Japan Red Cross Society x Working Cell Collaboration Campaign Start today! TV animation “Hataraku cell” at the special site 12th episode · 13 episodes Limited distribution for a while!

Japan Red Cross Society x Working Cell Collaboration Campaign Start today!
TV animation “Hataraku Cell” at the special site 12th episode · 13 episodes Limited delivery for a limited time!

Japan Red Cross Society x “Hataraku Cells” collaboration campaign from February 25, 2019 (Monday)
We will conduct at the blood donation venue nationwide. During the period, for first-time arrivals who cooperated with blood donation at the blood donation venues across the country Collaboration campaign for first-come-first-served gifts Original calendar using illustration was gifted!
Also open a collaboration campaign special site on “Hataraku Cell” TV anime official site!
On the special site, TV animation 12th episode of “blood transfusion” as a theme “hemorrhagic shock (first part)
Delivering episode 13 “Hemorrhagic shock (second part)”
for a limited time.
In addition, we are developing a poster gift to commemorate holding “Collaboration Campaign!” And “Great Blood Donation!” Learning with the cells of “working cell”. We are pleased that you can also visit the special site during the term.

■ Japanese Red Cross Society x TV Animation “Hataraku Cells” Collaboration Campaign
Period of implementation: Start from Monday, February 25, 2019. End as soon as gifts are gone
Distribution summary: First-come-first-served 15,000 people from people who cooperated with blood donation at the blood donation venue nationwide
Do you present “HP gift presentation screen” at the reception desk
Please offer “Working cell gift idea”

※ We will terminate as soon as we reach the default number even during the period. Depending on the blood demand of the medical institution,
We may ask you to change from the type of blood donation you wish.
Even if you apply for blood donation, we may not be able to cooperate on your own physical condition etc.
Depending on the type of blood donation, the interval until next cooperation may differ.
For example, in the case of 400 mL whole blood donation, next week 12 weeks for men and 16 weeks for women can cooperate with 400 mL whole blood donation. If you have a blood donation card, please check in advance on the donation possibility date stated on your donation card beforehand.

“Working Cells” Collaboration Campaign Special Site

【Content on Special Site】

Collaboration Campaign Special Site

■ Special footage
Episode 12 “Hemorrhagic shock (first part) · Episode 13” Hemorrhagic shock (second part) “for a limited time
【Delivery period】 From February 25 (Monday) to March 11 (Monday) to 23:59 in 2019
■ Great blood donation!
Let’s learn about “blood donation” with the cells of “working cell”!
■ Gift Campaign
Collaboration campaign Present poster using illustrations drawn in lottery for 10 people

Basic work information


This is your story. The story of your body (body) ──.
The number of human cells, about 37 trillion (novel).
Cells are working well today in the world of the body, well today and without rest.
Red cell carrying oxygen, white blood cell fighting bacteria ……
There was a drama of unknown cells.
A new classic of anthropomorphic objects, a popular comic “Hataraku Cell” is a long-awaited TV animation!
An anthropomorphic story in the body that anyone can sympathize!


Original: Akane Shimizu (Kodansha “Monthly Shonen Sirius” series)
Director: Kenichi Suzuki / Series composition: Yuko Kakihara / Screenplay: Yuko Kakihara, Kenichi Suzuki
Character design: Takahiko Yoshida
Bacterial Character Design · Prop Design · Action Drawing Director: Kenta Mimuro
Sub Character Design: Keiko Tamaki / Overall Director: Takahiko Yoshida, Keiko Tamaki
Art director: Risa Wakabayashi (Atelier Platz) / Art setting: Yuno Sono, Koji Hashiguchi / Color design: Aiko Mizuno
Director of Photography: Yuki Oshima / 3DCG Director: Yutaka Nakajima / Editing: Kiyoshi Hirose (editz)
Acoustic Director: Kawahito Meida / Acoustic Production: Magic Capsule / Music: Kenichiro Suehiroki · MAYUKO
Produce: Yuumi Takahashi / Animation Producer: Takeshi Wakamatsu / Animation Production: david production
Production: Aniplex · Kodansha · david production


◆ Red blood cell: Hanazawa Kana ◆ White blood cell (neutrophil): Maeno Tomoaki
◆ Killer T cell: Daisuke Ono ◆ macrophage: Kikuko Inoue
◆ Platelets: Mari Naganawa ◆ Helper T cell: Takahiro Sakurai
◆ Controlled T cells: Saori Hayami ◆ Dendritic cells: Nobuhiko Okamoto ◆ Memory cells: Yuichi Nakamura ◆ B cell: Shoya Chiba
◆ NK cells: Junya ◆ Naïve T cells: Tamura Mutsumi
◆ Effector T cells: Kenji Nomura ◆ Memory T cells: Ryota Takeuchi
◆ Eosinophils: М · A · O ◆ Basophils: Tomokazu Sugita
◆ Mast cells (mast cells): Ayako Kawasumi ◆ White blood cell (2048): Kensuke Sato
◆ White blood cell (2626): Junichi Yanagida ◆ White blood cell (4989): Kentaro Kumagai
◆ White blood cell (2001): Eki Egoshi ◆ Senior red blood cell: Aya Endo
◆ Junior Red Blood Cell: Yui Ishikawa ◆ Pneumococcus: Hiroyuki Yoshino
◆ Staphylococcus aureus: Mai Nakahara ◆ Campylobacter: Taki Kobayashi
◆ Streptococcus pyogenes: Masaya Matsukaze ◆ Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Kitazawa power
◆ Bacteria: Jun Fukushima ◆ Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Yoshimi Yamamoto
◆ Japanese cedar pollen: Kazuyuki Okitsu ◆ erythroblast: Hanazawa Kana
◆ Myelocyte: Muraka Knowledge ◆ Mr. Nakajima: Satoshi Hino
◆ Cancer cells: Akira Ishida ◆ Immature thymocyte 1: Mariko Toiuchi
◆ immature thymocyte 2: Komatsu undecided ◆ thymocyte epithelium instructor: Koyama Oyama
◆ Monocytes: Kikuko Inoue ◆ Bacillus cereus: Kosuke Toriumi
◆ Narration: Mamiko Noto et al.

Game information

[Decision PV made for application games] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaXEvtfTPCI
[Pre-registration site] http://hataraku-saibou-app.com/
【Official Twitter】 @ hataraku_sb_app (Recommended hash tag: # always working cell)
[Copyright notation] (C) Akane Shimizu / Kodansha · Aniplex · davidproduction
(C) Akane Shimizu / Kodansha · Aniplex

Work summary

【Anime official website】: http://hataraku-saibou.com
【Official Twitter】 @ hataraku_saibou (Recommended hash tag: # working cell)
【Rights expression】 (C) Akane Shimizu / Kodansha · Aniplex · davidproduction

Original information

“Monthly Shonen Sirius” (Kodansha) “Working Cells” “In the series well received! Comics Volume 1 – Volume 5 on sale

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