Produced by BookLive, the first vertical manga “Transplant Tensei Legendary Hearts”, general e-book store “Book Live”, manga app “Book Live fun” pre-delivery started

Book Live Co., Ltd.
Produced by BookLive, the first vertical manga “Transplant Tensei Legendary Hearts”, general e-book store “Book Live”, manga app “Book Live fun” pre-delivery started
The original is Ryo Yoshigami, a science fiction writer who works on the novelization and script of the anime “PSYCHO-PASS”.
BookLive Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tadashi Tanno), a group company of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., produces and distributes original comics as a publisher “Live Comics”. From today, May 26th (Friday), the full-color vertical manga “Transplant Tensei Legendary Hearts”, which is based on the novelist and manga author Ryo Yoshigami, who works on the novelization and script of the anime “PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass”. , Exclusive pre-distribution on the general e-book store “Book Live” operated by our company and the manga app “Book Live fun” that can be enjoyed for free every day (* 1).  *1…You can enjoy it for free every day with a “free charge” that waits 23 hours.
[Image *3…$1 converted to 133 yen (as of April 2023)
This time, the first vertical manga “Transplant Tensei Legendary Hearts” as “live comics” aims to be a “domestic vertical manga” that can satisfy even Japanese manga fans who are not very familiar with vertical manga. After repeated discussions with Mr. Ryo Yoshigami, Mr. Yohei Yamazaki in charge of the composition, and Mr. Osafune in the main drawing, we created a dynamic storyline unique to Tateyomi, produced a realistic production, and devised attractive characters, and delivered it. rice field.
We will continue to produce interesting vertical comics so that we can provide a rich reading experience to everyone.
Work information
Title: Transplant Tensei Legendary Hearts
Work content:
The heart of a “legendary mercenary” was transplanted into a sickly high school student! ?
The strongest guerrilla warrior vs the most evil delinquent high school… School revenge action starts!
A high school student, Gusei Ran, returns to Japan for the first time in three years after receiving a heart transplant overseas.
As soon as he transferred to his hometown, Kaze High School, he became the target of bullying.
One day, something strange happens to Ran, who has been cornered by delinquents…! ?
“Get angry—redeem with blood!”
Memories and fighting skills engraved in the heart that revives in the run. The counterattack of a high school boy who has awakened to a mighty power begins!
Delivery episodes: Episodes 1 to 10 Weekly delivery up to episode 14, scheduled to be delivered every other week after episode 15
Delivery start date: Friday, May 26, 2023
Author: Ryo Yoshigami/Yohei Yamazaki/Osafune
Publisher: Live Comics
Delivery bookstore: Book Live, Book Live fun
Work URL: “Transplant Tensei Legendary Hearts” original author “Ryo Yoshigami” profile Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1989. Graduated from Waseda University, School of Culture and Design. Debuted in 2013 with “Panzer Crown Faces” (3 volumes). His other books include “PSYCHO-PASS GENESIS”, “Suzuki Gamble”, and “Mud Bullet”. His screenplays include
“PSYCHO-PASS│SS Case.1 Crime and Punishment,” “PSYCHO-PASS 3,” “Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL,” and the original manga “Dopeman.” 1. This is your first Tateyomi manga original, but please tell us your honest impressions when you received the offer.
“I thought it was a ferry.” When I received the offer, it was just around the time that each company was about to create domestic works of WEBTOON (= Tateyomi manga), a new form of expression originating in South Korea. Japanese entertainment has grown by greedily absorbing new expressions from outside, adapting them and making them our own. Whatever you do, you can experience free and challenging work creation because it is an unexplored area. If you’re a writer, you can’t miss this opportunity. I’ll do it! I decided to challenge the Tateyomi manga original with that spirit.
2. You have been active in the original manga and the screenplay of animation so far, but was there any difference in the original work of Tateyomi Manga from your previous work?
I felt that Tateyomi Manga’s expression style is closer to manga, and its production style is closer to anime, and it’s a form of expression that sits exactly in the middle between the two. In script production, compared to video works, it was relatively free to increase or decrease the story length of each story, which was helpful. In terms of drawing and directing, the whole team is still repeating trial and error to make a better work, such as how to incorporate a manga-like dynamic effect into the vertical frame unique to Tateyomi manga, and the design of full color coloring throughout the story. increase. 3. Please tell us about the highlights of the work as the original author. The main character Ran is the most good person I have ever drawn. In this work, Ran is attacked one after another by a tragic reality that shatters his good heart into smithereens. With anger and loneliness that can’t be helped by himself, he is involved in a bloody battle, but he has the strength to not let go of his conscience without being overwhelmed by anger. I think I was able to draw such a hero. The team is working together to produce works that are 100% action
entertainment to our readers. Thank you for your support of
“Transplant Tensei Legendary Hearts”.

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