Techno Core Co., Ltd. Technology information site “Techno Edge” achieves 3 million CVs per month in 10 mon ths from opening

Techno Core Co., Ltd.
Technology information site “Techno Edge” achieves 3 million monthly CVs in 10 months from opening
Technocore Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hajime Takagi; hereafter: Technocore) has announced the technology information site “TechnoEdge” (Editor: Ittousai,
https://www.techno-edge) operated by the company. .net/), we are pleased to announce that the number of content views (CV) in April 2023 has exceeded 3 million. Thanks to the support of our users, this has been achieved in 10 months since its opening in June 2022. [Image 1

Achieved 3 million CV in 10 months
Techno Edge has achieved 3,453,604 CV [*1] in about 10 months since its launch. By linking with content distribution media (SmartNews, LINE NEWS, Noah Dot, Gunosy, etc.), we are able to transmit
information to many readers. In the future, we will not only expand the content on the web page, but also strengthen measures to expand the world of Techno Edge, such as offline events.
[*1] CV stands for Content View. In addition to the domain, it is the total number of views on various distribution sites. Comment from Editor-in-chief Ittousai
Even though we started from scratch as a tech media originating in Japan, thanks to everyone’s tremendous support, we have become a medium that connects to many people.
We are preparing various developments in the future so that we can be useful to everyone who is interested in the intersection of technology and society, the edge of the future and reality. Please stay tuned. “Techno Edge” 10 Recommended Articles
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We will also explain rapidly changing social media and internet culture trends. What is “Techno Edge”?
[Image 2d106723-7-6699f4ec8384b70e7f30-0.png&s3=106723-7-186cbdb64a6d934f350f8c7f8f1e643e-1155x301.png
A technology information site operated by Technocore. We aim to be a media that conveys the surprise and excitement of realizing a future that we once dreamed of, or that we never even dreamed of, becoming a reality.
News, reviews, and expert columns on digital products from
smartphones, wearables, home appliances to gaming, and new
technologies in fields such as AI, XR, robotics, and mobility. While dealing with digital products as a “purchasable future”, we are not limited to “gadgets” as objects, but also pay attention to science, new technologies, services, applications and content as intersection points between technology and society.
Techno Core Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Technocore Co., Ltd.
Location: Kaminarimon Mihama Building 3F, 2-6-1 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo Established: May 9, 2022
Representative: Hajime Takagi
Business: Media
Details about this release:
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