Futami Shobo Co., Ltd. Book about 120 recipes that became a hot topic in the food web magazine “Meshitsu”! With the usual ingredients and utensils, it’s full of tricks to exceed the limits of deliciousness!

Futami Shobo Co., Ltd.
About 120 recipes that became a hot topic in the food web magazine “Meshitsu” have been published! With the usual ingredients and utensils, it’s full of tricks to exceed the limits of deliciousness! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Futami Shobo Co., Ltd. has published a book titled “Meshitsu Recipes: There’s nothing better than making them at home!” ] (Supervised by “Meshitsu” editorial department) will be released on Friday, May 26. [Image 1

-Contents and highlights of this book-
◎Recipe exploration and experiments by 20 gourmet authors are fun ◎ Easy-to-understand procedures in a comic style
◎ Can be made with ingredients that can be purchased at supermarkets ◎ Can be made with home kitchen & usual tools
This book contains recipes that have become a hot topic on the Internet from the food web magazine “Meshitsu”.
Food connoisseurs’ authors have repeatedly experimented and collected information, and the recipes that bring out the best taste are about 120 items, from meat dishes, noodles, rice bowls, soups, hot pots, vegetable and fish dishes, and desserts.
“Meat cooked at low temperature for a long time at home” “Magical ingredients that make curry delicious just by adding it” “Real carbonara that does not use milk or fresh cream” “Mysterious milk pudding that hardens without eggs or gelatin” “A long-established store” It is full of eye-catching tricks such as 2 points for making delicious boiled fish taught by fishmongers.
By using the usual ingredients and tools to “maximize the merits of making at home”, this book will satisfy the desire to “eat plenty of delicious food without spending money”.
[Image 2

                     Comic-style so easy to understand!
-table of contents-
[Chapter 1 Meat Edition]
★ [Definitive edition] How to grill the steak meat you bought at the supermarket to perfection at home
I learned how to make homemade char siu from Taishoken, the originator of tsukemen.
★ There is nothing but good thing about making your own roast beef ★ [Definitive edition] Make pork kakuni that melts in your mouth in a normal pot at home
★It’s surprisingly easy! “Let’s make homemade bacon
★I learned how to grill lamb meat from a legendary butcher with 50 years of career.
The best chicken steak I’ve ever eaten in my life
★ 3 reasons why eating “chicken breast and broccoli lentil cheese steamed” is justified
[Chapter 2 Noodles and Rice]
★Do not use milk or fresh cream! Dramatically delicious emulsified carbonara ★After being taught how to make “beef noodles” by a Taiwanese cuisine professional, the taste exceeded the limit
★When I made my own “Umakara Tsubo Chive”, I could eat an endless amount of somen noodles.
★ When I made chilled Chinese noodles with “Tokoroten”, I didn’t need to boil the noodles and it was too good
★I learned how to make “soup curry at home” from someone at a famous soup curry restaurant.
★ I only want to eat egg over rice with this sauce [homemade seasoning recipe] ★ About the “magic ingredients” that will make curry absolutely delicious if you add this
[Chapter 3 Soup/Nabe]
★Miso soup with canned mackerel boiled in water, a favorite of Nagano residents, was popular throughout the country.
★If you have a hangover, shut up and drink Kachuyu!
★Hikado, a Nagasaki dish that combines both pork and yellowtail, is really delicious, so I want you to try it.
★ [Definitive edition] Introduction to chilled soup! No mortar needed & regular miso is fine
★I got addicted to the pork belly cabbage garlic hot pot [beyond Pyen Lo hot pot? ]
★Yamagata Imoni War The problem is that it doesn’t have to be settled I would like you to make a “negiburi nabe” where you can eat yellowtail sashimi with a strong and simple soup.
★ “Harihari nabe” was a sugure nabe that was gentle on the wallet and didn’t require much time and effort to get plenty of vegetables. [Chapter 4 Vegetables]
Aiming to triple the amount of vegetables consumed by making your own super-simple sauerkraut
★ How to make easy Yamagata dashi. It’s okay. It doesn’t have to be roughly. I tried to see if children would agree with the fucha cuisine “modoki kabayaki” ★ [Can be done in 5 minutes] Simple namul that can be made with only salt, pepper, and sesame oil
★ The natto I made in my kitchen tasted like high-end natto
The vividness of the addictive seasoning “Peppermint oil” opened my third eye [Awakening the sense of taste]
I got a lot of broccoli, so I thought about how to eat it every day without getting bored.
[Chapter 5 Fish Edition]
★[Super simple] Superb! “How to make salted tuna”
★ Oita’s “Ryukyu” was so good that I wanted it to be imitated more. The reason why I can’t let go of canned tuna anymore [Dr.
★ “Salmon flower namero” is a dish that makes you want to put it on rice. ★Eh, smoked with tea leaves? “Smoked Shime mackerel for 30 seconds” is easy and delicious!
★Two tips for making delicious simmered fish from a long-established fishmonger ★ Shirasu Oil, which can be completed just by mixing, was so versatile. ★ How to enjoy dissecting a squid and eating it by part
[Chapter 6 Sweetness]
A hard pudding recipe that you want to scoop and eat without failure ★【Why does it harden?】”Ginger milk pudding” that can be made without gelatin ★【Why does it harden? ] “Court milk pudding” that can be made without gelatin ★ Yogurt coffee shatters preconceived notions, etc.
[Image 3d83062-99-c0c8ecf1d4027b4bd668-1.jpg&s3=83062-99-36350ae30b59fa00cea25ace03b96e0d-500x769.jpg
-WEB site-https://www.futami.co.jp/book/index.php?isbn=9784576230429 book outline
Title: “Meshitsu Recipes There’s nothing better than making them at home! 』 Format: A5 size
Number of pages: 240 pages Price: 1500 yen + tax
“Meshitsu” Editorial Department
“Meshitsu” is a hot pepper gourmet owned media that updates
food-related information such as food reports, recipes, and interviews with celebrities every weekday.
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