Notice of campaign implementation by LehmanSoft, which operates the digital pet game “LOOTaDOG”, and PINSTUD IO Pet & Photo (Pin Studio Co., Ltd.), which operates “Pet & 3D”

Notice of campaign implementation by LehmanSoft, which operates the digital pet game “LOOTaDOG”, and PINSTUDIO Pet & Photo (Pin Studio Co., Ltd.), which operates “Pet & 3D”
LehmanSoft (Headquarters: Australia, hereinafter LehmanSoft), which develops services for Web3 using NFT, is pleased to announce the implementation of a collaboration campaign with PINSTUDIO Pet & PHoto, which conducts modeling services such as “Pet & 3D” using 3D photo scanning. increase.
[Image 1d116500-17-2158407db41f99320e55-0.png&s3=116500-17-64cab656539f3d9e18e1a40191545c40-1280x670.png
Collaboration background
LOOTaDOG is a Web3 smartphone app that turns your daily walk into a game and allows you to enjoy training Web3 dogs.
By combining Web3 and outdoor activities, we aim to improve a healthy lifestyle and pet well-being, and create a fun gaming experience. [Image 2d116500-17-4db7af3c7c99b767a1e4-4.png&s3=116500-17-5b0cb1b3b848dc08ab8bc47b1d760284-1999x1125.png
Game content that makes walking a habit
In the collaboration of “LOOTaDOG × Pet & 3D”, we will provide a service that allows you to shoot the growth process of your pet with Pet & 3D and display it as 3D data in AR on your iPhone. In AR, you can display as if your pet is there right now. You can take pictures anywhere, such as pets, cafes, travel destinations, etc. Through 3D data (recording), we will help you create a wonderful relationship and a fulfilling life between you and your pet.
What is “Pet & 3D”?
This is a 3D modeling service for pets using 3D photo scanning. Produce 3D data with 360-degree high-definition photography. We will create a one-of-a-kind original pet figure in the world with a full-color 3D print reproduction that conveys even the finest details. [Image 3d116500-17-2d35a50b82f3a523931a-1.png&s3=116500-17-2bf3ce4fb6e0b30a1ed1057305ad80ee-1999x1223.png
Pet scanning service PINSTUDIO Pet & Photo
Simultaneous shooting from 360-degree angles with single-lens reflex cameras installed to surround. Even pets that move can be photographed in an instant.
[Image 4d116500-17-0cf4fa1cbdc2f61e08aa-1.png&s3=116500-17-2e767275a34d6645c5ca18abf7f9e48c-1999x1501.png
How a PET & 3D My Pet Figure is Made
Convert your pet into 3D data. Create AR data that you can always carry with your iPhone. You can express the colors of your pet’s fur in a vivid and beautiful way.
[Image 5d116500-17-1a7fb2b2c345ce4bd103-4.jpg&s3=116500-17-ac8746d6608442232c9f2cbca2289447-1999x1500.jpg
Pet & 3D uses high-definition photography data to reproduce your pet in detail as a reduced-size figure. State-of-the-art color 3D printing enables full-color modeling with over 10 million colors. If you wish, we also accept pet modeling for the following product price only. [Image 6d116500-17-afff257e889a3f1b5d5c-2.png&s3=116500-17-b2fd991f52fb6218f014dee20373e973-1999x1339.png
PINSTUDIO Pet & Photo price image
Details of the collaboration campaign
・ Free 3D scanning of pets and production of AR data for iPhone! ・In addition to the above, you will receive a LOOTaDOG original T-shirt! -way to participate-
・Download the LOOTaDOG app
 App Store:  Google Play: ・Follow the official account
PINSTUDIO Pet & Photo:
・ Post a tweet with the hashtags “#pinsta collaboration” and “photo of your dog” -Holding period-
・June 3 (Sat) 12:00 to June 10 (Tue) 23:59
·3 people
-Winning Announcement-
・We will contact the winners via Twitter DM from LOOTaDOG.
・Please reply and fill in the necessary information within 7 days after receiving the email.
・Winners will be announced and prizes will be shipped in June. PINSTUDIO Pet & Photo
Company name: Pin Studio Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-2-41 Kamitakada, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takeshi Ota
Established March 1988
Business: Pet photography / 3D, pet care products (assistant bands), planning, manufacturing and sales of luxury women’s clothing and accessories, planning, manufacturing and sales of daily necessities, package design, graphic design, product planning, construction design About LehmanSoft
Company name: LehmanSoft
Location: Level 12, 32 Martin Place, Sydney 2000 NSW Australia Representative: Raymond Chen
Date of establishment: October 22, 2020
Business: Fintech
[Image 7d116500-17-8bc65bb7b44627cac5d4-2.png&s3=116500-17-a109447dbf4611764329f26c3c9e76e6-1280x670.png
What is LOOTaDOG
With LOOTaDOG, you can not only make daily walks with your dog a more enjoyable activity in the form of Walk-To-Own, but also provide a place for communication between owners in the game, We are also planning to introduce a service that allows you to purchase pet supplies at the store.
In addition, part of the rewards earned in the game will be
automatically returned to the pet care fund, allowing you to contribute to society while enjoying the game.
-Download the LOOTaDOG app-
・App Store: ・Google Play: -Official SNS-
・ Official Twitter:
・ Service site:
・E-mail address:
Details about this release:
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