“METAL SLUG ATTACK” Invaders Four Tennoes “Brume Mezzelai” is the Earth! Clash with the dedicated Blaze Division’s “Braz Cab”! Event “BLOOM DISASTER” held!

SNK Co., Ltd. (Head office: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture; President: Koichi Koyama) is a time-limited event “BLOOM DISASTER” at the METAL SLUG ATTACK app for iOS / Android, which has surpassed 10 million DL worldwide. We will inform you that we have held

Collect event dedicated points and try to get SR unit “Blade cab”!

【Event outline】
■ Name of event


■ Opening period
February 17 (Sun)-February 24 (Sun) 23: 2019

■ Event Story
Invaders who are planning to invade the Earth will send “Blumme Mezzelai”, called the Invaders Four Tenors, and “Riracle” as a guiding member to the Earth. In order to secure the enormous energy necessary for child rearing, the Bladens division of Morden army and the Blaze division dedicated machine “Blazed cab” which has been subjected to invader measures stand in front of the “Brume Mezzelai” that prey on all kinds of creatures!

■ Event contents
Earn points by defeating and clearing enemy units that appear on event-only stages. Depending on the total points collected, you will receive premium rewards such as Super Rare (SR) units! Furthermore, if the rare boss stage appears after the stage clear, the chance of point up and unit acquisition. Collect lots of points and get extra rewards!

■ Event rewards

【Blaze cab (SR unit)】
The “Iron Cab” customized as a dedicated Blaze division machine. It is equipped with a powerful blaze canon suitable for burning off many enemies as a measure against invaders.
> Unit introduction video

Braze Fortress Artillery (R unit)
Morden infantry trained in the Blaze division. Even while waiting on the battlefield, I will not reveal anything I do.
> Unit introduction video

■ Event trailers

■ Event introduction page
https://game.snk-corp.co.jp/official/metalslug_attack/news/ 20190217_01zb5jn.html

New units are coming out that will benefit from the event!
New units “Brume Mezzelai (SR unit)” and “Special office Riracle (R unit)” appear in time for the event! Get a new unit that will be effective in this event and proceed in an advantageous way!

■ Blume Mezzelai (SR unit)
A flower-like invader, who came to the Earth as an execution unit of the Earth Invasion Plan following “Federn Mezzelai”. A member of the four heavenly kings, a self-proclaimed leader lover. It can also carry out photosynthesis, but prey on all kinds of creatures to secure the vast amount of energy needed for child rearing. Her sweet flower nectar is a favorite food of “Federn”, but their relationship is not good. It seems that long ago, “Federn” has always died at the root of his child.
> Unit introduction video

■ Special Reclaim (R unit)
“Liracle” who came to the earth as a guiding role of “Brume Mezzelai”. Although I play only, I do not play a role as a guide at all, but “Blume”, which my child loves, seems to be unhappy.
> Unit introduction video

【Title Summary】
■ Title
METAL SLUG ATTACK (Metal Slug Attack)
■ Delivery date
February 15, 2016
■ Genre
Tower defense
■ Price
Basic free (with item charge)
■ Market
App Store / Google Play
■ Right notation
※ Other company names and product names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

App Store Download URL
Download URL for Google Play
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. snkplaymore.android014
METAL SLUG ATTACK official site
http://game.snk-corp.co.jp/official/metalslug_attack/ >

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