MAKES announces the art mansion series with the theme of “living with art”. The first is a collaboration with Yoshifuku Honoka

DRELLA Co., Ltd.
MAKES announces the art mansion series with the theme of “living with art”. The first is a collaboration with Yoshifuku Honoka
With the philosophy of “contributing to the creation of a healthy life expectancy of 100 years of mind and body through the creation of a living environment”, Makes Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shusaku Nakamura) has formed a business alliance with DRELLA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshiharu Akamine), which operates art galleries, artist management, and art production businesses. Under the theme of “A Life with a Life”, we announced that we will develop an art apartment series “MAKES W ART” in collaboration with contemporary artists. As the first step, we will collaborate with Yoshifuku Honoka, an up-and-coming young artist who has received tremendous support from Generation Z. Yoshifuku Honoka’s retro-pop touch works that evoke nostalgia that she posted on Instagram while she was in college became a hot topic, and she has collaborated with major apparel brands and fashion magazines one after another. Currently, he is active in a wide range of fields as an art director, including corporate advertising, product design, and space production. Last year, he was invited as a special guest to an art festival in Singapore, and his reputation overseas is increasing. One of the hottest young artists. The first of the art apartment series “MAKES W ART” by “Makes x DRELLA” is scheduled to be completed in Minowa, Taito-ku, Tokyo in August 2023. Mr. Shusaku Nakamura of Makes commented on this initiative, “Incorporating art into our daily lives has various benefits, such as stimulating creativity and the psychological effects of colors. There are many cases where art has been incorporated into our condominiums, and we wanted to propose new value to those who live in our condominiums, so we took on the challenge.” At the design meeting stage, Yoshifuku Honoka requested places he wanted to draw, such as the entrance of the condominium, the garbage storage area, and part of the interior walls. I proposed the concept of each place and drew a new work. In response to the question, “Why did you choose a garbage storage area as one of the places?”, Yoshifuku Honoka replied, “We tend to neglect places where we throw away garbage, but we open the door because it is a place that is essential to our daily lives. I wanted to make it a fun place where a fantastic underwater world spreads out.”
In the future, MAKES plans to build an art mansion series while appointing various artists, and DRELLA will hold an exhibition of works used in the series in the future. I am planning.
[Image 1d110648-11-a453acfd5ccde14537e7-0.png&s3=110648-11-ff349349ee5ee3bc49a1658091416d3f-3900x2194.png
Urban bay area scenery in the style of city pop
[Image 2d110648-11-f94166f38069d70c4503-1.png&s3=110648-11-25b8d90e35587e956d78a41e5122d370-3900x2194.png
A fantastic underwater world with pop colors
[Image 3d110648-11-c6e2d77c098ff1e2987f-2.jpg&s3=110648-11-02562e7500fecaf1a8f2d53d3c0aff50-1707x960.jpg
Scandinavian antique tile style design with the theme of nature [Image 4d110648-11-0fceb8313c7654dcbe3d-3.jpg&s3=110648-11-9ff172a19386a1727bb686bb98a86256-800x560.jpg
[Image 5d110648-11-b8519149917074d855a7-4.jpg&s3=110648-11-433aac93f16ac1ec3d0b4cf6061ae002-600x800.jpg
*Each completion rendering shown is based on a drawing and may differ slightly from the actual product.
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