Downloadable content that makes hunting life of PlayStation (R) 4 “Monster Hunter: World” more enjoyable comes a great deal of great deals!

PlayStation (R) 4 “Monster Hunter: World” has a lot of download content packed with download content that makes hunting life more fun! Launched on PlayStation (TM) Store (PS Store) from April 26 (Fri). Regarding the download content (DLC) of PS4 (R) “Monster Hunter: World” We will announce that the sale of advantageous pack products has been carried out from April 26, 2019 (Fri). “Monster Hunter: World” is a place where rich ecosystems are nurtured as a hunter, and cuts the world from clues of monsters as a clue, and uses all high density environments such as various creatures, plants, terrain, as well as weapons and protective gear You can experience […]

The legendary revival is PS4 (R). PlayStation (R) 4 “Dragon ga Gotoku 5 Dreams, Ecicles” Reveals the details of “Another Drama” that depicts the lives of the main characters in dramas and mini games

The legendary revival is PS4 (R). PlayStation (R) 4 “Dragon ga Gotoku 5 Yume, Eshi” published the details of “Another drama” that depicts the lives of the protagonists in dramas and mini games SEGA Games, Inc., released the details of another drama about “Ryuganaga 5 Dream, Moeshi” dedicated PlayStation (R) 4 scheduled for release on Thursday, June 20, 2019. ■ A new element “Another drama” that draws the daily life of the main characters around “new play” This work that hot human drama develops in the setting of five big cities. With various elements added, this work boasts the largest volume in the series, and introduces one of the new […]

Get the latest shots of Devil May Cry 5 Challenge the High Difficulty Mode!

Released the latest shot of “Devil May Cry 5”! Challenge the high difficulty mode! Introducing one-point advice on high-degree difficulty mode capture with latest shots Devil May Cry 5 Latest Shot Released! Challenge the high difficulty mode! The call of the series masterpiece is also high “Devil May Cry 5”. Many game fans are already enjoying the latest and greatest stylish action. “Devi May Cry 5” that is easy for anyone who wants to use stylish action like “automatic assist”, but is also kind to action game beginners, but if you get used to gameplay, try challenging to the high difficulty mode * how about that? Let’s share the tips […]

[GAME] “Devil May Cry 5” Free Update Available! The training mode of death “bloody palace” is finally open!

“Devil May Cry 5” Free Update Available Today! The long-awaited addition mode “bloody palace” can be played. Fight through layers of labyrinths! “Devil May Cry 5” released from CAPCOM on March 8. The long-awaited additional play mode “Bloody Palace” starts today from April 1! Free distribution of updates that will allow you to play Bloody Palace has started. Bloody Palace is a battle-specific mode. Nero, Dante, V, choose a player from the three main characters, go on fighting the many layers of labyrinth. It is also a perfect stage to gain a red orb for arm trials. In the main story, you can only challenge the boss in a specific […]

“Resident Evil RE: 2” shipped 4 million copies worldwide! ~ Acquired high evaluation from numerous games media and steadily expanded sales volume ~

“Resident Evil RE: 2” shipped 4 million copies worldwide! ~ Acquired high reputation from numerous game media and steadily increase sales volume ~ Capcom Co., Ltd. has shipped 4 million copies of PlayStation (R) 4, the latest game of “Resident Evil” series, “Biohazard RE: 2” game for Xbox One and PC worldwide I will do. “Resident Evil” series is a survival horror game that attempts to escape from a scourge by making full use of weapons and items. It is representative content of our company beyond 90 million series of cumulative sales volume (as of February 26, 2019) since the first release in 1996. Even now, more than 20 years […]

【CAPCOM】 “Devil May Cry 5” Release Eve Eve Event “SSS Devil Night” March 7th (Thursday) From 20: 00 live broadcasting!

“Devil May Cry 5” Release Eve Eve Event “SSS Devil Night” From 7th March (Thu) 20: 00 live! The guest guest is also decided! The stage of the night event “SSS Devil Night” commemorating the release of “Devil May Cry 5” 【Capcom TV! ] On March 7 th (Thu) live broadcast from 20 o’clock! From the development team, we also decided the introduction of the latest game information, actual machine play, as a special guest “HYDE” and the voice actor Dante role “Morikawa Tomoyuki” and Nero role “Ishikawa Toshinin” will be on stage! In addition, “Ruben Langdan” who is responsible for Dante’s English voice actor and motion actor will also […]

PlayStation (R) 4 “Puyo Puyo (TM) Tetris (R) Special Price” Downloaded at PlayStation (TM) Store

PlayStation (R) 4 “Puyo Puyo (TM) Tetris (R) Special Price” Started distribution on download version PlayStation (TM) Store SEGA Games Co., Ltd. has entered into PlayStation (TM) Store about PlayStation (R) 4 version “Puyo Puyo (TM) Tetris (R) Special Price” which is a collaboration title of popular action puzzle game “Puyo Puyo” and “Tetris” We started distribution of download version. PlayStation (R) Vita, PlayStation (R) 3, PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & # x2122; Tetris (R) ; (Switch version is “Puyo Puyo & # x2122; Tetris (R) S”), and many customers have played. This time, we have decided to release the download version of the PS4 (R) version […]

【Sega Games Inc.】 PlayStation (R) 4 / Nintendo Switch (TM) / Steam “Team Sonic Racing” The third game information released!

SEGA Games Co., Ltd. released the third game information on PlayStation (R) 4 / Nintendo Switch (TM) / Steam software “Team Sonic Racing”. In game information 3rd we will introduce the new team Team Eggman and the new course ‘Doctor’s Mine’. ■ Team Eggman’s entry is decided! Newly “Dr. Eggman” “Metal Sonic” “Zabok” will appear. ○ Dr. Eggman (technique type) A genius scientist who is self-asserted evil, Sonic’s eternal enemy. Participate in the race in the middle of a race in a race machine developed by himself. ○ Metal Sonic (Speed ​​type) A high performance combat robot developed for the purpose of overthrowing sonic. Participate in a high-speed machine featuring […]

The favorite game that the Japanese gamer of 2018 chooses is Marvel’s Spider-Man

Weekly Famitsu of the game magazine, in the merger number January 10 and 17, 2019 released on December 27 (Thursday), games industry officials in 2018 to pick out the game titled the most game titles “super popular games The result of the Grand Prize 2018 “was announced. “Super Fashion Gay Grand Prize 2018” is a game industry creators, game-loving celebrities, Famitsu editors selected 5th game title they hated this year and added points according to the ranking given, It is the ranking of the total points of each title. “Weekly Famitsu” In the merger number on January 10 and 17, 2019, in addition to announcing the top 30 titles of […]