Pro gaming team “FAV gaming”, sponsor of PC parts brand “gen-intense” is decided!

Gz Brain Co., Ltd. (KADOKAWA Group)
4/20 · 21 Held “Region-oriented cup # 8” R6S section · OdeNMiso players appeared as a commentary.
Gz Brain Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenichiro Hori) is the company’s own professional gaming team “FAV gaming (fab gaming)”. Headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, President: President: Hirotoshi Mitani) PC ​​parts brand “gen-tinged” announced that the sponsorship was decided by.

“FAV gaming” is a gaming team produced by Gz Brain, and currently has three divisions, “War Fighting Game Division”, “Crash Royale Division”, and “Rainbow Six Sie Division”, for a total of 15 players. You are We started activities in earnest from last year, and have participated in various competitions regardless of domestic or foreign.

A new sponsor has been decided by the PC parts brand “Gen-oriented”. “Gen-oriented” is a brand that continuously holds the JCG official online competition “Gen-oriented cup” (host: Gen-oriented) of Ubisoft “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege”. In the future, we will further enhance the e-sport scene together through tie-ups with “gener-oriented” and appearances of related events. “FAV gaming” is the first time that “genuine-oriented” sponsors a professional gaming team.
20th April 20th (Sat) and 21st (Sun) “Gender-oriented Cup # 8”, “Rainbow Six Sie Division” OdeNMiso decided to appear as a commentary.

In addition, we have renewed our uniforms for further activity from the new fiscal year. Based on the concept of “challenge”, it has been finished in accordance with the 2018 design. In addition, on the right sleeve of the new uniform, we have published the “Gen-oriented” brand logo we have decided to sponsor.

In Gz Brain, we will continue to work on team management and player support to expand the playing field of players belonging to “FAV gaming” and maximize the performance and attractiveness of the players.

“FAV gaming” new uniform design (left: front, right: Back side)
“FAV gaming” new uniform design (left: front, right: back)

  • About Gentooism

Professional orientation is the domestic PC parts brand of the sale sale CF day. Products handled include graphic boards, expansion interface boards, power supplies for PCs, external HDD cases, etc. Graphic boards have won the No. 1 share for 16 consecutive years. We will support the e-Sports industry by providing support and information for playing games more comfortably and smartly, and holding events.
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  • “Gender-oriented cup # 8” holding summary

Name of the event: Professionally oriented cup # 8
Summary: Official online competition for PC version ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ sponsored by ‘Gen-oriented’.
Date and time: April 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun), 2019
Competition Detail Page:

★ As a commentary, “Rainbow Six Sie Division” OdeNMiso players appeared!

OdeNMiso player
OdeNMiso players

Taking advantage of the on-line TPS, which began to be invited by a friend in childhood, as the attraction of the battle-type TPS and FPS, we are devoted to it. R6S Pro League One of the starting members of the first APAC champion.
“Rainbow Six Siege” Japan e Sports Professional License owned.

  • About FAV gaming (fab gaming)

“FAV gaming” is a gaming team produced by Gz Brain. Currently, there are a total of 15 players in three divisions: Fighting Games, Clash Royale, and Rainbow Six Sage.
The name is taken from the initial of the team slogan Fun and Victory. We aim to be a team that is loved by all generations and makes fans happy through play and action.
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  • Gz Brain Ltd. (Zee’s Brain)

Gz Brain Co., Ltd. (President: Kenichiro Hori) is a wholly owned subsidiary of KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
We develop game media businesses such as publishing “Famitsu” and “B’s-LOG” brands and other information magazines, and managing Web media. In addition, we are working on businesses that convey the fun of games from all angles, such as management of pro gamers and e-sports business centered on planning and producing game events.
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