Cloud funding for 3D conversion of “Hua Kakuin Tsubaki” and “Tachibana Ryoha” of the VTuber group “meteor shower”

On December 25 today VTuber Production Co., Ltd. ZIG Co.,
We will inform you that we will do cloud funding towards 3Dization of “Hua Kakuin Tsubaki” and “Tachibana Ryoha” of the VTuber group “Meteor shower”.


VTuber Production Co., Ltd. ZIG Corporation (Headquarters: Fukushima Koriyama City, Representative Director: Takuji Koizumi, hereinafter “ZIG”) announced today that “VTuber 100 body project” that will debut / produce virtual YouTuber 100 people on December 25th Notice of Cloud Funding Platform Makuake (Operating Company: McAuke Inc.) to 3Dize “Hua Kakuin Tsubaki” and “Tachibana Ryoha” of the VTuber Group “Meteor Shu” as a part I will do.
Based on your support, we will undertake 3D conversion of “Hua Kakuin Tsubaki” and “Tachibana Ryoha”. We will make a return according to the amount of your support. For details, please check the following page.

▼ Cloud Funding (planned to end at 209/2/27 at 18:00)
Hua Kakuin Tsurubaki:

Tachibana Ryoha:

▼ Comment from “Hua Kakuin Tsubaki”


▼ About “Tsubasa Houkakuin Tsubaki”

○ Hua Kakuin Tsubaki youtube channel

◯ Hua Kakuin Tsubaki Official Twitter

◯ Hua Kakuin Tsubaki goods sale booth page

▼ Comment from “Tachibana Ryoba”


▼ About “Tachibana Ryoha”
○ Tachibana Ryoha youtube channel

○ Tachibana Ryo Official Twitter

◯ Tachibana 涼 葉 Merchandise sale booth page

▼ “VTuber 100 body project” is
Name of the project that will debut / produce ZIG original virtual YouTuber 100 names by May 2019. In this project, we plan to host virtual YouTuber auditions and collaborate with companies.

About ZIG Corporation

Our vision is to “combine real and virtual to create a new world”. Form a community on the Internet, lead to real visitors and purchases, and create new value.
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