KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. A simple soup book that can be made only with a microwave oven, “Just put the ingredients in a mug and chin! Released on (Wednesday)

A simple soup book that can be made only with a microwave oven, “Just put the ingredients in a mug and chin! Easy thin lentin soup for one person” will be released on May 31 (Wednesday).
KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) will release the book “Just put the ingredients in a mug and chin it! We will be selling the Easy Lentin Soup for 1 Person (1,300 yen + tax).
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The first book by registered dietitian “Raku Yase Soup Rino”, who introduces soup recipes that are easy to make and highly nutritious on Instagram. In this book, 81 soup recipes that can be easily made by simply putting the ingredients in a mug and heating them in the microwave are posted.
I myself gained weight after giving birth, and I have successfully lost 20 kg by eating 3 meals a day and including soup in my menu while taking protein.
The recipes introduced here can be easily made with just a mug and a microwave oven, and each soup contains more than 5g of protein and plenty of vegetables. It uses as few special ingredients and seasonings as possible, and has a wide variety of tastes, including Chinese, Japanese, Western, and Korean/ethnic styles. It is
Recommended for
1. I want to go on a diet without difficulty.
What this book proposes is not a replacement diet that only eats soup, but a method of adding soup to the basic meals such as main dishes and rice. By eating the warm soup first, you will feel full and will not eat too quickly, and you will naturally eat less.
2. I want to change my eating habits.
All recipes provide more than 5g of protein and plenty of vegetables. If you take a good amount of protein, your basal metabolism will increase and you will have a lean constitution that burns fat easily. Also, by making vegetables into soup, the volume is reduced and digestion is improved, so you can eat plenty without straining. 3. I want to acquire the habit of cooking for myself
The soup introduced in this book is a simple recipe that just puts the ingredients in a mug and heats it in the microwave. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes, and there is little washing to be done, so even those who lead a busy life can easily make it.
Published recipe
PART 1 Chinese-style lean soup
Umakara Tantan Soup / Mapo Tofu Soup / Crab Tama Soup / Spicy Harusame Soup with Minced Meat and Seaweed / Thick Soup with Daikon and Shiitake Mushrooms, etc.
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Part 2 Japanese-style lean soup
Nested egg miso soup / steamed eggplant and Japanese mustard spinach plum soup / salmon and potato chanchanjiru / detox grated nameko mushroom soup, etc.
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Part 3 Western-style lean soup
Shrimp and Harusame Tomato Cream Soup / Clam Chowder / Pork and Vegetable Curry Soup / Plenty of Pot-au-feu and Others
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Part 4: Korean & Ethnic Style Thin Soup
Spicy Korean-style soup with fluffy eggs / Tomato kimchi soup with potatoes / Gochujang soup with dried radish, etc.
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