Me-tele 20th anniversary of “Wolfy” appearance! “Sengoku Puzzle!! Animal Great Battle” and special collaborati on Wolfy heal users with a popular game app for smartphones ♪ May 26 (Friday) ~ 1 month limited time!

“Wolfy” 20th Anniversary Commemoration! “Sengoku Puzzle!! Animal Great Battle” and special collaboration Wolfy heal users with a popular game app for smartphones ♪ May 26 (Friday) ~ 1 month limited time! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the appearance of the station’s mascot character “Wolfy”, Me-Tele (Nagoya Television Broadcasting) is a company that developed the app within the popular smartphone game app “Sengoku Puzzle !! Animal Daigassen”. We will participate in a collaboration event by Rakujin (Osaka City). We want to please our users! I want to heal! It came true from the common desire of both companies.
The collaboration period is one month from May 26th (Friday) to June 25th (Sunday), 2023. Download the app during the period and log in to get “Wolfy” for free. If you participate in the event in the app, you can also join the “Wolfy” of another design. In addition, you can also get “Wulfi who became a golden shachihoko” surrounded by “Nagoya Meshi”, which was born for the first time through this game. In addition, on June 6th (Tuesday), an event will be held where you can get 66 free items for rare gachas in connection with “6 channels”. For details, please check the official website of Rakujin.
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Me-tele, which is a local “Me-Romero!”
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■ Wolfie
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A mascot character of Me-tele that appeared in 2003, the name “Wulfi” was selected from over tens of thousands of viewer submissions. A little mischievous and full of curiosity, he is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” that combines the softness and kindness of a sheep with the toughness and strength of a wolf. Me ~ Romero in the Tokai region! In order to deliver the cries of love that are about to crack, Wolfie appears every time on the morning information program “Dodeska!” and the evening news information program “Up!”. We are active in broadcasting, weather corners, constellation fortune-telling, etc. In addition, in the “Wolfi Caravan”, which tours local kindergartens, nursery schools, and events, the participants dance and play quizzes to bring smiles to their faces. “Wolfy Goods” can be purchased at the official Me-Tele “Happican Store”, and limited goods commemorating this collaboration will be released around mid-June, so please check it out. (

Sengoku Puzzle!! Animal Battle [Genre] Game (Puzzle)
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