KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Debut 10th anniversary work! Minoru Nobu’s latest novel “Fantasy Sea” released on May 26

Debut 10th anniversary work! Minoru Nobu’s latest novel “Fantasy Sea” released on May 26
11 colorful stories full of fun to read
“Sea of ​​Fantasy” special site https://kadobun.jp/special/fukamidori-nowaki/ [Image 1

Minoru Nobun “The Sea of ​​Imagination” KADOKAWA
KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will release Nowaki Fukamidori’s 10th anniversary novel “The Sea of ​​Fantasy” on Friday, May 26, 2023. bottom. This work is a collection of works carefully selected from the short stories and short stories that the author has published so far, along with newly written and unpublished works. It includes 11 stories that cross genres such as mystery, children’s literature, fantasy horror, novels written by hand, and spin-off short stories of “Who Steals This Book”, allowing you to enjoy the richness of the story world.
Filled with the joy of reading a book, it is inevitable that you will be able to taste the happiness of being immersed in the story. Please enjoy yourself.
Featured in the “King’s Brunch” BOOK corner!
An introduction to this work and an interview with the author, Nobu Mimidori, will be aired in the BOOK corner of the TBS series “King’s Brunch”.
[Broadcast overview]
TBS series (* excluding some areas) Broadcast schedule: Saturday, May 27, 2023 BOOK corner (around 11:20 am) Program official website: https://www.tbs.co.jp/brunch / *Because it is a live broadcast, it is subject to change without notice.
Immerse, dive, and blend into the gifts from Nowaka Shinryoku. Impressions one after another! ※We will introduce some excerpts We dive into the sea, the soil, the green. While reading, I felt like I was melting into the nature of the story. I think that it is a collection of works that you can enjoy various worlds. — Mr. Inomata of Usagiya Tsutaya Utsunomiya Higashi Yanase store
It’s an ultra-high-definition kaleidoscope in the shape of a book. Every time I turn the page, it always shows me a world that I have never seen before and that is not here. These works are like a magic school that teaches us the power of images and how to use them. — Mr. Taro Nakame, HMV & BOOKS OKINAWA
Every time, I felt the excitement of taking it out of a treasure chest. –Asaka Kobayashi, Mahikari Bookstore North Exit
Many mysterious stories spun with beautiful words. Before I knew it, I had melted into the world of Nobu Mimidori, where various emotions floated in my mind and then quietly disappeared. — Mr. Toriyama, Bunendo Bookstore Shinminato
In a world where everything has ended, alone, a quiet world where books are sunk into the sea like a mourning ceremony. A historical story to elucidate the strange phenomenon of earth clods rising to the heavens on a daily basis. A pink bicycle and a foreign country where you don’t speak the language,
A friendship story of a community of children gathered from different planets. Fantastic and mysterious, yet governed by unreasonable laws, this collection of short stories is full of charm as images appear before your eyes. I want to immerse myself in the world of Nobu Mimidori more and more! –Yuri Nishida, Junkudo Bookstore Nagoya Sakae This is a great gift for those who love the stories that the author, Nobu Shinryoku, has been writing for the last 10 years. The stories, each with a completely different color, make us sad, warm, and surprise us. –Mami Kawade, Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore
Introducing the latest novel “Sea of ​​Fantasy”
[Image 2

Minoru Nobu “The Sea of ​​Imagination” KADOKAWA *With Obi
◆Synopsis “Children in the Green” In the house covered with plants, there are four children who use different words. They can’t understand each other, they can’t understand each other, but they have no choice but to live in the same house. “Ascending to the sky” A small hole suddenly opens in the earth, and a countless lump of earth rises to the sky from there. A record and achievement of the battles of philosophers, physicists, and astronomers over the phenomenon. Mystery, children’s literature, fantasy horror, palm-edited novels, etc. A total of 11 gems, including a newly written “Who Steals This Book” spin-off short story. ◆Recorded works Sea / Braiding hair / Soaring into the sky / Memories / Gifts / Swimming pool / 12 micro-novels stored in Okurakan / Spring confused by Easter eggs / Mr. Kadokura / Those who curse book thieves / Green Children Bibliographic information Release: May 26, 2023 (Friday) E-book same day delivery Price: 1,815 yen (1,650 yen + tax) Number of pages: 256 pages : Nami Aoyagi ISBN: 9784041130155 Issued by: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Work information page: https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/322206000479/ First appearance “Ocean”-note-October 31, 2019 “Weaving hair” “PHP Special” July 2014 issue “Rising to the Sky” Edited by Shueisha Bunko Editorial Department “Short Story Universe” (Shueisha Bunko) January 25, 2021 “Remaining in Your Ears” Unpublished March 18, 2013 “Gift” ”Supervised by Masahiko Inoue “Gift Heterogeneous Collection LIII” (Kobunsha Bunko) April 20, 2022 “Pool” “Mysteries! February 1st to March 24th “Spring confused by Easter eggs” “Shosetsuya sari-sari” July 2015 issue “Kadokura-san” “Flying Classroom No. 58” Summer 2019 “Those who curse book thieves ” Newly written “Midori no Kodomochi” “Flying Classroom No. 50” Summer 2017
About the author
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Fukamidori Nowaki was born in 1983 in Kanagawa Prefecture. 2010 “Aublan Girl” is the 7th Mysteries! Selected for the New Face Award Honorable Mention. Debuted in 2013 with a collection of short stories with the winning work as the title. His books include “The Cooks of the Battlefield”, “Forked Road Nostradamus”, “Is Berlin Sunny?”, “Those Who Steal This Book”, “Kamisama Isn’t Like That”, “Staff Roll”, and “The Sea of ​​Imagination”.
Paperback, comic information
★ 2021 Bookstore Grand Prize nominated work paperback! Released on June 13 (Tuesday) “Those who steal this book”
[Image 4

Shinryu Nobun “Those who steal this book” Kadokawa Bunko
◆ Synopsis
Save the city from the curse of books! Girls adventure in the world of books! Exciting fantasy. Mifuyu is a high school student whose great-grandfather is a book collector, living in Yomunagamachi, the town of books. Her father is the manager of the huge library “Mikurakan”, but Mifuyu doesn’t like books. One day, the collection of books was stolen from the Mikurakan, triggering the curse of books (Book Curse), and the town turned into a world of stories. Knowing that the town won’t return to normal unless the thief is caught, Mifuyu goes on adventures in various story worlds with a mysterious girl, Mashiro. A thrilling fantasy that brings back the joy you felt when you first immersed yourself in a story. Bibliographic information release schedule: Friday, June 13, 2023 List price: 902 yen (820 yen + tax) Number of pages: 432 pages Label: Kadokawa Bunko Format: Paperback cover illustration: Naffy Cover design: Kumi Suzuki ISBN: 9784041134115 Issued by: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Work information page: https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/322210000688/ ★ All 3 volumes of comics are now on sale! Original: Nobu Mimidori / Manga: Kakeru Sora Appearance: B6 size comic / Publisher: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
(C) ︎ Shinryo Nobun / KADOKAWA
(C) ︎ Sora Kakeru / KADOKAWA “Those who steal this book (1)” [Image 5

(C) ︎ Shinryu Nobun / KADOKAWA (C) ︎ Sora Kakeru / KADOKAWA
Release: June 3, 2022
List price: 704 yen (body 640 yen + tax)
Number of pages: 182 pages
ISBN: 9784041123850 Information site:
“Those who steal this book (2)”
[Image 6

(C) ︎ Shinryu Nobun / KADOKAWA (C) ︎ Sora Kakeru / KADOKAWA
Release: November 4, 2022
List price: 704 yen (body 640 yen + tax)
Number of pages: 196 pages
ISBN: 9784041130575 Information site:
https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/322206000874/ “Those who steal this book (3)”
[Image 7

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