Anniversary Yakko who is overwhelmingly popular among elementary school girls, published a new series for the first time in 11 years!

In a story that witches and gentle girls will bring happiness to the surroundings, such as “Lulu and Lara’s Okashiya-san” series and “Anything Witch Shokai” series, Yabuko Anbiru who is extremely popular among elementary school girls. We have launched the new series “Moon Hills Magical Jewelry Store” for the first time in eleven years.

“Moon Hills Magic Jewelry Store 1 Witch Pearl and Lucky 8 Jewels” Synopsis is here.

The theme of this series is accessories and jewels that any girl loves.
Introducing how to make accessories coming out in a book with animation.

To commemorate the start of the new series, Kodansha BOOK Club interviewed Annbu. There are also videos that you can listen to Annbull’s voice, which is an opportunity for fans not to miss!
Kodansha BOOK Club “Interview with Professor Anbiru Yako” is here.

“Moon Hills Magical Jewelry Store 1 Witch Pearl and Lucky Eight Gems” is on sale lately from Kodansha.

◆ regular price: body 1100 jpy (tax not included)
◆ A5 size · 128 pages

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