[Mega Drive Mini]A number of masterpiece games that colored the beginning of Heisei are vividly revived! “Mega Drive Mini” released on September 19 (Thursday)

SEGA Games, Inc. will hold “Mega Drive Mini” on September 19, 2019, at the event “SEGA Fes 2019,” which was held on March 30 (Sat.) and 31 (Sun.), 2019, at Belsalle Akihabara. We announced that it will be released on Thursday. “Mega Drive Mini” is a new game machine that reproduces the Sega 5th home video game console “Mega Drive” released in 1988, about 30 years ago, in a palm size. A small body of 154 mm wide, 39 mm high, and 116 mm deep contains 40 titles of game software. From action and shooting to puzzles, RPG and simulation, you can enjoy a number of masterpiece titles that can […]

[SEGA AGES] A masterpiece game of memories, as it was at that time + add new impressions at SEGA FES 2019 “SEGA AGES” series new lineup title announcement!

‘Fantasy Zone’, ‘G-LOC AIR BATTLE’, ‘Herzog Zwei’, ‘Ichi Dantear’, ‘SHINOBI Shinobu’, ‘Wonderboy Monster Land’ SEGA Games, Inc. announced a new title for the SEGA AGES series of software for Nintendo Switch (TM) at the event “SEGA Fes 2019” held on March 30, 2019 (Sat). The new lineup will be six titles: “Fantasy Zone”, “G-LOC AIR BATTLE”, “Herzog Zwei”, “Ichi Dant Earl”, “SHINOBI Shinobu” and “Wonderboy Monster Land”. ※ The delivery order of the lineup is undecided. 【Game introduction】”SEGA AGES Fantasy Zone” ※ The screen is under development. The story of the distant universe. The warrior “Opaopa” flew away in order to destroy the conspiracy of the organization that builds the […]

Tokyo 2020 Olympics official game release decision! Launched sequentially starting with summer 2019

SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo President: COO: Hideki Okamura, hereinafter “SEGA Holdings”) and the SEGA Group will launch the official Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games game from 2020 to 2020 I will announce that PlayStation (R) 4 / Nintendo Switch & # x2122; software “Tokyo 2020 Olympics The Official Video Game & # x2122;” was released in Japan and Asia in the summer of 2019 (other regions in 2020), and thereafter 2019 Software “Mario & amp; Sonic AT Tokyo Olympics & # x 2122;” software for Nintendo Switch & # x 2122; played by Nintendo Mario and Sega Sonic together in the winter, and games for Mario & […]

It will blow up again-Arashi PS4 (R) “Shin-Sakura War” released for winter this season is romance to Taisho Sakura!

SEGA Games Co., Ltd., at the event “Segafes 2019” held in Bellsar Akihabara on March 30 (Sat) and 31 (Sun), 2019, the “Sakura Wars” complete new work “New Sakura Wars” in the “Sakura Wars” series Announced that it will be released as PlayStation (R) 4 software. We plan to launch this winter in Japan and Asia, and in the spring of 2020 in North America and Europe. “Shin-Sakura War” is a dramatic 3D action adventure that depicts the activities of the Empire Hanatsudan, which fights against evil on the setting of the fictional Taisho Era’s imperial capital, Tokyo. For the main character design, appointed Kubo Taito who is known as […]

SEGA TOYS changes brand logo to “SEGA LOGO”  

Strengthening Mission Cooperation with the Sega Group Continues to Create Impressive Experiences-Providing Fun Times and Bonds to People Around the World with Unusual Things and Services- SEGA TOYS CO., LTD. (Head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Akito Sasaki, hereinafter SEGA TOYS) changed the brand logo of our company from April 1 (Monday), 2019, and is popular worldwide We will standardize on the brand logo “Sega logo”. At the same time, the corporate logo will be redesigned to use the Sega logo. Based on the Sega Group mission of “Keeping creating moving experiences”, we aim to realize our mission “Create Wow! And Smile!”, As well as in Japan. For people around the […]

Notice of “SEGA Ebina” New Opening Opened in front of Ebina Station in Kanagawa Prefecture!  

SEGA Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo President and CEO: Sei Ueno) will open “SEGA Ebina” in front of Ebina Station on March 26, 2019 (Sat). SEGA Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo President and CEO: Sei Ueno) will open “SEGA Ebina” in front of Ebina Station on March 26, 2019 (Sat). SEGA Ebina will open as a roadside store in front of Ebina Station, where the population is growing. It is a game center with many popular game machines installed on the first floor. UFO Catcher offers a variety of giveaways, including original giveaways that can only be obtained at the Sega Game Center. On the other […]

Stage event “SEGA Fan Meet-Up 2019” and “Sega Saturn 25th Anniversary Thanksgiving Day” to experience “To date” and “From now” of Sega will be held!

Stage event “SEGA Fan Meet-Up 2019”, “Sega Saturn 25th Anniversary Thanksgiving Day” to experience “To date” and “From now” of SEGA will be held! SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and Chief Operating Officer: COO: Hideki Okamura) is a fan to be held in Tokyo’s Belsalle Akihabara on March 30 (Sat.) and 31 (Sun.), 2019 We decided to hold the opening stage “SEGA Fan Meet-Up 2019” and the 25th anniversary stage “Sega Saturn 25th Anniversary Thanksgiving Day” at the “Segafes 2019” Thanksgiving Day. In addition, from today on “SEGA FES 2019” special site, we have started to request for viewing on both stages. ■ “SEGA Fan Meet-Up […]

Your vote will decide the recorded title! Mega Drive Mini recorded title referendum held

Your vote will decide the recorded title! “MegaDrive Mini (tentative name) recorded title referendum” held SEGA Games Co., Ltd. today announced the “MegaDrive Mini (tentative title) recorded title referendum” deciding a part of the recorded title for “MegaDrive Mini” (provisional name) scheduled to be released in 2019 on February 25, 2019 (Mon) from the beginning. “MegaDrive Mini (tentative name) recorded title referendum”, which of the recorded titles of the domestic version “MegaDrive Mini” (tentative name), which one of the three titles will be included in the first or second work, the user It is a plan decided by voting. The vote is accepted from questionnaire by official SEGA Twitter account […]