“BLUE GIANT SUPREME” 7th release commemorative “Big comic” special free paper limited distribution!

“BLUE GIANT SUPREME” 7th release commemorative “Big Comic” special free paper limited distribution !! Series cumulative 5 million copies ago! Large volume 132 pages !! Though it is a manga, he feels the heat, He is reputed to hear the sound, The youth aiming for the world’s best jazz player is the main character “BLUE GIANT SUPREME” (author ・ Ishizuka Shinichi, big comic serial). In commemoration that the comics 7th book which the story advances strongly on 2/28 (Thursday), Today from March 1 (Fri), in about 200 places in the whole country, Read specially filled with specially made Limited distribution of free papers. The contents are mainly episodes 1 to […]

A SNS follower of over one million people creator · Chi Sanpo draws a little surreal and funny laughable cute story “Chi sanpo no kappa syokudo” book!

This book is a collection of 4 series comic strip comic book “# Chi sanpo no kappa eatery” series which was talked about as “something cute” “surreal and funny” by SNS in one volume. A cute little story of Kappa and Animals is spelled out in full color with 128 pages including drawing. Character appearances include the store manager’s “Kappa no Suki” and regular dinner’s regularly san’s cat “Neko”, a dreamy penguin “Penncich” to bring a friend back to the South Pole … … further tell a story It is some kind of food that life has for some reason. It is one book that you can enjoy plenty of […]

“Sword art · online aliasing” latest key Visual & PV release! !

Second Cool broadcast information disclosure! TOKYO MX also decides one broadcast from the 1st talk to the 12th episode! The next generation online game of mystery, the novel by Mr. Kawahara Gravel who won the 15th Dengeki Novels Grand Prize becomes the original, “Sooda TV anime “Sword Art Online” that depicts the success of the leading character Kirito, which will be held on stage in “Online / Online”. The 2017 public “Theatrical version Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale -” recorded a big hit with box office revenue exceeding 4.3 billion yen worldwide. “Sword art · online aliasing” which becomes the latest work of the series is being acclaimed with […]

The cartoon comic book “Neko Host” on Twitter finally gets a comic book!

“Your cat can be a female hostess or a feline cat!” Twitter campaign is ongoing as well! ! ! Today, the comic book of the comic book “Neko Host” (Futabasha) which became a hot topic on Twitter has been released! This work is a comic set on the “cat host club” that started with the thought that the author / Uzuki Yu (Twitter account @ yo_yo_yo_u) said “There is no cat host club! . Four pieces (some 3 pieces) Manga and parentheses A cute color illustration combines a cat book that is unbearable. Please bring “cat host” by all means during New Year’s holidays! Cover ‘cat host’ Cover ‘cat host’ […]

The first ranking of 2018 years of cartoon complete volume dot com was decided [Kingdom]!

The first place in 2018 is a crown of “Kingdom”! Manga Total volume dot com 2018 annual sales set number ranking TOP 500 announced! TORICO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuro Ando) announced TOP 500 ranking of annual sales sets in 2018 for “Manga Complete Dot Com” operated by the company. 【Manga Complete Dot Com / 2018 Annual Sales Set Number Ranking TOP 500】 In 2018, I will announce sales ranking ranking of comic set sold within cartoon full volume dot com ranking 1st to 500th. ※ Paper comic only (excluding electronic comics) ※ Aggregation period: January 1st – 2018th December 7th Ranking special page https://www.mangazenkan.com/special/2068.html   ▼ Manga […]