Houbunsha, the first official manga app “COMIC FUZ (comic fuzz)” launched!

Houbunsha Co., Ltd. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hisashi Kokoshi, hereinafter Houbunsha) announced that the Houbunsha official manga app “COMIC FUZ (Comic Fuzz)” has been released from today. You
Information open date: March 29, 2019

“COMIC FUZ” is an application that allows you to enjoy the manga magazines published by Houbunsha and the popular manga series.
In conjunction with the release, we will present 1000 bonus medals that can be used in “COMIC FUZ” to commemorate the advance registration of 50,000 cases.

◆ Features of “COMIC FUZ”
・ You can read manga for free every day!
You can read about 1,700 or more works available for basic free!
By using the medal distributed once every 30 minutes in “COMIC FUZ”, you can read your favorite manga for free at the serialization section etc. updated daily.

“Answer Story” of “Yuru Can 、”, “Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden” starts serialization!
In conjunction with the launch of “COMIC FUZ”, “Yuru Can し”, which has also been decided for the second stage of TV animation, will be moved from “Manga Time Kirara Forward” to “COMIC FUZ.”
In addition, “Another Story” of the popular smartphone game “Magia Records-Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden” will be newly added to the story!
In addition to this, “COMIC FUZ” is planning a large number of original new works, so please enjoy.

Houbunsha’s popular manga magazine is unlimited!
By becoming an all-you-can-eat plan member starting at ¥ 480 per month, you can make all-you-can-read popular Houbunsha popular manga magazines distributed on “COMIC FUZ”.
You can enjoy the target magazine being delivered from the latest issue to the past issue whenever you want.

◆ A magazine for unlimited reading
“Manga Time Kirara”
“Manga Time Kirara MAX”
“Manga Time Kirara Forward”
“Manga Time Kirara Carat”
“Weekly Manga TIMES”
“Flower sound”
※ “花”, “kyapi!” Can join only WEB browser version.

No app download, enjoy from the web browser!
“COMIC FUZ” can be enjoyed from the web browser as well as the app.
As long as there is an Internet environment, regardless of the terminal such as PC, smartphone, doublet,
You can enjoy the work.

◆ Product lineup (part)
“Here and there” (different identification)
“If you walk the dog you will fall in love” (Natsumizu Ritsu)
“The landlord is adolescent! (Rui Mizuse)
“Custom-made” (Takahashi Kazuhito)
“Ocake twin tail” (Keita Takatsu)
“Do you have demons or snakes?” (Adobenchara)
“God’s Valley” (Nishizaki Yasumasa / Watanabe Tsuruya)
“Kawa that bicycle shop” (Keiko Koyama)
“Kuro no Yado” (West Yuji, Tana Toshinnobu)
“Kiniro Mosaic” (Yui Hara)
“K-on! “(Fried oysters)
“Mr. Komori can not refuse! (Cool doctrines)
“Is the order a rabbit? (Koi)
“Ternary Three Leaves” (Arai Cherry)
“But we are not ya” (Murayama Wataru)
‘Ballball’ (Mountain Pakuiti)
“Detective Blue Cat” (Hinjin Homoto)
“Dogin Work” (Hiroyuki)
“My Neighbor Toshiki” (Shimotsuki Kinrin)
“The chef of Nobunaga” (Mitsuru Nishimura, Takuro Ayukawa)
“Boxed Drops” (Yu Tsuruzaki)
“Barista” (Murogana-Sai Hanagata)
“Haruka receive” (freely available)
“Hidamari Sketch” (Ume Uzuki)
“The black bear. A flash journey story “(Kyuzuki Satoko)
“Blend S” (Ko Nakayama)
“Magia Records-Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden Another Story” (Magica Quartet U35)
Money Football (Taku Noda)
“Yuyu-style” (Mikami Komata)
“Yuru Can』 “(Afro)
“Yumekui Merry” (Yoshitaka Ushiki)
“GA Art Department Art Design Class” (Kato Yuzuki)
“NEW GAME!” (Shontaro Tokuno)

Application name: COMIC FUZ
Genre: Electronic comic app
App Store URL: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/apple-store/id1448827734 < / a>
Google Play URL:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/ details? id = com.comic_fuz & amp; hl = en
WEB browser version: https://comic-fuz.com/
Price: basic free (some charges within service)
Supported platform: iOS / Android / browser
Official twitter: https://twitter.com/COMICFUZ

About Houbunsha Co., Ltd.
Company Name: Houbunsha Co., Ltd.
Established: July 10, 1950
Capital: 100 million yen
Representative: President and Representative Director Takashi Takashi
Location: -12112-8580 Bunkyo Ward Gotoku 1-2-12

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