Celebration, 50th anniversary of publication “Karasu no Bakery” and “Thief School” Satoshi Kako’s long-selling picture books!

Kaiseisha Co., Ltd.
[Celebration, 50th anniversary of publication] “Karasu no Bakery” and “Thief School” Satoshi Kako’s long-selling picture books!
As a commemorative project, we are holding a relay essay by
celebrities and a gift campaign on Twitter.
Kaiseisha Co., Ltd. (publisher; head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; president: Masaki Imamura) will publish “Karasu no Panyasan” and “Drop School” (written and illustrated by Satoshi Kako) in 2023. We celebrated our anniversary.
The 50th anniversary of the publication of Satoshi Kako’s masterpieces “Karasu no Panyasan” and “The Thief’s School”!
Karasu no Bakerysan, which depicts a family of crows who run a bakery in Izumigamori (total of 2.7 million copies sold); 700,000 copies) celebrated its 50th anniversary since its publication in 1973. From mid-May 2023, the 50th anniversary fair of “Karasu no Panyasan” and “Dorobo School” is being held at participating bookstores nationwide. [Image 1

[Image 2

▲ 50th anniversary logo ((C) Satoshi Kako)
Kaiseisha HP book details page
“Karasu no Panyasan” https://www.kaiseisha.co.jp/books/9784032060706 “The Thief School” https://www.kaiseisha.co.jp/books/9784032060409 ・ Synopsis of “Karasu no Panyasan”
Four cute babies were born to a couple of crows who run a bakery in Izumigamori. The couple takes great care of their four puppies, but it’s really hard to manage both the shop and raising them! Because of burnt bread and poor cleaning of the store, customers leave and the family becomes poor. Eventually, the four birds will grow up and help out at the bakery…? A huge bestseller with a cumulative total of 2.7 million copies.
[Image 3

▲ A page with a large collection of breads, which is very popular with readers. ・Synopsis of “The Thief’s School”
“Thief School” is a school where you can study hard and become a bad thief. One day, the students were given the following homework. “Some thief will come by tomorrow.” Well, what did the students bring the next day…?
[Image 4

▲“Nukiashi Sashiashi Shinobiashi” After the sun goes down, the teacher and the students go on an excursion to the thief school.
“Tsuzugi no Hanashi” (2013), which depicts the crow family and the aftermath of the thief’s school, also celebrated its 10th anniversary. In addition, there are five other works in the “Kako Satoshi Ohanashi no Hon” series (20 volumes in total), which includes “Karasu no Panyasan” and “Dorobo School”, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023. Please introduce yourself.
・wasshoi wasshoi bunbunbun
・There is red and there is black
・Tadpole 101-chan
・Papipupepo of carrot batake
・ Southern-chan’s friend
[50th anniversary special project] A series of relay essays by five people who admire Satoshi Kako will start from May 25th (Thursday) Kaiseisha’s web magazine “Kaiseiweb” will publish a series of relay essays commemorating the 50th anniversary of the publication of “Karasu no Panyasan” and “Dorobo School”. A celebrity who loves Satoshi Kako wrote a letter about his feelings.
The author is as follows.
Kudorain-san (Author) Yumemi Nemu-san (Yumemi Bookstore owner) Rika Murakami (Chief Announcer of NHK) Mamoru Suzuki (Picture Book Writer / Bird’s Nest Researcher) Kana Nakajima (Out-of-school Researcher, Satoshi Kako’s Granddaughter)
Serialized from Thursday, May 25th. Hot sentences that convey everyone’s love are lined up. Please enjoy it!
[Image 5

Kaisei web “Dear Mr. Satoshi Kako”
Also, on the 50th anniversary special site, Karasu no Osan is introducing each of the 84 types of bread.
Karasu no Panyasan 50th Anniversary Special Site (Managed by Kako Research Institute)
[50th anniversary special project] Twitter follow & RT campaign is underway! To commemorate the 50th anniversary of publication, a follow-up & RT campaign is being held on Kaiseisha’s official Twitter.
・Present content “Karasu no Panyasan” sacoche & lunch tote set (20 people by lottery)
Bookstores that participate with a bookstore account will receive a “Karasu no Honya-san*” panel set that can be used to create a store corner for 5 bookstores by lottery.
*This is an original panel of only 5 in the world, made using the font of “Karasu no Panyasan” for this campaign!
・Period Thursday, May 25, 2023 to Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Kaiseisha Official Twitter (@kaiseisha_PR) https://twitter.com/kaiseisha_PR [Image 6d26693-142-4856bb20e64ef68f5fe1-11.jpg&s3=26693-142-d841910a3e306c5f23e037205c835ffe-1000x1000.jpg
The hometown picture book “Kin” also celebrated its 10th anniversary The hometown picture book “Raku” in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, the birthplace of Satoshi Kako, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023. At the 10th anniversary ceremony held on April 29, Satoshi Kako’s picture book characters were used throughout the museum, and groups from both inside and outside the city performed and performed in ensembles just like the picture book “Papipupepo Music”.
[Image 7d26693-142-7756ae9942c023847fba-6.jpg&s3=26693-142-8dfa3f7c59af2bc846e4a152ba449994-1464x1098.jpg
Kako Satoshi Hometown Picture Museum “Rin”
https://www.city.echizen.lg.jp/office/090/060/kakosatosi/ehonkan_home.html Children’s story collection scheduled to be published around autumn 2023 A collection of fairy tales (10 volumes in total) that Satoshi Kako selected and compiled during his lifetime will be published
sequentially from the fall of 2023. The first volume is “Kako Satoshi Fairy Tale Collection 1. ~ Animal Story Part 1”.
Please introduce this long-selling work that has been loved by parents to children and grandchildren for a long time in the year of the 50th anniversary of publication.
About the author
The author, Satoshi Kako, passed away in 2018 at the age of 92, but since 2019, the exhibition “Kako Satoshi’s World Exhibition Daruma-chan and Karasu no Bakery! In addition, in 2022, the Bunkamura The Museum will hold the “Satoshi Kako Exhibition: What I Wanted to Convey to Children”. is gaining more and more attention and is loved by generations.
[Image 8d26693-142-88276402d029854f08e3-10.jpg&s3=26693-142-ce4318caa229b5125478202eb5c6bd1f-500x500.jpg
Kako Satoshi
Born in 1926 in Takefu City, Fukui Prefecture (currently Echizen City). Graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo. Doctor of engineering. Professional Engineer (Chemistry). He is also a researcher of children’s culture. The works are the “Kako Satoshi Story Book” series, “Beautiful Picture”, “Daruma-chan” series, “Where is Toko-chan”, “Kako Satoshi Body Book” series, ” More than 500 points such as “Thoughts on traditional games”. In 2008, he received the Kan Kikuchi Prize, and in 2009, he received the Special Achievement Award from the Chemical Society of Japan.
When he was in his twenties, he actively participated in settlement activities, and based on the picture-story show he drew at that time, “The School of Thieves” was born. Passed away in 2018.
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