NFT x ART Festival NFT ART TOKYO 3 A total of 64 NFT artists and projects will gather in Shibuya on 6/3 (Sat), the first anniversary!

NFT x ART Festival [NFT ART TOKYO 3] A total of 64 NFT artists and projects will gather in Shibuya on 6/3 (Sat), the first anniversary! Expanded the venue to three places in Shibuya. Special guests such as Takashi Murakami will participate, as well as a free gift plan for artist NFT.
The joint company NFT ART TOKYO will hold “NFT ART TOKYO 3” on Saturday, June 3, 2023 with the theme of “NFT ART NOW !!-NFT to ART, play to culture.-” .
There are three venues: Shibuya PARCO ComMunE, GG Shibuya Mobile esports cafe&bar, and Shibuya BAIA.
A total of 64 artists, the largest group in the history of NFT ART TOKYO, participated. In addition to talk sessions by gorgeous guests, digital live drawings, and live performances, there will also be a variety of events such as the NFT Awards and the event “Digital Stamp Rally” where NFT works of special artists from Japan and overseas will be won by lottery when traveling around the three event venues. We are planning an event.
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Through real events and Web3 community exchanges, NFT ART TOKYO will build a place for artists and fans to meet, a place for artists to interact, and a place for people of various occupations involved in NFT ART to interact. / We aim to support artist activities using Blockchain from behind the scenes. The first NFT x ART festival “NFT ART TOKYO”, which attracted 2,000 people in the first time and 3,500 people in the second time, will be held on June 3, 2023 (Saturday). will be expanded to hold “NFT ART TOKYO 3”.
This year’s theme is “NFT ART NOW!! ~NFT as ART, play as culture.~” NFT ART TOKYO wants to shape NFT as art and as culture. For that reason, we have been aiming to provide a stage where people who aim to be active through NFT can demonstrate their best performance and create an enjoyable experience. A total of 64 artists and projects will be exhibited this time. Regardless of genre, from big artists to up-and-coming artists and even next-generation artists, a wide variety of people have participated in order to establish NFT as one culture. In the special program, various contents that can only be realized at NFT ART TOKYO will be developed, such as special talks by Mr. Takashi Murakami, Mr. Reiji Yamada, Mr. Ai Madonna, and live drawings by Mr. Yoshitaka Amano. We will hold an event “Digital Stamp Rally” where NFT works of popular artists in Japan and overseas will be won by lottery. Special auctions for artists such as Kevin Varian, sluj, Waboku, mae, and monster381 will also be held during the exhibition. Please enjoy the “now” expressed by NFT ART TOKYO, and the future of NFT drawn from there on a special day full of special projects where you can fully experience the charm of NFT x ART.
Exhibition overview
“NFT ART TOKYO 3” Period: Saturday, June 3, 2023 Venue: 1. Shibuya PARCO 10F – ComMunE 〒150-0042 Shibuya PARCO 10F, 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2. Shibuya PARCO 6F – GG Shibuya Mobile esports cafe & bar 〒150-0042 Shibuya PARCO 6F, 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3. Shibuya BAIA 16-17 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042 [Image 2d117903-9-0daa4a3c9dfd6d640464-3.png&s3=117903-9-1e0c1dfd5dedc7e56e96996fed4a7f99-2000x714.png
Opening hours: Opening hours differ for each venue. 1. Shibuya PARCO ComMunE: 12:00 – 17:00 2. GG Shibuya Mobile esports cafe & bar: 12:00 – 17:00 3. Shibuya BAIA: 12:00 – 18:00 * Artist booth 12:00 – 17:00 / Stage The event will be from 12:00 – 18:00. *The after party held at Shibuya BAIA is an exclusive event that can only be entered by booth exhibitors, NFT ART TOKYO OG PASS holders, and management staff. Admission: Free for all venues Website: Twitter: Instagram: https://discord. Sponsored by gg/nftarttokyo: LLC NFT ART TOKYO PARTNERSHIP
SPONSORDENDEKADEN / Sound Desert / I’m still here with you / NFT IDOL HOUSE BOOTH SPONSOR deepening / 6town Port Rebels / Mint Lady / BEAMS CULTUART / CoinCheck / PBADAO MEMBERSHIP SPONSORANimoca Brands / smol Brain / Stoned Pixel Human / SUPER SAPIENSS / BBF / Quantstamp [Image 3d117903-9-ba8ed943fc766a5be648-1.png&s3=117903-9-eb6865b2670b09ad65a1746a1f8469ac-2000x1125.png
Details of the program during the exhibition will be announced later on the official website ( *Plan contents are subject to change. Please note.
A total of 64 NFT artists and projects A.E.B SHIP / BAN8KU / DENDEKADEN / HAKUA / KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis / KEIGO INOUE / mae/tama5 / Markus Magnusson a.k.a. MotionMarkus / NEO TOKYO PUNKS / NISHIMOTO IS THE MOUTH/PROFITS TO THE PROPHET /
OTO・TSITRATON・Daffy・Seio and more @ordinals / Proof of X / QR81V / SHARI be mera takeru / Skater JOHN / YAMEPI / ZIELCHAIN ​​/ Gear Pivo Otawa / Sasami Niku / Tsurushima Matatsumi / Nyamofe / Final Future Girl / 6maker OHAYA studio / etc.
Special Program
・1st NFT ART TOKYO AWARD ・Talk session by Takashi Murakami and Tamosan (NFT ART TOKYO) ・HAKUA talk session (Speakers: Mr. Reiji Yamada, Mr. Ai☆Madonna, Mr. ryfp/tomo, factory manager) ・Proof of X talk session (presented by Yusuke Shono, hasaqui) ・Mae x Waboku talk session ・ZIELCHAIN ​​Yoshitaka Amano digital live drawing ・Live performance: SO-SO, Emi Okamoto, Shachi ・DJ performance: Daoko, Noki, etc.・”Digital Stamp Rally” A digital stamp rally using NFC (non-contact IC chip) will be held, and visitors who visit all three venues will be able to participate in the NFT ART TOKYO 3 limited NFT lottery. . Winners may win NFT ART TOKYO 3 collaboration works (33 editions each) of popular artists from Japan and abroad at a later date!? Artist lineup Kevin Varian: https://twitter.
com/smashdirtWaboku: Andre: https://twitter .com/artbyeleven * A special auction of the above artists’ works is scheduled from June 2nd (Friday) to June 3rd (Saturday) in conjunction with the NFT ART TOKYO 3 period. For details such as the platform where the auction will be held and the start and end time of the auction, please check the Twitter of each artist. Please note that Alexis Andre and 11 works are not included in the auction. *Waboku’s limited work, Mint, is only available to after-party attendees.
Organizer Comments
[Image 4d117903-9-3ea4ae17929fa1b677d9-2.jpg&s3=117903-9-ae45498e9cdaee586f0fcf2ce04a2881-400x400.jpg
Following the first event in June 2022 and the second event in September, NFT ART TOKYO is back in 2023. The artist booths that started from the 2nd time will be further enhanced, and 64 groups of artists will appear at 3 venues. At this NFT ART TOKYO 3, more than 200 meetings were held based on the previous issues, and with the theme of enjoying the artists, customers, and management, not only the artist booth but also the NFT Award / music event / talk show / We packed “interesting” we think, such as special drawings. We are also preparing an event where you can win a special artist’s NFT by going around the 3 event venues. The team is preparing for this year’s event as well, so that artists and visitors will be happy to come. Whether you are an artist or a collector for the first time, we will be gathering in Shibuya on Saturday, June 3rd. Let’s enjoy the NFT x ART festival! Joint company NFT ART TOKYO NFT ART TOKYO builds a place for artists and fans to meet, a place for artists to interact, and a place for people of various occupations involved in NFT ART to interact through real events and community exchanges on Web3. , We aim to support artist activities using NFT / Crypto / Blockhain from behind the scenes. Website: https://nftarttokyo.xyzTwitter: NORIFORCE We provide comprehensive marketing support in the WEB3/NFT business, and provide services such as solution services, consulting, community building, event planning and management, metaverse business, global business development, and artist planning. In addition, we are developing solutions such as research, interpretation, and planning for NFT projects, and are working to empower the Japanese NFT community on a global stage. Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: September 2022
Representative: Noriaki Nakata Inquiries regarding this matter NFT ART TOKYOEmail:
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