“Contents of Saudi Arabia” Manga Productions and Japanese anime / game / manga companies, panel discussion on joint production

Exhibited in parallel with “Animation Japan Business Day” on March 25-26, Assatel “The Future of the Future” announced

Manga Productions (Head office: Riyadh city) in Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as Saudi Arabia), which handles content businesses such as animation, participated in the “Saudi Arabia Content Seminar” held at a hotel in Ariake, Tokyo on March 26. The seminar will be sponsored by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), from Saudi Arabia to manga Productions · 77 Media, and from Japan Toei Animation Inc. · KADOKAWA · SNK · Mizuho Bank will participate in the content production status and We announced the internship of Saudi students and the future tasks.
The seminar was held as an event contributing to Saudi Vision’s long-term strategy, Saudi Vision 2030.
Mr. Osamu Mizui, director of the Middle East for JETRO, made opening remarks, and Mr. Yasuhiko Yoshida, the Trade Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, made a guest greeting, followed by Mr. JETRO Riyad, director of Hideki Tsuji, who gave an overview of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Manga Productions has been co-producing content with Japanese animation and game companies since 2017, and has formed an internship for Saudi youths to study and learn the process from the start to the completion of the content. By studying content production know-how at a Japanese company, Saudi young people have an opportunity to be involved in content production in the future.
At the keynote speech, Mr. Bucari Isam, CEO of Manga Productions, “Saudi Arabia has mainly focused on oil discovery and trade, but the media and education fields will be indispensable to strengthen the country in the future. The Lord of the Misk Foundation The purpose is to train young people, but as part of this, Manga Productions is also working, and my dream is that after 30 years Japanese can hear that “I like Saudi Arabian anime”. It was

【Panel discussion held by Saudi and Japanese content companies】

From the left: JETRO · Satoshi Hideki, Mizuho Bank · Yasuhiro Yamagata, SNK · Yoichiro Soda, KADOKAWA · Susumu Tsukamoto,
Toei Animation-Shimizu Shimizu, Manga Productions-Bucara Isam

■ Mr. Shinji Shimizu, Managing Director of Toei Animation, Inc. “I was asked to produce an animation from Saudi Arabia in 2011, and eight years have passed since. However, we aim to be the same, and the staffs of the two countries are cooperating and having fun. More than 100 people are involved in one animation, and the various concerns are changing and having fun making Japan’s Arabian folklore in Japan Things are like Saudi Arabia making samurai anime and it is very difficult, but Saudi is now in the midst of reform, and I hope this opens the door and follows you all. ”
■ Mr. Susumu Tsukamoto, Managing Executive Officer, KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. “We are collaborating with Saudi at three points: 1. We have dispatched a manga classroom teacher to Riyadh from March 3 this year. 2. Malaysia We plan to do an internship at KADOKAWA GEMPAK STARTZ SDN BHD 3. We are commissioned to produce consigned manga and are planning to produce. ”From the venue Mr. Tetsuya Koga, President of KADOKAWA Contents Academy Co., Ltd. Seventy percent of women are Saudi students, women tend to like dramatized pictures and men like comical pictures. ”
■ Yoichiro Soda, Senior Artist, SNK Game Business Headquarters, Inc. “The design competition for the characters in which our fighting game“ THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV ”will appear in 2017 will be held in Saudi Arabia, and the female character of the winner will appear in the game. It was a completely different design from the character of the Middle East we had been thinking up to now In the game development, I struggled how to make the female character of the Middle East look attractive. It is recognized that “new creativity” is created and I want to make use of it. There are many things that I have to be careful about due to cultural differences, but I can do it together if I have a feeling that I like it.
■ Mr. Yasuhiro Yamagata, Deputy General Manager, International Strategic Information Division, Mizuho Bank “The Bank sponsored Saudi’s old-fashioned” Kikori and Treasures “broadcasted on TV Tokyo last May However, they felt that they had received a very high level of education, and that they had received a very high level of education. One person is working, I think it is easier for the service industry to become familiar with how Japanese companies relate to Saudis, which already have high income levels, and entertainment is a highly marketable field. ”

[March 25-26 “Animation Japan Business Day” Manga Productions’s booth, Assatel “Future of the Future” announced

“Anime Japan Business Day” was held on March 25th and 26th at Tokyo Big Sight, and Manga Productions exhibited at the booth. At the booth, Japanese public organizations and companies, and content business people from overseas visited, and they received an explanation of the company in an interview while watching Assatiel’s new anime from Manga Productions, “The Future of the Future”.

Assatiel “The Future of the Olds”

Anime Japan Business Day
Anime Japan Business Day “manga productions” booth

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