Get the latest shots of Devil May Cry 5 Challenge the High Difficulty Mode!

Released the latest shot of “Devil May Cry 5”! Challenge the high difficulty mode! Introducing one-point advice on high-degree difficulty mode capture with latest shots Devil May Cry 5 Latest Shot Released! Challenge the high difficulty mode! The call of the series masterpiece is also high “Devil May Cry 5”. Many game fans are already enjoying the latest and greatest stylish action. “Devi May Cry 5” that is easy for anyone who wants to use stylish action like “automatic assist”, but is also kind to action game beginners, but if you get used to gameplay, try challenging to the high difficulty mode * how about that? Let’s share the tips […]

[GAME] “Devil May Cry 5” Free Update Available! The training mode of death “bloody palace” is finally open!

“Devil May Cry 5” Free Update Available Today! The long-awaited addition mode “bloody palace” can be played. Fight through layers of labyrinths! “Devil May Cry 5” released from CAPCOM on March 8. The long-awaited additional play mode “Bloody Palace” starts today from April 1! Free distribution of updates that will allow you to play Bloody Palace has started. Bloody Palace is a battle-specific mode. Nero, Dante, V, choose a player from the three main characters, go on fighting the many layers of labyrinth. It is also a perfect stage to gain a red orb for arm trials. In the main story, you can only challenge the boss in a specific […]