Bandai channel distribution of 40 works of Sunrise produced OVA and theatrical version, including “Cowboy Bebop Heaven’s Door” and “Legend of the Great God Ideon”

We start delivering 40 works of Sunrise produced OVA and theatrical version, including “Cowboy Bebop Heaven’s Door” and “Legend of the Great God Ideon: Touch / Trigger” on the Bandai Channel!
Bandai Namco Lights Marketing Co., Ltd. (address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Futoshi Takeno), a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings, Inc. (Head office: Minato Ward, Tokyo: President and CEO: Miaki Taguchi) Animation production company “Bandai Channel ( )” We are pleased to announce that a number of OVA and theatrical versions produced by Sunrise have been released.

■ We start delivering 40 works of Sunrise OVA, theatrical work once!
With the animation video distribution service “Bandai Channel”, we have begun to offer unlimited viewing of the animation production company Sunrise’s OVA and theatrical works that produced “Cowboy Bebop” etc.
By registering as a free trial subscription for the first time trial, it is possible to watch along with the TV series that are already available for unlimited viewing.
We also released a special page with a distribution lineup.
In addition to “Mado King Granzot”, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of the broadcast this year, please enjoy the timeless masterpieces that Sunrise works on this occasion.

& lt; Special Page & gt;

& lt; April 26 All-you-can-eat delivery list & gt;
Legend Giant Ideon contact group / trigger group
White Fang White Fang Story
Movie version Crusher Joe
Crusher Joe Hail of the Freeze Prison
Crusher Joe Final Weapon Ash
Galactic drifting Vifam 12 people disappeared
Galactic Drifting Vifam “Kate’s Memory” Tearing Up Operation !!
Dirty Pair’s Great Match: The Mystery of Nolandia
Dirty Pair Flight 005
Blue meteor SPT Reizner ACT-I Age 1996
Comet SPT Layzner ACT-II Le ・ Cain 1999
Blue meteor SPT Laisner ACT-III Engraved 2000
Heavy fighter L Gaim I Pentagona Window + Lady Gabley
Heavy fighter L Gaim II Fairwell My Lovely + Pentagona Dolls
Heavy aircraft L-Gaim III Full Metal Soldier
Koden Den Sam Light Looper Gaiden
Yuden Den Sam Light Looper
Yuden Den Sam Light Looper MESSAGE
True Demon God Hero Watar Genjin Edition
Genie Hero Den Wataru Endless Story
Demon King Gransoto Last Magical War
Mado King Gransoto Adventure Hen
Armored Trooper Votoms Red Shoulder Document Ambition Roots
Armored Trooper Votoms Palesen Files Movie version
Armored Trooper Votoms Case; IRVINE
Bottoms finder
Armored Trooper Votoms again
The stupidity of the fire department
Cowboy Bebop Heaven’s Door
Mai- 乙 HiME Zwei
Mai-乙 HiME 0 ~ S. ifr ~
Cluster edge (Secret Episode)
The King of Thorns-King of Thorn-
targeted school
Sacred Seven Silver Wings
Movie version TIGER & BUNNY -The Beginning-
Movie version TIGER & BUNNY -The Rising-

Please check the Bandai Channel official site for TV series that are already available for unlimited viewing, and other OVA / Theatrical version works.

■ Bandai Channel Service Overview
You can watch more than 3,800 animated works on your PC / smartphone / tablet, and you can use TV devices such as AppleTV / Amazon Fire TV series.
Each video is individually charged, and you can enjoy unlimited viewing at any time by registering as an unlimited member of ¥ 1,080 per month (free for the first time).
※ TV devices are compatible only with unlimited viewing.

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