Happinet Co., Ltd. Capsule toy specialty store “gashacoco” franchise first store “gashacoco TSUTAYA Mats unaga store” will open on Tuesday, May 30!

Happinet Co., Ltd.
Capsule toy specialty store “gashacoco” will open its first franchise store “gashacoco TSUTAYA Matsunaga store” on Tuesday, May 30th! -An opening campaign will also be held where you can spin the “target capsule toy” once for free on a first-come, first-served basis! ~ ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Happinet Co., Ltd. (Head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Seiichi Enomoto, Securities code: 7552), which develops the distribution and planning sales business of entertainment products such as toys, video and music software, video games, and amusement-related products. Subsidiary Happinet Vending Service Co., Ltd. (head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Takeshi Tsuchiya) and Morabs Co., Ltd. (head office: Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture), which operates TSUTAYA franchises in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture and western Okayama Prefecture. , President: Nobuhiro Hamada) will open the first franchise store, “gashacoco TSUTAYA Matsunaga store”, on May 30, 2023 (Tuesday).
[Image 1

*This is a gashacoco store image photo. It differs from the actual store. Largest sales floor area among “gashacoco” stores in the China area “gashacoco TSUTAYA Matsunaga store” is a capsule toy specialty store with capsule toy vending machines installed in a section
(approximately 50 tsubo) of “TSUTAYA Matsunaga store”. This sales floor area is the largest among the “gashacoco” stores in the China area. With a wide range of products and new products lined up in the store every week, we provide a place where customers can meet what they want and what they want without thinking, and deliver a little fun and joy in their daily lives. Enjoy the excitement of not knowing what will come out until you turn the capsule toy vending machine and open the capsule.
“gashacoco TSUTAYA Matsunaga store” facility overview
[Facility name] gashacoco Tsutaya Matsunaga store [Location] 6-8-18 Matsunaga-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture [Business hours] 6:00-23:00 *Open from 9:00 only on Tuesday, May 30
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Appearance of “gashacoco TSUTAYA Matsunaga store”
About the opening campaign
Limited to 6 days from May 30th (Tuesday) to June 4th (Sunday), if you bring a free ticket distributed near the store as an opening campaign, you can get one free “target capsule toy” on a first-come,
first-served basis. You can turn it.
* Free capsule toys are only eligible products.
* It will end as soon as the target capsule runs out.
Featured Products
Product Name: Gashapon Quest ~Blue Forest Elf Edition~
Manufacturer: Bandai Co., Ltd.
Price: 500 yen each Target age: 15 years old and over
[Image 3

Product Name: Ikimono Encyclopedia Advance Ladybug
Manufacturer: Bandai Co., Ltd.
Price: 1,000 yen each Target age: 15 years old and over
[Image 4

Product Name: ha|za|ma heel pumps collection
Manufacturer: HMA Co., Ltd.
Price: 500 yen each Target age: 15 years old and over
[Image 5

Product Name: Stuffed toy of Niccorino Cafe
Manufacturer: Quolia Co., Ltd.
Price: 400 yen each Target age: 15 years old and over
[Image 6

(C) Quolia
Background of franchise recruitment
While developing 85 directly managed stores nationwide (as of the end of April 2023), we will further strengthen and grow “gashacoco” together with partner companies based on the know-how we have accumulated in managing capsule toy specialty stores and attracting customers. We have started recruiting franchises with the aim of Franchisee Recruitment Guidelines
Location/property requirements: Commercial facilities nationwide, tourist locations, shopping streets, large street shops
Recommended store opening area: Location with a lot of traffic in front of the store
Recommended industries to open: Large variety stores, apparel shops, media complex stores, large bookstores, mobile phone shops, large cafes, theme parks, movie theaters, train stations, roadside stations, SA/PA, airports, bus terminals, etc.
Recommended area: 20 tsubo to 50 tsubo
*In addition to the above, there are cases where we can open stores, so please feel free to contact us first. ◆ Inquiries about franchise Happinet Vending Service Co., Ltd. Business Partner Contract Manager Location: Komagata CA Building, 2-4-5 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0043 Phone: 03-3847-6769
Franchise recruitment page URL: https://gashacoco.jp/fc
About the capsule toy specialty store “gashacoco”
A store specializing in capsule toys that was launched in December 2019 with the concept of “Heart dances here.”
It is operated by Happinet Vending Service, which operates
approximately 280,000 capsule vending machines nationwide. With a wide selection of products and new products lined up in the store every week, you can feel the excitement and excitement whenever you come and experience a little joy. Currently, we have 85 directly managed stores nationwide (as of the end of April 2023), mainly in commercial facilities.
-Official Twitter- @gashacoco https://twitter.com/gashacoco
-Official site- https://gashacoco.jp/
Adult demand for capsule toys
An internet survey conducted by our company in December 2022 revealed that one in two women in their 20s and 30s had purchased a capsule toy as an adult. . More than 30% of people of all ages, including men, have purchased one, proving the high popularity of capsule toys among adults.
In addition, it was found that the awareness of capsule toy specialty stores, which have expanded in recent years, has exceeded 70%. Approximately 50% of the respondents answered that they have actually purchased a capsule toy at a specialty store, and it is speculated that capsule toy specialty stores are becoming more familiar. Internet survey results conducted by our company
[Image 7

Please tell us about your capsule toy purchase experience. (n=6,525) [Image 8

Have you ever used a capsule toy specialty store? (n=560)
[Survey overview] Questionnaire implementation date: Question 1: December 2-15, 2022 Questions 2-7: December 16-18, 2022 Target: Men and women between the ages of 20 and 60 Number of valid responses: Question 1 … 6,525 people Questions 2 to 7 … 560 people * Equal distribution of gender and age Place of residence: Nationwide survey method: You can check the release on the Internet questionnaire survey from the following URL.
https://ssl4.eir-parts.net/doc/7552/announcement/85597/00.pdf [Company Overview of Happinet Co., Ltd.]
https://www.happinet.co.jp/Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Securities Code 7552 Representative: Seiichi Enomoto Established: June 7, 1969 Capital: 2,751,250,000 yen Location: Tokyo 2-4-5 Komagata, Taito-ku, Komagata CA Building Business description: Planning, manufacturing, and sales of toys and play equipment; planning, manufacturing, and sales of video and music software; planning and sales of video game hardware and software; Installation and operation of vending machines / sales of products for amusement facilities, etc. An entertainment general trading company that handles video and music software, video games, and amusement-related products, with a top-class market share, with a focus on toys. We aim to be a company that enriches the hearts of many people through the entertainment business that provides excitement to people and creates social value by “creating a tomorrow full of dreams”.
[Molabs Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Representative: Nobuhiro Hamada
Established: December 22, 1995
Capital: 147 million yen
Location: 4-20-8 Kawaguchi-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture Business description: We operate 9 stores in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture and the western part of Okayama Prefecture (Bingo and Igasa districts) as a member of the TSUTAYA franchise chain run by Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.
We will open a new capsule toy shop “gashacoco” in the “TSUTAYA Matsunaga store”.
We will provide a space where you can enjoy even more with the combined development of shop in shop.
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