May 3rd (Friday, Congratulation) “The Great Vanga Festival x Large Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokuma Festival 2019” held report! The fight corner and the main stage are booming ★ May 4 (Saturday) also have tickets for the day!

May 3rd (Friday, celebration) “Great Vanga Festival x Big Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokuro Fes 2019” held report! The fight corner and the main stage are full of excitement ★ May 4 (Saturday) also has tickets for the day!
Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yoshiken Hashimoto), May 3 (Fri, Friday) Tokyo Big Sight at the Aokai Exhibition Building “Great Vanga Festival x Big Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokura Festival 2019 ” We will report that we have held the first day. To everyone in the media, it would be appreciated if you could handle this content in the form of a magazine or web article.

Name of the event: Grand Vanga Festival x Big Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokuro Fes 2019
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall
Date and time: May 3rd (Fri, 5th), 4th (Sat) 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (final entry: 16:45)
Special page:

Dewa’s first Bushiroad large event. The theme is Enchi.

Many customers came from the morning.

  • The fight area is overcrowded right after opening!

“Card Fight !! Vanguard”, “Future Card Buddy Fight”, “Weiss Schwarz”, “ChaosTCG”, “Love Live! School Idol Collection”, “Victory Spark” fight area. Super huge fight area is full thanks from the beginning of the opening day! The glowing fight was unfolded everywhere!

  • A hungry food corner!

A food corner with a complete lineup from gutsy rice to sweets. When you purchase the original food menu, you will receive a specially designed post card that matches the menu! ※ Number is limited.

  • The Ennichi corner where you can enjoy familiar stalls!

If you try the game you will always get one free gift! You will get even more premium giveaways at the challenge success ☆

  • Each stage event where a luxurious cast has appeared is a great success!

Weiss Schwarz Band League! Trio special match
Three people of Poppin’Party are bandori! I played against you using the deck.

Aimi (Kosumi Toyama)

Otsuka Yoshihide (Hanazono Sue)

Rimi Nishimoto (Rich Ushigamine)

Weiss Schwarz “Girls ☆ Opera Revue Starlight” Mini Stage Day 1
I drew cards full of originality on the theme of “If I was Weiss Schwarz …?”

Oyama 100’s (Aijo Hanakoi), Tomita Maho (Tendo Shinya), Iwata Yousuke (Akizaki Mahiru), Aiba Aina (Saijo Claudine), Ikuta Teru (Sekito Futaba)

Vanguard Special Stage

Tatsuya Sato (Senior Aichi), Sato Takuya (Sakai Toshiki), Abe Satoshi (Sjugagamori Ren), Toru Nara (Ishida Naoki), Tachibana Izumi (Togura Misaki), Ishikawa Shi (Sauki Kamui) Suzuko Mimori (in the role of Colin Tachibana)

Buddy Fight Super Clash! ! Stage Fighter vs Challenger

Takumi Mano (Yunaki Mimon)

Ending live stage

Argonavis (Vo. Masahiro Ito, Gt. Daisuke Hyuga, Ba. Seiji Maeda, Key. Shuta Morishima, Dr. Shohei Hashimoto)

YOFFY (psychic rubber)

Raychell, Otsuka Yoshihide

If you go to “Great Vanga Festival x Big Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokuro Fes 2019”, let’s put in 【#Large VGBFWS Festival】!

About 20,000 people are crazy! A virtual singer “YuNi”, with a total of 11 songs from Heisei to Oraito on VR countdown live

About 20,000 people are crazy! The virtual singer “YuNi”, a total of 11 songs from the Heisei to the Resum in the VR countdown live affirmed
Luxurious guests are classically, Tenjinko roar, Tora no Sora, Higuchi Aoi
Candee Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO; President: Kazuki Furugishi, hereinafter Candee), which develops media business centered on mobile video, video marketing support business, talent management business, and Activ8 Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Managing director: Takeshi Ohsaka, hereinafter Activ8) The virtual singer “YuNi” co-produced the VR live from April 30 (Tuesday) to May 1 (Wednesday) We held a goodbye Heisei Countdown Live UNiON WAVE-clear-at the cluster (administered by: Cluster Co., Ltd., Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Naoto Kato), and distributed live via YouTube.

Tickets are additional sales twice, and this show has attracted great attention before the launch. On the day, guests welcomed Tenjinko Kotone, Toki no Sora, and Higuchi Aoi. Each sang his own original song and sung along with YuNi. At MC, we touched on each other’s activities and private episodes, and in a single era of Heisei, we looked back on memories that deepened our friendship through our activities. Some of the scenes talk about the subject of “I want to do something when I get ridiculous”. In response to YuNi, who said, “I want to try a lap I have never done,” comments from fans rushed, saying “I want to hear it!” At the last moment of Heisei, all guest VTuber gathers and counts down. In the midst of great excitement, it became the beginning of the year of the Reiwa.

The song for the first song of the year of the Dewar original song is YuNi’s original song “Destination”. The song became popular as an insert song for the theater version original animation “LAIDBACKERS.” Original songs including new songs recorded in their own first album released on April 24, such as “Dilemma” and “Utao Uyo, Uta o Uyo”, which were arranged and arranged and written by Hige Driver, will also be shown in succession. The main story ended with keeping up.
When entering encore, we sang the 1st single “Transparent Voice”, which is also highly enthusiastic for fans.
In the interlude, he said, “I will do my best to get closer to everyone, from now on!” A singing voice with a sense of transparency, which is unique to YuNi, echoed throughout the room through all 11 songs, and blessed the beginning of the new era.

Goodbye Heisei Countdown Live UNiON WAVE-clear-

Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 Open 22:30 / Opening 23: 15
Venue: cluster · YouTube
Guest VTuber: Scarecrow, Tenjinko Kotone, Toki no Sora, Higuchi Satoshi
set list:
First half (Heisei)

  1. 1. Do not say Fuer You (Tenjinko Kotone)
  2. .Maple Dancer (楓
  3. Routines
  4. Dream ☆ Story (Sora of Toki)

Second half

  1. Destination
  2. The flower is an illusion
  3. dilemma
  4. WinterBerry
  5. Write My Voice
  6. Utao Uo
  7. Transparent voices

■ YuNi’s first album “clear / CoLoR” released simultaneously on 2 April 24

YouTube total play number The virtual singer YuNi (uni) that boasts about 43 million times.
In addition to a number of cover videos, YuNi, which has released three original songs, simultaneously released two of their own mini-albums “clear” and “CoLoR”. In addition to three new songs, “clear” includes a total of six original songs, including the debut song “Transparent Voice Aya”, which won the iTunes Store overall chart 3rd and the electronic chart 1st and collected many topics. “CoLoR” is a cover board that newly records 6 popular songs posted in the video I sang so far. It ranked high in a number of music distribution services, such as iTunes rankings 4 and 5 overall, electronic division 1 and 2 and Oricon daily ranking 8 and so on.

■ Album details (2-disc set)
Title: clear / CoLoR
Release: Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Price: 【First edition version】 2CD + DVD 4,320 yen (tax included) SNCL-00027 ~ 00029 [Regular edition] 2CD 3,240 yen (tax included) SNCL-00030 ~ 00031
※ The first edition includes a DVD containing MV.
※ Each album is developed with various music distribution services such as iTunes Store.
<< CoLoR >>

■ YuNi (Uni) Profile

As “(self-proclaimed) world’s first virtual singer”, the activity started on YouTube in June 2018. The video features that I tried to sing is a feature. In October of the same year, I launched a private label yunion.wave and released the original song “Transparent Voice Aya”. It ranked 3rd overall in the iTunes ranking and 1st in the electronic category. The album “clear / CoLoR”, released in April 2019, ranked high in a number of music distribution services, including iTunes rankings 4 and 5 overall, electronic divisions 1 and 2 and Oricon daily ranking 8 and so on. Not on talks and front mouths, we continue to work in a concerted manner with songs, Showa song, Anison, Bocalo, Western music, etc. Express a wide range of songs with transparent voices, and pioneer the industry as a virtual singer pioneer Tow

Official site:
Twitter: @ yuni_vsinger ( )
Illustrator: Sakuragi Ren ( )

■ About Us

Company Name: Activ8 Inc. / Activ8 Inc.
Representative: Representative director Takeshi Ohsaka
* Upd 8 ~ Jigen to Jigen to go to <

Company Name: Candee / Candee, Inc.
Representative: Representative controlExecutive Vice President Kazuki Kogishi
Head office location: 3-2-2, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Minami Aoyama MR Building 2F
Capital: 4,211,465,522 yen (including capital reserve)
Established: February 23, 2015

Lynn · Yukio Fujii Big hit theater animation “Tatashi your pancreas” talk show report arrival!

Lynn ・ Yukio Fujii Big hit theater animation “I want to eat your pancreas” talk show report arrival!
The movie anime “To eat your pancreas” Blu-ray & amp; DVD, which has been a big hit since September 1, 2018, is now on sale.
In commemoration of the release of Blu-ray & DVD, voice actor Lynn who played the voice of Sakurayoshi Yamauchi and Yukiyo Fujii who played the voice of Tomoko were on the stage today in the Tokyo metropolitan area on April 28 (Sun) The event was held.
Looking back on an audio dubbing a year ago, Lynn said, “If you look at the work you are acting like you think it would be nice to have a character called Sakurara. However, after a few days of after-recording, I remember clearly even after more than a year, ”said Fujii,” I’ve made tears many times during the after-recording. When I read an adolescent line, I played it while overlapping with myself at the time of adolescence, and I felt a little nostalgic. ”

In the event, there was a voice from the audience that “it made me start new things by looking at kimimi and there was a good change in my life”, and Lynn who heard it said “someone started something “I am very happy to be able to boost the important things through the work.”

Lynn and Fujii are both moved and tears are flowing. As a last remark, Fujii “I am very happy to be able to look back on the work together at this place each one of you make various choices today. Lynn said in tears, “One and a half years of being involved with Kimisui, the time for after-recording, the time when I met so many people in stage greetings and events, etc. It is an important memory for me. I ended up with the words, “I’m glad I like the work of eating your pancreas.” The event closed in a warm atmosphere wrapped in tears and a smile.

Keep an eye out for the excitement of the theater animation “Tatoku no Panita” released in the cherry blossom season.

Please do not hesitate to introduce this information to your medium.

“Theatrical animation” Tataku your pancreas “-Blu-ray & DVD-” now on sale

Blu-ray [full production limited edition]: 8,800 yen + tax
DVD [Full production limited edition]: 7,800 yen + tax
Blu-ray [normal version]: 4,800 yen + tax DVD [normal version]: 3,800 yen + tax

Complete production limited edition bonus
・ Character design / general director Oku Yuichi drawn down three-way spine box
・ Character design / general director Oku Yuichi drawn down Digi jacket
・ Reduction brochure
・ Special booklet

[Full production limited edition Disc. 1] ・ Main part staff audio commentary
・ Main part cast audio commentary
・ Non-credit opening image

[Full production limited edition Disc. 2] ・ Completion show preview digest video
Starring: Shinichiro Ushijima, Makoto Takasugi, Lynn, Yukiyo Fujii, Yuma Uchida, Eimi Wakui, sumika
・ First day stage greeting digest video
Cast: Shinichiro Ushijima, Makoto Takasugi, Lynn, Yukiyo Fujii, Yuma Uchida, Emi Wakui
・ Special number “Tears all over Japan. The feelings of the challengers who put new feelings and movements” just before the release
Cast: Shinichiro Ushijima, Makoto Takasugi, Lynn, sumika
Navigator: Takami Kazumi (Nogizaka 46), Matsumura Satoshi (Nogizaka 46)

Theatrical animation “To eat your pancreas” work basic information

■ Introduction
she said.
“I want to eat your pancreas”

The late-flowering cherry blossoms are still in bloom, April.
A high school student, “I” who is always reading books alone, without interest in others, picks up one paperback book in the waiting room of the hospital. The book, titled “Komukyou Bunko” in handwritten letters, was a diary secretly spelled by the innocent-class popular person Sakurayoshi Yamauchi.
To “I” who saw the contents of the diary, Sakurara tells him that he has no life expectancy due to pancreatic disease. It was a moment when she was the only one who shared the secret, for her who was hiding her illness except family members and doctors.
Until the last day comes, SakuraYa tries to do what she wants to do and enjoy life as hard as possible, living as usual daily life as possible. She is swayed by her outrageous behavior, and her mind changes little by little.

— That’s the spring memories of “I”. Memories of her lifetime.

■ Cast
“I”: Makoto Takasugi
Yamauchi Sakurayoshi: Lynn
Reiko: Yukio Fujii
Takahiro: Yuma Uchida
Mr. Gum: Fukushima Jun
Mother of “I”: Reiko Tanaka
Father of “I”: Shinichiro Miki
Sakura’s mother: Wakui Eimi

■ Staff
Original: According to Sumino “I would like to eat your pancreas” (Futatabasha)
Original illustration: loundraw
Director / Screenplay: Ushijima Shinichiro
Character design / general director: Yuichi Oka
Art Director: Ogawa Tomoko
Assistant Art Director: Hayato Watanabe
Color design: Horikawa Yusuke
Photography supervision: Hiroshi Saito
Photographer: Mayuko Koike
3DCG supervision: Kishi Konami
Editorial: Yumi Jinguji
Sound director: Hata Sho 2
Sound effect: Noriko Izumo
Music: Yuko Sebu
Animation producer: Atsushi Mita
Animation production: Studio Voln
Distribution: Aniplex
Production: Anime film partners who want to eat your pancreas

Anime Official Site: Official Twitter: @kimisui_anime

Copyright notation: (C) by Sumino / Futabasha (C) I would like to eat your pancreas Anime film partners
※ Please use the above copyright notice when using image materials.

Year issue is! ! The year has changed! ! From the TV anime “Devilish Blade”, the product “Tera’s” Year is changing !! “goods has appeared


year is right! ! The year has changed! ! From the TV anime “Devilish Blade”, the product “The year is changing !!” goods of Teki appear
Movic Co., Ltd. will release character goods of new products from Animate, Animate Online Shop, Movic Mail Order etc.
During the series “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha), the TV anime “The Edge of the Destruction” based on the very popular manga by Dr. Seiharu Minato. The original manga has been popular as a TV anime since April 2019, with a series of over 5 million copies of popular comical characters and occasional comical characters that are popular among people and demons.

The year is right! ! The year has changed! !
“Teki” that Jiro confronts in the final selection to enlist in the demon squadron. The goods which were captured 47 years ago, and boldly designed the scene which is furious knowing that the year is changed from Meiji to Taisho during that time appeared surely! The year changes from Heisei to Rekazu, “May the year of Teki has changed from May 1, 2019!” T-shirts will be released at Animate, Animate Online Shop, Movic Mail Order in the whole country. In addition, acrylic key chains, mugs lineup. This item is scheduled to be released around June. Currently accepting reservations. Please get it as a commemorative product!

■ Reservations:

The year of
Teiji’s “Year is changing !!” T-shirt Table

The year of
Teiji’s “Year is changing !!” T-shirt Table

The year of
“The year is changing!” T-shirt back

The year of
“The year is changing!” T-shirt back

The year of
“The year is changing !!” mug of Teki

Mug cup design
Mug design

■ New product information (released by: Movic) [Product name] Teki’s “Year is changing !!” T-shirt
【Price】 2,500 yen + tax
[Size] M size for men · Free size for women
[Release date] It will be released around May 1, 2019

[Product name] Teki’s “The Year is Changing !!” Acrylic Key Holder
[Price] 650 yen + tax
[Size] within about 7 x 7 cm
[Release date] will be released around June 2019

[Product name] Teki’s “The Year is Changing !!” Mug
[Price] 1,200 yen + tax
[Size] Diameter about 8 cm × height about 9 cm
[Release date] will be released around June 2019

※The image is an image. It may differ from the actual product.
※ For product release, specifications may be changed, postponed, canceled due to various circumstances. Please note.

■ TV anime ‘The Vanishing Blade’ official site:
■ Movic:
■ Inscription of rights: (C) 吾 峠 / Shueisha-Aniplex-ufotable

[Movic, Inc. Company Profile] Movic is engaged in a wide variety of content such as the “Character Business,” which deals in total planning, production and sales of character products, as well as the “mass sales business,” which plans, produces and sells trading cards for general mass sales and figures. Animate Group company that provides dreams, joy and excitement.
Representative: Kunieda Shingo
Location: 77-3 Gamo-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-8558, Tokyo

TV Tokyo Virtual Youtuber drama “April 1st House’s” collaborated with Akihabara “Yum Yum Monkey”

TV Tokyo Virtual YouTuber drama “April 1st House’s” collaborates with Akihabara “Yum Yum Monkey”
During the event, collaboration food menus and original goods appear at the “Yum Yum Monkey” store!
During the event, stores of “Yum Yum Monkey” are wrapped with “April 1st’s house’s specifications”.
Three sisters of “April one day’s house”, eldest daughter, Ikka (Sora of Toki), second daughter, Futaha (Saraku-cho Futaba), image of three daughters, Miki (Hibiki Ao) and pet turtle (Okame) The collaboration food menu also appeared!
MIDASLINK JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Motohiro Shinji, hereinafter “midas”) is Hello, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Yusuke Sudo, hereinafter “Hello ), PMC Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Takefumi Shiga, hereinafter “PMC”), being broadcast on TV Tokyo from April 19 (Fri), 2019, the first ever virtual Youtuber The collaboration between the drama “April 1st House’s House” and the ice cream store “Yum Yum Monkey” in Akihabara, from May 1 (Wed) to 19 May 2019 (Fri), 2019 It will be held.

■ Outline
“Yum Yum Monkey”
Address: Tokyo Chiyoda Outer Kanda 4-3-3, Don Quijote Akihabara Store 1F
Period: May 1 2019-May 31 2019
Opening hours: 11:00 to 21:00 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun, Public holidays)
11: 00-22: 00 (Friday, Sat, Day before Holiday)

During the event “Yum Yum Monkey” stores wrapped in “April 1st’s house” specification.
Three sisters of “April one day’s house”, eldest daughter, Ikka (Sora of Toki), second daughter, Futaha (Saraku-cho Futaba), image of three daughters, Miki (Hibiki Ao) and pet turtle (Okame) The collaboration food menu also appeared!

■ “April 1st Sancho” collaboration menu

・ Ichihana strawberry tapioca soda
700 yen (tax included)

Two leaf mango sorbet
620 yen (tax included)

· Sanki blue cheese dog
620 yen (tax included)

・ The three sisters dream three color ice mini parfait
960 yen (tax included)

・ Okame no Sho ice
¥ 540 (tax included)

・ Also sell original products of “April 1st House’s” originals

※ Product image is an image. It may differ from the actual product.

■ Stamp rally campaign
If you buy “April 1st’s House” goods or food collaboration menu for 1,000 yen (tax included) during the period from 5/1 to 5/31, it will be stamped once a day .
You can GET the following benefits according to the number of stamps!

【Stamp rally benefits】
5 points bonus: “April one day’s house” nameplate acrylic key holder
15 points bonus: autographed program poster
30 points bonus: original voice message from one of the three sisters on April 1st
※ Benefits are limited. Please note that it will end as soon as it disappears.

■ What is “April 1st’s House”
A virtual Youtuber drama on air on TV Tokyo April period drama 25 (every Friday night from 0:52 to 1:23). The appearances are 3 virtual YouTubers with different personalities and careers of Sorakara , Sarurakcho Futaba (new face), and Sound wood blue . They challenge the role of three sisters of April 1st, living in a house in Koto-ku, Tokyo-shi, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
I will present a work depicting a daily life full of laughter, sometimes heartwarming with the three sisters who lost their parents.
※ April three sisters are active as “Koto ward sightseeing promotion party”!

【Program official site ・ SNS】
• Official site:
• Official Twitter: @watanukisanchi
• Official Instagram: @watanukisanchi
• Official hashtag “#April 1st’s House’s” “#April 1st’s House’s Goods”

【Program Summary】
■ Broadcasting: On air from April 19, 2019 2019 every Friday midnight 0:52-1:23
■ Broadcasting station: TV TOKYO TV Osaka TV Wakayama Nara TV TV Hokkaido TVQ Kyushu broadcast TV Aichi / bilibili others
※ Broadcast start date, broadcast time varies according to each television station.
■ Cast: Sora of Toki, Sarugaku-cho Futaba (new face), Akira Hibiki Ao
■ Planning and composition: Kensaku Sakai (“Brave man Yoshihiko” “Game Center CX” “Sensor Girl-VIDEO GIRL AI 2018”)
■ Screenplay: Fujihiko Mitsuhiko (“The Biplayers”), Jiro (“Sissonne”) (“The Bachelor’s Bakamentary” “When a Beautiful Woman Gets Involved”), Tsuchiya Junichi (The “Urero ★” Series), Masato Hori Good morning Ninja Corps Gatchaman ‘), Kumamoto Hirotake (“Planet other than monkey”)
■ Director: Sumita Takashi (“Sumizumi” “Fictional OL Diary”), Hiroaki Yuasa (“Sino-chan can not tell his name” “Detective too early” “Koe Koi”) “Akishijima”), Ota Isamu (“What is your purpose for Japan?” “Weekly public on the beach”)
■ Stylist: Iga Daisuke (“Moteki” “SUNNY strong feelings / strong love”)
Music: Koji Endo
■ Production work: “April 1st House’s” Production Committee

Steam version ‘Mushihimesama’, ‘Death Smiles’, ‘August Beast’s Revival’ etc. up to 60% OFF! “Golden Week Sale” is being held!

Steam version ‘Mushihimesama’, ‘Death Smiles’, ‘August Beast’s Revival’ etc. Up to 60% Off! “Golden Week Sale” is being held!
Cave, Inc. (Head office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenichi Takano, JASDAQ code: 3760) will be held from April 30 2019 to May 7 2019 “Golden Week Sale” The Steam distribution titles “Amushihimesama” and “Des Smiles” on sale now on sale are sold 60% off, and “August Beast Revival” is sold 50% off.

In addition, each game pack and DLC will be sold at discounted prices as follows.

▼ “Mushihimesama”
・ We sell DLC of V1.5 mode and three kinds of sound tracks by 20% OFF each
・ We sell “festival pack” which added DLC of V1.5 mode and original sound track to game body for 50% OFF

▼ “Death Smiles”
・ We sell bundle which added 3 kinds of soundtracks (50% OFF each) to game body (60% OFF)
・ We sell material pack for RPG Tsukuru at 30% OFF

▼ “The angry leader bee revival”
・ We sell four kinds of soundtracks by 20% OFF each

Please take this opportunity to enjoy Cave’s full-blown shooting title.

[◆ Steam “Golden Week Sale” Overview ◆]
Sale period: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 2:00 to May 7, 2019 Tuesday, 2:00
※ Depending on the balance with PST time, etc., a certain width is expected for the end time.

Sale price:
○ “Mushihimesama”
Body 1,980 yen → 792 yen
V1.5 mode, various sound tracks 498 yen → 398 yen
Festival Pack (Body + V1.5 + Original Soundtrack) ¥ 2,480 → ¥ 1,240

○ “Death Smiles”
Body 1,980 yen → 792 yen
Body + sound track 3 points 3,474 yen → 1,539 yen
Material pack for RPG games 980 yen → 686 yen

○ “Blancy bee large revival”
Body 2,980 yen → 1,490 yen
Original Soundtrack 498 yen → 398 yen
Arrange album ¥ 598 → $ 4
Black Label Original Soundtrack ¥ 598 → ¥ 478
Black Label Arrange Mode Album ¥ 598 → ¥ 478

Golden Week Sale:

Steam version Mushihimesama store page

Steam version Death Smiles store page

Steam version of “The Furious Bee Big Revival” store page

駅ナカ応援プロジェクト「駅ナカで会いましょう。」アニメー ションPV制作決定&声優オーディション募集期間延長のお知らせ

オリジナル商品の企画・制作・販売を軸に、 企業・組織のトータルブランディングを手掛ける株式会社ヘソプロダクション(本社:大阪市福島区・代表取締役:稲本ミノル)は、 駅ナカ応援プロジェクト「駅ナカで会いましょう。 」の普及啓発を目的としたアニメーションPVを制作することを発表いたします。
「駅ナカで会いましょう。 アニメーションPV制作決定」ビジュアルイメージ
「駅ナカで会いましょう。 アニメーションPV制作決定」ビジュアルイメージ

■「駅ナカで会いましょう。 」とは?
「駅ナカで会いましょう。 」は、 ヘソプロダクショングループがこれまで培ってきた土産・雑貨等の企画、 製造、 販売のノウハウと鉄道ネットワークを活かしながら、 駅で活動する人々にスポットをあて応援することで、 “さらなる鉄道の魅力”や“駅の楽しさ”を再発見し、 鉄道・観光事業・地域の活性化を目指すプロジェクトです。

【駅ナカで会いましょう。 webサイト】

アニメーション制作:株式会社魚雷映蔵 (

今後の最新情報は、 公式サイトおよび公式Twitterにて発表して参ります。 気になる内容やアニメーション公開日など、 さらなる続報を楽しみにお待ちください。

アニメーションPV制作決定を祝して、 現在応募受付中の声優オーディション募集期間を少しだけ延長!同PVに出演となるプロジェクト応援キャラクター「西本いくの」と「葛西くるの」の声優になれるチャンス!今後のプロジェクトに関する普及啓発の様々な場面でご活躍いただける方、 鉄道が好きな方、 駅ナカを盛り上げたいと思っている方、 ご応募お待ちしております!!

・声優募集キャラクター:2名(西本 いくの/葛西 くるの)
特定のプロダクション、 レコード会社、 出版社に所属していない方(既に契約が成立している方の応募は受付できません)
合格後、 所属契約が可能な方


代表者:代表取締役 稲本 実
事業内容:オリジナル商品の企画・制作・販売、 企業・組織のトータルブランディング

※本リリースに掲載されている情報は発表日現在の情報です。 予告なしに変更されることがありますので、 予めご了承ください。


別冊コロコロコミックSpecial6月号にて田村光久先生のまんが 「フューチャーカード 神バディファイト」新章連載スタート!!ふ ろくは別冊コロコロコミック限定の52枚騎士ガルガデッキつき!

別冊コロコロコミックSpecial6月号にて田村光久先生のまんが「フューチャーカード 神バディファイト」新章連載スタート!!ふろくは別冊コロコロコミック限定の52枚騎士ガルガデッキつき!
株式会社ブシロード(本社:東京都中野区、 代表取締役社長:橋本義賢)は本日発売の別冊コロコロコミックSpecial6月号より、 田村光久先生のまんが「フューチャーカード 神バディファイト」の新章連載がスタートいたしましたことと、 ふろくにカード52枚入りの限定ガルガデッキ付いてくることをご案内申し上げます。 報道関係の皆様におかれましては、 ぜひ本情報をお取り扱いいただけますよう、 お願い申し上げます。
田村光久先生のまんが「フューチャーカード 神バディファイト」新章連載スタート!!

別冊コロコロコミックSpecial6月号 発売中

本日発売の別冊コロコロコミックSpecial6月号にて田村光久先生の手掛けるまんが「フューチャーカード 神バディファイト」の新章連載がスタートしました。

新章第1話にはなんと、 前シリーズの主人公、 未門牙王が大人になった姿で登場。 未門牙王VS未門友牙の親子対決が見どころです。

さらに今月号は「神バディファイト」の構築済みデッキ・カード52枚ふろくつき。 田村先生の描きおろしイラストのフラッグ・必殺技カードや、 キラっと光る加工の「新たな力 ガルガンチュア・ナイト・ドラゴン」が1枚入った超豪華仕様です。

バディファイトで初めて遊ぶ方も、 すでに遊んでいる方も絶対手に入れたいデッキふろくとなっています。



ブースターパック第4弾「Drago Knight」

1パック 158円+税

収録W:ドラゴンW、 エンシェントW、
スタードラゴンW、 ロストWを収録

「フューチャーカード バディファイト」とは
2014年1月よりブシロードと『月刊コロコロコミック』がタッグを組み、 スタートした低年齢層向けのトレーディングカードゲームです。
テレビアニメの放送や、 コミックの連載、 全国でのイベント開催、 有名企業のコラボレーションなどを精力的に行いプロモーション活動にも力を入れています。

動画クリエイター・かねこあやとのコラボ動画&漫画も! 実 在する“普通じゃない”お店が舞台のオトナ的ラブコメディ!『綺 麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』第3.巻 4月27日発売 !

動画クリエイター・かねこあやとのコラボ動画&漫画も! 実在する“普通じゃない”お店が舞台のオトナ的ラブコメディ!『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』第3.巻 4月27日発売!
今回も変わったお店が多数登場! 巻末にはコラボ漫画が収録!
漫画雑誌『月刊コミックキューン』(毎月27日発売)で好評連載中の『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』(著:いづみみなみ)コミックス第3.巻が2019年4月27日に発売いたします。 実在する“普通じゃない“呑み屋を舞台にした大人的ラブコメディ。 第3.巻には、 先日コラボ動画も公開した動画クリエイター・かねこあやとのいづみみなみ描きおろしコラボ漫画を収録。 各種書店特典などもご用意しております。

  • かねこあやとのコラボ漫画も収録! 実在する“普通じゃない“呑み屋が舞台の大人的ラブコメディコミックス3.巻発売!

『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』 はいづみみなみによる、 様々な呑み屋を舞台にした大人的ラブコメディ。
主人公は平凡なサラリーマンの日吉。 彼が憧れの先輩・月沢と呑み仲間になるところから物語は始まります。 呑み仲間となったふたりは様々なお店に足を運びますが、 月沢が選ぶお店はどこにでもある居酒屋ではなく、 一風変わった“普通じゃない”お店ばかり 。 そんなお店でお酒を楽しみながら、 だんだんと月沢への思いを自覚していく日吉の恋模様が描かれます。

第3.巻も“普通じゃない”お店が多数登場! 本物のペンギンを見ながらお酒が飲める 「ペンギンのいるBAR 」 や、 プラネタリウムや星座のカクテルなどが楽しめる 「プラネタリウムBAR」 など、 個性豊かな実在するお店が舞台となっております。 雲行きが怪しくなりかけている日吉と月沢、 ふたりの関係は進展するのかどうかにも注目です!



なお今回第3.巻の発売を記念して、 動画クリエイター・かねこあやとのコラボ動画 が公開!

第1.巻にも登場した中目卓球ラウンジでのデート風動画 を楽しむことができます。 またこちらのコラボ動画の公開を記念して、 第3.巻に、 いづみみなみ描きおろしによるかねこあやとのコラボ漫画も収録!  月沢とかねこ、 ふたりによる恋愛トークが楽しめる特別編となっております。



コラボ漫画が収録されるなど、 盛りだくさんの内容となる 『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』コミックス第3.巻は4月27日発売 です。 巻末には作中の各お店の情報をまとめたページも収録 されていますので、 コラボ動画・コラボ漫画とあわせて、 ぜひお楽しみください!

  • 刊行情報


実在するお店が舞台の、 オトナ的ラブコメディ!

『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか? 』



美人だけどミステリアスな先輩・月沢さんの、 意外な一面を知ってしまった主人公・日吉。
それがきっかけなのか、 今まで順調だった月沢さんとの呑み屋巡りは、 ちょっぴり雲行きが怪しくなってしまい…!?
「実在する普通じゃないお店」が舞台のお酒ラブコメ、 ドキドキの「オトナ度」が加速する第3巻!


  • 店舗特典情報


【ゲーマーズ 店舗特典】 (イラストカード)

『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』3.巻 ゲーマーズ店舗特典
『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』3.巻 ゲーマーズ店舗特典

【とらのあな 店舗特典】 (イラストカード)

『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』3.巻 とらのあな店舗特典
『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』3.巻 とらのあな店舗特典

【メロンブックス 店舗特典】 (イラストカード)

『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』3.巻 メロンブックス店舗特典
『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』3.巻 メロンブックス店舗特典

【一部書店 店舗特典】 (イラストカード)

『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』3.巻 一部書店 店舗特典
『綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?』3.巻 一部書店 店舗特典

  • 関連サイト


PS VR専用タイトル『メゾン22/7 ~私たちと一緒に見よう!VRコメ ンタリー~』が無料配信開始

PS VR専用タイトル『メゾン22/7 ~私たちと一緒に見よう!VRコメンタリー~』が無料配信開始
秋元康が総合プロデュースする声優アイドルグループ、 22/7(ナナブンノニジュウニ)。

22/7は、 日本を代表する有名クリエイターがうみだしたキャラクターを演じる為に

彼女たちの部屋で一緒にライブ映像を鑑賞することができるPS VR専用タイトル
『メゾン22/7 ~私たちと一緒に見よう!VRコメンタリー~』が本日4月26日(金)より無料にて配信開始となった。

選択肢を選んだり、 メンバーを見つめたりすることでストーリーが変動していき、
同じ空間の手の届きそうな距離で、 彼女たちと直接おしゃべりしているかのようなドキドキをぜひ体験してみてほしい。

また合わせて、 22/7のメンバーが選ぶPS Musicのプレイリスト
「Songs for PlayStationR selected by 22/7」が公開された。

4000万曲以上が聴き放題の音楽ストリーミングサービスSpotifyがPlayStationR4(PS4R)で楽しめるPS Musicを通じて、

さらにPS4R PS StoreのMusicコーナーでは上記のプレイリストをはじめ、

22/7の魅力を知ることができるこのゲーム、 ぜひチャレンジしてほしい。

■メゾン22/7 ~私たちと一緒に見よう!VRコメンタリー~

■22/7 メンバーの直筆のサイン入りPlayStationR4 Proをプレゼント
PlayStationRPlusにご加入、 もしくはPlayStation?NetworkのアカウントとSpotifyアカウントをリンクし、 応募フォームからご応募いただいたお客様の中から抽選で1名様に、 22/7メンバー11人による直筆サイン入りPlayStationR4 Pro(PS4RPro)をプレゼントいたします。
応募期間は本日2019年4月26日(金)~2019年5月26日(日)23:59まで。 奮ってご応募ください。


秋元康氏総合プロデュースの元、 デビューシングル『僕は存在していなかった』はオリコンウィークリーランキング10位、
セカンドシングル『シャンプーの匂いがした』は8位にランクインし、 2018年8月には待望のサードシングル『理解者』をリリース。
TOKYO MX、 BS11、 AbemaTVほかにて冠バラエティー番組『22/7 計算中』放送中。
『京まふ 2018』の応援サポーター就任や『マチ★アソビ』、 アメリカ・LA『Anime Expo 2018』など国内外問わず精力的に出演。
デビュー1周年の記念日である2018年9月20日(木)にマイナビBLITZ赤坂で行われた『22/7 計算中 Special Event』はチケットが完売。
さらに同イベント内では3人の新キャラクターが発表になり大きな話題となった。 バーチャルYouTuberとしても活動中。
既にアニメ化が発表されており、 その可能性に高い注目が集まっているアイドルグループである。

■「22/7 計算中」好評放送中
TOKYO MX毎週土曜23:00~※最速放送/BS11 毎週水曜25:00~/AbemaTV 毎週火曜23:30~/日テレプラス 毎週木曜22:30~※1週遅れ/ニコニコ生放送 毎週土曜20:30~
東条悠希(CV.高辻麗)/柊つぼみ(CV.武田愛奈) MC:三四郎

「22/7 計算中」Twitter(@227keisanchu)

■22/7 定期公演 “ナナニジライブ” #5
日時:2019年5月22日(水) 開場18:30/開演19:00
チケット:前売り3,500円(税込) (ドリンク代別)