation appeared containing 50 songs of animation songs! All songs included in original sound source / full size! Animation / compilation appeared that evokes overwhelming nostalgia. “Space Battleship Yamato” “Sailor Moon” “Dragon Ball” …. The influence which the national big hit animation gave to the generation he was watching in real time is enormous, and the impression has been passed beyond generations in various forms. Such a compilation album carefully selected masterpiece animation song that “still being listened and continues to be sung” appeared. It is 2,500 yen, 50 super bargain board of 50 songs. – I received a comment from Moriko Horie […]

Twenty years after hide left. An impressive perfect history book to be released to Memorial Year will be released! !

“Never ending dream – hide story -” will be released on Saturday, December 15th from KADOKAWA Corporation. As a guitarist of X JAPAN, “hide” gave great influence to the Japanese music scene as a solo artist (hide with Spread Beaver / zilch). Ever since he died in 1998, this year marks the milestone of 20 years, and now various 20th memorial projects are deployed. Among them, the author, Akemi Oshima, who was deeply involved in both public and private activities, produced the manuscripts based on the interview manuscripts and huge materials he had done before hide. Also, for this book only new parents, staff, friends are newly interviewed, becoming a […]

【Virtual Talent Limited】 Kana Okajima Produced “Recording Awards Awards” held at SHOWROOM

【Virtual Talent Limited】 Kana Okajima Produced “Recording Awards Awards” held at SHOWROOM “【Virtual Limited】 Kana Produce Okajima Produce Luxury Music + Recording” in the virtual live space “SHOWROOM” operated by SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, President: Yuji Maeda) ! “Has been decided. Virtual genre established since 2018. It is a big event of the year ended in 2018 with its virtual genre. For those who got to the Grand Prix, we offer music to Namie Amuro, Arashi, EXILE, TWICE, etc. and offer original songs produced by music creator “Okajima Kana” with more than 60 times of Oricon first place acquisition! (※ This event will be eligible for […]