finally! Joe burns out in a white !! “Tomorrow’s Joe 2 COMPLETE DVD BOOK series” Vol. 5 The final volume is released!-Close to the words of director Dezaki who created the masterpiece that remains in the history of animation-

In Pia Co., Ltd. “COMPLETE DVD” which fully records all 79 episodes of “Ashitano Joe” and all 47 episodes of “Ashitano Joe 2” in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of “Ashitano Joe” serialization start Publication of the BOOK series started monthly from March last year. The final volume “Tomorrow’s Joe 2” vol. 5 was released on March 28th.
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“Tomorrow’s Joe 2 COMPLETE DVD BOOK series” vol. 5 (C) Takamori Asao / Chiba Tetsuya / Kodansha / TMS

The 5 volumes that finally came to you are the last fight of the last scene that burns out in the very famous white of the last scene from the death battle with Harimao of Episode 39 “To the jungle … 2 wild beasts” The youth is now … “Fired up” . Those who can not forget to watch the last scene on TV for the first time, and those who have never seen the battle with Jose even though they know the last scene, are all must-see.

In addition to José, character set images of guest characters that could not be published until now, Joe’s final battle storyboard, Trivia, etc. In addition, we introduce a part of the talk event from Mammoth West, Jiro Daruma and Noriko Hayashi, Moriwaki . Don’t miss out on the 37th anniversary of the wedding and the precious memories of the two who reunite, and West and Noriko’s wedding illustrations drawn by Noguchi Yoshitsune .

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“Tomorrow’s Joe 2”
“Tomorrow’s Joe 1
  • Tomorrow’s Joe 2 COMPLETE DVD BOOK Series Vol.5 Content Introduction

“Tomorrow’s Joe 2 COMPLETE DVD BOOK series” vol. 5 (C) Takamori Asao / Chiba Tetsuya / Kodansha / TMS

To interpret Desaki’s words /
Tsutomu Dezaki who created a masterpiece that remains in anime history in the mid 20s. From his words of life, this work approaches the secret that masterpiece is enough.
★ A colored paper illustration with a new illustration of Yabuki-length by Akio Sugino animator is checked in the booklet!

-vol.5 DVD content-
Episode 39 In the jungle … 2 wild beasts
Episode 40 Burning Joe … Target is close
Episode 41 Jose’s visit to Japan … The day of the fight has ended!
Episode 42 Shock … Hako’s premonition
Episode 43 Joe Danpei … Two Days
Episode 44 Hako … that love
Episode 45 Jose vs Joe … Gong of the battle rang
Episode 46 Abolition … Endless Death Fight
Episode 47 The youth is now … burned up
※ About 3 hours 45 minutes
-vol.5 Booklet Content-
・ Character setting picture 5.
Jose and the people around him
・ The attraction by trivia & check point
Deep drilling!
・ We see Joe last fight in storyboard
・ Art background & amp; setting art
[Korakuen Hall, church etc] ・ Harmony archive (34th to 47th episodes)
・ Development series of anime researcher Ryusuke Hikawa
・ Daruma Jiro (Mammoth West) & Moriwaki Megumi (Hayako Noriko) Talk Event Re-recording

Title: Tomorrow’s Joe 2 COMPLETE DVD BOOK vol. 5
Body price: 1,390 yen (body)
Format: A4 size BOX included (DVD + booklet 16P)
Sales: Pia Corporation

  • Good news for Joe Mania !!

“Takarajima Complete DVD BOOK image (C) TMS

“Takarajima Complete DVD BOOK image (C) TMS

The complete DVD book series of the masterpiece “Takarajima” mastered by the main staff of “Tomorrow’s Joe 2” will start publishing in May! Vol. 1 will be released on Thursday, May 23!

Reservations are currently available at net bookstores such as amazon!
Vol.2 will be released on June 20 (Thu), and vol.3 will be released on July 18 (Thu)!

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