Sega Co., Ltd. “Take it only for him!” All the prizes “Legendary Dragon” and “Kazuma Kiryu” are sy nonymous with “Ryu ga Gotoku”. !

Sega Co
All the prizes “Legendary Dragon” and “Kazuma Kiryu” are synonymous with “Ryu ga Gotoku”. !
Sega Lucky Lottery Online will be on sale from 11:00 on Friday, May 26! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
SEGA Co., Ltd. will start selling Sega Lucky Lottery Online “Ryu ga Gotoku Celebration! Kazuma Kiryu” from 11:00 on Friday, May 26, 2023. It is Kazuma Kiryu’s “first” birthday online lottery, which is Kazuma Kiryu’s prize only.
“Must Buy Campaign” where you can always get novelties according to the number of purchases, “Kiryu Birthday Commemorative Campaign” held only on Saturday, June 17, Kazuma Kiryu’s birthday, “Takaya Kuroda” who plays Kazuma Kiryu Various bonus projects are also available, such as the “Twitter campaign” where you can win autographed goods. ◆ Lottery URL: [Image 1

Sega’s online lottery “Yakuza Celebration! Kazuma Kiryu” has the nicknames “Legendary Dragon” and “Dragon of Dojima”, and it can be said that “Kazuma Kiryu” is synonymous with the “Ryu ga Gotoku” series. It is a lottery where you will always win an original item commemorating the birthday of.
There are plenty of prizes that make use of the overwhelming strength and charisma that attracts the surroundings, as well as the famous scenes, popular scenes, and famous lines of Kazuma Kiryu who shows a more spectacular way of life than anyone else. By drawing a lottery, you can celebrate your birthday while remembering various Kazuma Kiryu.
“Pub Mirror” printed with Kiryu’s upper body, which seems to be always protected by Kazuma Kiryu by decorating it and reflecting it together. Mouse pad”, Kiryu’s various appearances that are not just suits, “Acrylic stand”, “New apparel” that can wear the dignity of “Legendary dragon”, “Can badge” full of Kazuma Kiryu’s famous karaoke scenes, etc. 50 A wide variety of items are lined up. These items are full of the charm and charisma of Kazuma Kiryu, who is not only strong and hard-headed, but also puts all his effort into silly things.
It is a variation that fully meets the expectations of Kazuma Kiryu fans, and it is an “extreme” lottery that will surely please them. Various campaigns such as birthday day limited campaigns will be held to excite Kiryu
-Must Buy Campaign-
During the sales period, every 10 times you draw the lottery, we will hold a “Must Buy Campaign” where you can receive a special magnet (2 pieces) with a scene with a character closely related to Kazuma Kiryu. You can get 1 of 4 types and your favorite set. The set you get will change between the first and second sales period.
Must-buy campaign benefits: Magnet (set of 2) about W5.5cm x H8.6cm [Image 2

[Campaign period]
First: May 26, 2023 (Friday) 11:00 to June 16 (Friday) 23:59 Second: June 17, 2023 (Sat) 0:00 to July 25 (Tue) 23:59
* The number of times played will be the cumulative total over the period. (If you draw 9 times in the 1st round and 1 time in the 2nd round, you will get the 2nd prize)
*We will ship it together with other prizes.
-Kiryu Birthday Commemorative Campaign-
On the day of Kazuma Kiryu’s birthday (June 17th), we will hold a Kiryu birthday commemorative campaign where you can get one
birthday-limited privilege tin badge (1 type) for every 10 times you draw the lottery.
Kiryu’s Birthday Commemorative Campaign Bonus: Can badge about 7.5cm [Image 3

[Campaign period] Saturday, June 17, 2023
*We will ship it together with other prizes.
-Twitter Campaign-
If you follow the Sega Plaza official Twitter account
( and retweet the target tweet, the A prize “Dragon of Dojima and two-shot A3 pub mirror” signed by Takaya Kuroda, who plays the role of Kazuma Kiryu, will be drawn by lottery. We will hold a “Twitter campaign” to commemorate the release of one person.
Twitter campaign prizes:
A prize Dojima dragon and two-shot A3 pub mirror about W31.7cm x H44cm [Image 4

[Campaign period] Friday, May 26, 2023 to Tuesday, July 25, 23:59 [Shipping time] Scheduled for November 2023
“Yakuza Celebration Birthday! Kazuma Kiryu” Prize Introduction Sega Lucky Lottery Online ““Ryu ga Gotoku” Celebration! Kazuma Kiryu” has a total of 11 awards from A to K.
There are prizes that will naturally put you in a good mood with Kiryu’s shout, prizes that will give you a makeover of Kiryu with your glasses and sunglasses, and prizes that make use of Kazuma Kiryu’s characteristics and famous scenes. It is a lineup that you can enjoy Kazuma.
-Prize list-
Prize A: Two-shot with Dragon of Dojima A3 pub mirror W31.7cm x H44cm [Image 5d5397-5136-1b810b2843cb388fc8fd-4.jpg&s3=5397-5136-55c82847561a7b5683690667707534ac-813x458.jpg
If you hang it in your room, that “Dragon of Dojima” will always watch over you! ?
Prize B: Parker (3 types in total) *You cannot choose the type. Size can be selected from S/M/L/XL
A man speaks on his back, Quote hoodie, become the only solitary legend, quarrel hoodie,
Ryu ga Gotokutare Dojima Dragon Hoodie
[Image 6d5397-5136-9a920fc640e67d8c407d-5.jpg&s3=5397-5136-776414f06f9eebd30dc509ea57097cc5-813x458.jpg
When worn, the dignity of the dragon of Dojima will be wrapped around you, and you may be able to emit an overwhelming aura! ?
Prize C: Oryu long mouse pad, approx. W50cm x H34cm
[Image 7d5397-5136-3804f14631bc63ebbb5c-6.jpg&s3=5397-5136-31dcda2b9b3a31058b07f3e586ddafa5-813x458.jpg
Super cool PC environment! Olong type mouse pad with big impact Prize D: Acrylic glasses stand W28.5cm x H29.5cm
[Image 8d5397-5136-bac6048721f77fe5e3b7-7.jpg&s3=5397-5136-a49009987f68442eab619e23a1f315a6-813x458.jpg
A cool Kiryu makeover with your glasses!
Prize E: Foshine gift acrylic perpetual calendar about W13.4cm x H12.4cm [Image 9d5397-5136-00b0771ac564e3fb9041-8.jpg&s3=5397-5136-d7ede216401f96dba6d5b5c8698276ea-813x458.jpg
Four Shine’s gratitude to customers Heartfelt calendar that can be used all the time
Prize F: Stainless steel mini bottle (2 types) Staminan X, Olong 130ml size each [Image 10d5397-5136-fae995c8218b9a24154b-9.jpg&s3=5397-5136-905c19faa255a7c72e993fbabdf28a64-813x458.jpg
A mini bottle with a stamina design that seems to recover just by holding it and a cool Oryu design.
Prize G: Acrylic noodle stopper (3 types)
nice! ver about W8.3cm×H6.9cm, greeting ver about W8.3cm×H6.8cm, ☆3 ver about W8.3cm×H6.8cm
[Image 11d5397-5136-a80f88bf8969e451871d-10.jpg&s3=5397-5136-fc972491872739bef7b9281f1a2bd6c2-813x458.jpg
You’ll feel like you’re waiting to make noodles with Kazuma Kiryu! Prize H: Acrylic stand (5 types in total)
The beginning of the legend about W8cm×H6cm, TV producer about W8cm×H6cm, angry dragon about W8cm×H6cm,
Hakatakko approx. W8cm x H6cm, Kiryu Ono Michio ver approx. W8cm x H6cm [Image 12d5397-5136-92fb75891d7f17ad167c-11.jpg&s3=5397-5136-7ef0810d7024649401092a4845b49cb5-813x458.jpg
Kazuma Kiryu in a rare appearance, such as Michio Ono, has been turned into a large acsta of 8 cm or more!
Prize I: Ema (2 types in total) fighting spirit ver., encouragement ver. W14cm x H9.5cm each
[Image 13d5397-5136-db1ad395c9285657ce3a-12.jpg&s3=5397-5136-5585547dee572f7629c37c035a57f410-813x458.jpg
A votive plaque that you’ll want to keep close at hand, with Kiryu’s call to naturally put you in a good mood!
Prize J: Kazuma Kiryu Passionate karaoke can badge (15 types in total), each about 7.5 cm
[Image 14d5397-5136-e33727dc548a97ed6af8-13.jpg&s3=5397-5136-5bc99c38da8dd89d2906fc1b3aa26227-813x458.jpg
Many karaoke scenes of Kazuma Kiryu’s famous songs are made into tin badges! Prize K: Kazuma Kiryu Memorial Magnet (18 types in total) W8.6cm x H5.5cm each [Image 15d5397-5136-70e143b82f773cddc129-14.jpg&s3=5397-5136-d7a14e2dc395f97fa40e0cae4f2441c6-813x458.jpg
Various famous scenes of Kazuma Kiryu, who lives an extremely dark life, are turned into magnets!
-Product Summary-
Name: Sega Lucky Lottery Online ““Ryu ga Gotoku” Celebration! Kazuma Kiryu” Lottery sales period: May 26, 2023 (Friday) 11:00 to July 25, 2023 (Tuesday) 23:59
◆ Prize delivery time: Scheduled around November 2023
◆ List of prizes:
Prize A: Dragon of Dojima and two shots A3 pub mirror
Prize B-1: Men speak on their backs Quote hoodie
Prize B-2: Become the only solitary legend Fighting hoodie
Prize B-3: Yakuza Dojima Dragon Hoodie
Prize C: Yinglong Long Mouse Pad
Prize D: Kazuma Kiryu acrylic glasses stand
Prize E: Four Shine Gift Acrylic Perpetual Calendar
Prize F-1: Stainless mini bottle (Stamina X)
Prize F-2: Stainless mini bottle (Yinglong)
Prize G-1: Acrylic Noodle Stopper Nice! ver
Prize G-2: Acrylic Noodle Stopper Greeting ver
Prize G-3: Acrylic noodle stopper ☆3 ver
Prize H: Acrylic stand (5 types in total)
Prize I: Ema (2 types)
Prize J: Kazuma Kiryu Passionate Karaoke Can Badge (15 types in total) Prize K: Kazuma Kiryu Memorial Magnet (18 types in total)
◆Price: 770 yen (tax included) once
+ shipping fee 500 yen (tax included, shipping fee will be charged only for the first purchase)
◆ Rights notation: (C) SEGA
◆ URL: What is the “Ryu ga Gotoku” series?
Born in 2005 under the concept of “entertainment work for adults”. Love, affection, betrayal… Depicting the way of life of passionate men living in a huge entertainment district. Expressing a realistic modern Japan that games have never been able to step into, it is a series that has shipped more than 19.8 million copies.
・ Yakuza portal site:
・ Ryu ga Gotoku Studio official Twitter account:
・ Ryu ga Gotoku Studio Official YouTube Channel:
About Kazuma Kiryu
Former Tojokai 4th president. Known as the “Dragon of Dojima”, he is a “legendary yakuza” that everyone in the underworld knows about. A character that can be said to be synonymous with the “Ryu ga Gotoku” series.
A legendary figure who was always at the center of many incidents that occurred in Kamurocho, he has saved the city from dire situations many times. However, its whereabouts are currently unknown. He’s a taciturn man who doesn’t like to rely on force, but once he’s on fire, he’s virtually invincible.
◆ What is “Sega Lucky Lottery Online”?
“Sega Lucky Lottery Online” is a character lottery that can be drawn on the Internet without losing. You can easily draw lotteries by accessing from your computer or smartphone. The winning prize will be delivered to your home at a later date.
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