“Oni Sauna Shrine” will be built on June 17th! The fusion of Shikoku pilgrimage and sauna culture will create a new starting point for regional revitalization and tourism promotion! Ehime Prefecture, Iyo Hot Spring Kisuke no Yu

Kisuke Co., Ltd.
“Oni Sauna Shrine” will be built on June 17th! The fusion of Shikoku pilgrimage and sauna culture will create a new starting point for regional revitalization and tourism promotion! [Ehime Prefecture, Iyo Hot Spring Kisuke no Yu]
With the warm support of 3,003,700 yen (provisional) from 2,045 sauna enthusiasts and local residents, the construction of “Oni Sauna Shrine” has been decided!
“Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu” operated by comprehensive entertainment company Kisuke Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Representative: Yoshinori Yamaji) will open “Oni Sauna Shrine” on Saturday, June 17, 2023. erect. The funding (2 million yen) for the “Oni Sauna Shrine” construction project, which was conceived to fuse the Shikoku pilgrimage and sauna culture, in order to spread the appeal of saunas widely and aim to revitalize the region and promote tourism, was provided by Cloud. We recruited through funding and stores, and gathered with the support of sauna enthusiasts and local residents.
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The construction of “Oni Sauna Shrine” is decided on June 17, 2023! On June 17, 2023 (Saturday), Kisuke Co., Ltd. will newly build “Oni Sauna Shrine” at “Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu” (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture). The project for the construction of “Oni Sauna Shrine” will start in March 2023, and the construction cost of 2 million yen was collected through crowdfunding and stores until May 26th. We would like to inform you that we have collected a total of 3,142,000 yen in support from 2,120 people through crowdfunding and over-the-counter sales. These are due to warm support from sauna enthusiasts and local people.
“Japan’s first ‘Oni Sauna Shrine’, divided from Kamei Hachiman Shrine, a nationally designated important cultural property.
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Kamei Hachiman Shrine, which owns the Hokyointo pagoda, a nationally designated important cultural property, is located on Uoshima, a remote island rich in nature located in Ochi District, Ehime Prefecture. The Yamaji family, the founders of this shrine, have served as Shinto priests for generations, and the shrine itself conveys the history of the island and the religious beliefs of the people. Hokyoin Pagoda is a granite pagoda with a height of 238 cm including the base, and is thought to have been built in the late Kamakura period. Standing on the shrine hill, this pagoda symbolizes Uoshima’s past prosperity. From this Kamei Hachiman Shrine, the newly born “Oni Sauna Shrine” is a prayer for the safety of the pilgrims and a feeling of gratitude for the daily healthy saikatsu (activities to enjoy the sauna). We aim to become a symbol as a place to convey to God.
Kisuke Co., Ltd. is planning to spread the charm of Shikoku pilgrimage and sauna culture to the world through a new method of combining Shikoku pilgrimage and sauna. Since the route of the Shikoku pilgrimage is dotted with attractive sauna facilities, the sauna can serve as a reception area for pilgrims (pilgrims) by providing rest spaces, hydration, toilets, etc. We hope that it will function and make up for the lack of local entertainment facilities, while deepening new exchanges between local saunas and pilgrims. In the region, the Oni Sauna Shrine will become the starting point for the fusion of sauna culture and Shikoku pilgrimage, and against the backdrop of the recent sauna boom, it is expected to attract young people to Shikoku and contribute greatly to regional revitalization and tourism promotion. will be Oni Sauna Shrine, which will be built on June 17 (Sat), will provide healing and relaxation to visitors as a new tourist destination that will be the starting point of the Shikoku sauna pilgrimage. Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the sauna lovers and the local community for their warm support.
The men’s and women’s saunas are scheduled to be renovated in conjunction with the construction of “Oni Sauna Shrine”!
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As the 6th sauna development by “kSc -kisuke Sauna club-” (kisuke sauna club) formed by sauna enthusiasts in the company, the project of “Fujin sauna” in the men’s sauna room is progressing! At the “Fujin Sauna”, the men’s sauna room will be fully renovated, and a large roly stove jointly developed with a sauna manufacturer will be introduced. Furthermore, by increasing the number of seats from the current 5 to 6, the number of people that can be accommodated will also increase, and the maximum number of people that can be accommodated will be 40. The charm of “Fujin Sauna” is, above all, the “superb roasting experience”. Once every 30 minutes, the Kikuma tile sauna stones “Onimaru” and “Onidama” are sprayed with steam and filled with high-temperature steam. As a result, the indoor humidity rises rapidly. Furthermore, the sensible temperature rises to over 100 degrees Celsius due to the “Fujin heat wave” that blows out from the industry’s largest blower! The high-temperature steam that envelops the whole body and the blast wind “Fujin heat wave” promotes perspiration. Metabolism is activated and leads to detox effect. Please look forward to the renewal.
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In addition, in the women’s sauna, we have received requests from the sauna for a long time, and through this renovation, we will implement specific improvements such as strengthening the roryu stove and increasing the number of seats for outdoor air bathing.
We will replace the Loryu stove with a large tower type that has more than twice the capacity of the current one. In addition, the outside air bathing area will be decorated as a flower garden with walls and ceilings covered with flowers, and the number of Adilon deck chairs will be greatly increased from 4 to 14! As a result, the open-air bathing area for women at “Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu” will be reborn as one of the largest in the prefecture. Please enjoy the finest open-air bath. In addition, we plan to broadcast the 7th installment of “Ehime Sound”, which is based on the sounds collected by kSc members from famous places in Ehime Prefecture as the environmental sounds of the outdoor air bathing area. ▼Related information https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000030.000110610.html
An attractive sauna that can only be made by sauna-loving “kSc” members [Image 5d110610-92-3a66b510bd6e0dc775ad-3.jpg&s3=110610-92-bb5c06493c9e3e74098186843b1a0e2d-650x375.jpg
Aiming to be “the best facility in Japan to support saunas”. Based on this philosophy, our sauna-loving members stood up and formed “kSc” -Kisuke Sauna club- in April 2021. Founded by Mr. Makoto Tanaka, the director of the business who was completely addicted to the charm of saunas, it was started by three people with a strong desire to spread the charm and fun of saunas to the world. , 2. Developing a
comfortable sauna environment, and 3. Contributing to the local community.
Store Information: Iyo Hot Spring Kisuke no Yu
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Shikoku’s largest bedrock bath facility “Kisuke’s Steam” will open a rest area on June 17, 2023 (Saturday) as new lifestyles are required in a society where the new coronavirus infection has shifted to category 5. will be renewed.
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000094.000110610.html Address: 4 Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Kisuke BOX 1st floor Phone: 089-921-0131 Business hours: 5: 00-26: 00 ( Final reception 25:00) URL: https://www.kisuke.com/yu-matsuyama/
Operating company Company name: Kisuke Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 4 Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Representative: Yoshinori Yamaji, President Established: 1970 Capital: 20.05 million yen URL: https://www.kisuke.com/
We welcome media coverage at the preview of Oni Sauna Shrine and sauna facilities.
Date: Friday, June 16, 2023, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Venue: Kisuke no Yu, a hot spring resort in Iyo Contents: Facility
photography, sauna experience, rice tasting
      Oni Sauna Sauna Shrine 9:30 am-9:30 am If you are a member of the media who wishes to be interviewed, please contact the following contact information by June 12, 2023. Inquiries from the press Person in charge: Suguru Usui Phone number: 089-921-0131 Email address: usui@kiuske.com

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