Linkties Group “Forbes JAPAN SMALL GIANTS” signed a cooperation agreement with Odawara City, the first municipality in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Linkties Group
“Forbes JAPAN SMALL GIANTS” concludes the first collaboration agreement with Odawara City in Kanagawa Prefecture
Linkties Co., Ltd. (CEO and Forbes JAPAN Founder: Makoto Takano), which operates “Forbes JAPAN SMALL GIANTS”, has partnered with Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, for the purpose of supporting the efforts of businesses and local governments in the region and the creation of innovation. We decided to conclude a cooperation agreement. Forbes JAPAN SMALL GIANTS’ collaboration agreement is the first in Kanagawa Prefecture and the 11th nationwide with Odawara City.
Forbes JAPAN SMALL GIANTS aims for further mutual cooperation in media programs in order to further deepen cooperation agreements with local governments.
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Comment from Masaharu Fujiyoshi (Editor-in-chief of Forbes JAPAN) [Image 3d17289-170-87074e88b5081f4a7d9b-1.jpg&s3=17289-170-1f598f0b2fb798b093d31e078184a726-3900x3900.jpg
We are pleased to conclude the 11th cooperation agreement with Odawara City this time. Forbes JAPAN is a media that focuses on “people”. In addition to highlighting the personalities of business owners in Odawara, the management philosophy of Sontoku Ninomiya, a native of Odawara who has influenced many entrepreneurs, is a historical example of important figures in the political and business world. I would like to dig deeper into the roots of my attraction to Odawara, along with the uniqueness of the land and culture of Odawara.
Please look forward to future cooperation with Odawara City. Comment from Teruhiko Moriya (Mayor of Odawara City)
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Odawara City is located in the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture, boasting a rich natural environment with forests, villages, rivers, and the sea, a key transportation hub, and history, tradition, and culture. Doing.
Odawara is rich in local resources, but the power of the government alone is not enough to make full use of this potential. Therefore, I feel that the power of private business operators and young people who will lead the future is indispensable.
Odawara has many traditional businesses and fresh and powerful businesses. With this business collaboration as an opportunity, the attractiveness of Odawara and Odawara will be conveyed not only in Japan but also to the world. I hope that young people who grew up in Japan will play an active role not only in Japan but also in the world.
A project developed by the Japanese version of “Forbes JAPAN” that picks up small but great companies rooted in the region and leaders and innovators from each region.
In Japan, there are still many companies and local governments that are unknown but have great potential to open up the future. Through “media,” “awards,” and “projects,” the scale and name recognition are “small”, but the value is “giant”, the content that will be a guidepost for leaders, and spotlight on “small giants” I aim to hit. The website will be completely renewed on April 6, 2022 (Wednesday), announcing the annual program from April 2022 to March 2023, and expanding new content.
In addition, the “Forbes JAPAN SMALL GIANTS AWARD”, in which small giants companies from all over the country participate, is held every fall, and this year will be held in November 2023.
▼ Covers of previous “Forbes JAPAN SMALL GIANTS” special issues [Image 5d17289-170-fcca953f1feecc4efcbd-3.jpg&s3=17289-170-9d3cc8f56b222e91713a0dcaf61f9713-1829x487.jpg
Forbes JAPAN
Forbes Japan was launched in June 2014 as the Japanese version of “Forbes”. For readers with a global perspective, we curated articles from Forbes’ own country edition and each country’s edition, and composed them with original Japanese articles. Every issue includes a lifestyle article to provide readers with on and off information. The web version of curates a variety of articles delivered daily by We deliver content that is worth reading every day, including articles in this magazine and original articles by official columnists with specialties.
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