Capcom Co., Ltd. The next stage for Saori Yoshida, the strongest primate, is Street Fighter!? “Street Fighter 6” WEB CM to be released on Friday, May 26!

Capcom Co., Ltd.
Strongest primate Saori Yoshida’s next stage is Street Fighter!? “Street Fighter” series latest work “Street Fighter 6” WEBCM featuring Saori Yoshida has been lifted!
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Capcom Co., Ltd. will release a video featuring Saori Yoshida, who is widely called the strongest primate, for the WEBCM of “Street Fighter 6”, which will be released on Friday, June 2, from Friday, May 26. Delivery will start.
In this WEB CM, you can see a different side of Mr. Yoshida, such as enjoying the world of “Street Fighter 6” and showing the familiar character “Chunri” in the Street Fighter series. increase.
Overview of WEBCM
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・Title: “Street Fighter 6” CM starring Saori Yoshida, the strongest primate ・Performer: Saori Yoshida
・ Special site: When Mr. Yoshida won many honors and got the name of “strongest”, he realized that “winning is not everything” and “those who have fun are the real winners…!”
“Let’s fight more freely!” The next moment you hold the Playstation (R) 5 controller, the stage will change to the world of “Street Fighter 6”.
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Mr. Yoshida’s alter ego avatar has a great adventure in the world of “Street Fighter 6”!
You can see the characters that appear in “Street Fighter 6” and challenge martial arts other than wrestling, such as sumo training, professional wrestling, and kung fu.
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In addition to fighting, you can also train with your master, dance, and work part-time.
Please take a look at a side of Mr. Yoshida that is different from usual. [Image 5

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Profile of Saori Yoshida
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Many encounters await you on your journey to find strength!
Play World Tour and make your legend!
▼ Click here for video

Product Summary
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■ Number of players: 1 to 2 (offline) | 2 to 16 (online)
■ Release date: Friday, June 2, 2023
■ Price:
[Standard Edition]
Package tax included: 8,789 yen
Download tax included: 7,990 yen
■ Xbox Series X | S/PC (Steam)
Download tax included: 7,990 yen
[Deluxe Edition]
■PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/PC (Steam)
Download tax included: 10,490 yen
[Ultimate Edition]
■PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/PC (Steam)
Download tax included: 12,490 yen
*All prices shown in the text are suggested retail prices.
* PS4 version of “Street Fighter 6” is “PS5 version free upgrade compatible”. Copyright: (C) CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Details about this release:
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