KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. The 2nd “G’s Koeken” voiced short story contest will be held by “G’s Koeken” x “Kakuyomu”!

“G’s Koeken” x “Kakuyomu” will hold the 2nd “G’s Koeken” Voice Short Contest! Sag Aoyama, Kotori Koiwai, Shiori Izawa, and more will participate as members of the selection committee!
KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) has decided to hold the second voice work short story contest by the voice specialty label “G’s Koeken” and the novel posting site “Kakuyomu”. .
Would you like to deliver the story of your ideal heroine as a voice work? [Image 1

Contest cooperation: DLsite (Asys Inc.)
What is the theme of the second recruitment?
The theme for the contest is “Habitual x Cute”!
It is the character of the heroine that gives depth to the fun of the work. Please create your own “story with a heroine with a strong, shining and attractive personality”.
In the second contest, we established the ASMR Grand Prize and the ASMR & Voice Drama Excellence Award. You can finish the manuscript aiming for the grand prize, or you can create a manuscript with a familiar dialogue play, and create a wonderful story with your own expression.
1. A work that assumes ASMR is GOOD if the heroine talks alone and is conscious of the sense of distance, such as talking in the ear. Incorporating elements that will make the viewers feel comfortable will increase the evaluation.
● ASMR reference work
1st Grand Prize Winner: Loved by Dialect Girls, Leisurely Living for Two ~ Onii-san is working hard. Is it okay if I heal you? ~
2. In a work that assumes a voice drama, it is desirable that it develops mainly with dialogue between the characters. Since jinomon is used as a topic or monologue, it is best to keep in mind the style of writing assuming that it will be viewed as audio or video.
●Voice drama reference work
1st Excellence Award Winner: I am not a Kramer
The number of characters must be 10,000 characters or more and 20,000 characters or less.
The award-winning title will be a voice work from “G’s Koeken”! It will be released on DLsite.
We are waiting for a story with an attractive heroine ♪
Let’s talk further! A special live broadcast will be held on May 30th! Voice actors Kotori Koiwai and Shiori Izawa who are also judges for the 2nd contest, and Niji no Conquistador Natsuna Yamazaki, who is in charge of the CV of G’s Koeken’s image character Otomaneru, will be broadcast live. ! In the live broadcast, in addition to explaining the judging points of the 2nd contest and what to pay attention to, we will have fun talking about the future development of the 1st award-winning work and the goodness of ASMR.
Program name: G’s Koeken ~ G’s Voice Activity Study Group ~ Voice short contest live distribution Would you like to create with us? ” Viewing URL: https://gs-ch.com/live/sm9csFdA5zZrHQxWmP4g8qUS Cast: Kotori Koiwai (voice actor), Shiori Izawa (voice actor), Kana Yamazaki (Niji no Conquistador)
* Due to unavoidable circumstances, the delivery date, delivery content, and performers may change without notice.
Overview of the 2nd “G’s Koeken” Speech Short Story Contest
[Awards, prizes, etc.]
● ASMR Grand Prize (1 person): Prize money of 100,000 yen
We aim to sell the award-winning works digitally as audio works from KADOKAWA (G’s Koeken) (with release royalties).
● ASMR Excellence Award (some names): Prize money 10,000 yen / Voice Drama Excellence Award (some names): Prize money 10,000 yen
We aim to sell the award-winning works digitally as audio works from KADOKAWA (G’s Koeken) (with release royalties).
●Special Jury Prize (1 person): Shiori Izawa’s autographed colored paper The award-winning work will be digitally sold as a voice work from KADOKAWA (G’s Koeken) (with release royalties) *The judges who selected the award will be cast.
Reader’s special award (a few): G’s Koeken original goods
Original goods will be presented to works that were popular in reader votes. 【schedule】
Application period: June 23, 2023 (Friday) 00:00 to August 31, 2023 (Thursday) 23:59
Reader selection period: June 23, 2023 (Friday) 00:00 to September 15, 2023 (Friday) 23:59
Announcement of works that have passed the mid-term selection: Scheduled for November 2023
-Announcement of final selection results: Scheduled to be announced at Kakuyomu and others in January 2024
[Selection method]
Among the submitted works, the top ranked works selected by readers and the works picked up by the editorial department will be entered in the second selection. The editorial department will conduct a secondary selection, and a final examination will be conducted in which the judges will participate, and the grand prize winner will be selected.
Announcing the 4 selection committee members who will judge the entries for the contest!
[Selection Committee]
● Sag Aoyama (Author of “I want to be a mom even when I’m still a child!”, “Rokyubu!”, etc.)
Kotori Koiwai (voice actor)
●Takaaki Yuasa (editing work “Toradora!”, “God’s Notepad”, etc. / Director of “Dengeki G’s Media Editorial Department”)
Yosuke Akamatsu (“G’s Koeken” Label Manager / Dengeki G’s Media Editor-in-Chief) [Special Judge]
Shiori Izawa (voice actor)
contest entry form
For detailed application requirements, please check the application form for the 2nd “G’s Koeken” Speech Short Story Contest.
[Image 2d7006-12746-e2fb5a4c497105ffa7a4-1.png&s3=7006-12746-b5f7cefa187c1190193be164dfb35e5e-250x250.png
Application acceptance period: Until 23:59 on Wednesday, August 31, 2023 Contest cooperation: DLsite (Asys Inc.)
“G’s Koeken” official website
[Image 3d7006-12746-3891a541a6d36f336411-2.png&s3=7006-12746-3d68194e7a56ddc82b4e984354e2d52d-109x109.png
Dengeki G’s Magazine Official Site
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Illustration: Ominaeshi
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