Don’t work overtime”, but the work increases… The secret of the time-saving technique to solve the contradiction “It’s faster than ‘doing it right away’! “Habit of doing short work” will be released!

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Don’t work overtime”, but the work increases… The secret of the time-saving technique to solve the contradiction “It’s faster than ‘doing it right away’! “Habit of doing short work” will be released! “I spent the day writing emails.” “Exhausted from making materials.” I want to teach such people, work skills that are more important than “do it right away”
Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichiro Kobayakawa), which publishes mainly business and practical books, will release a book on June 2, 2023. Decided to publish “The Habit of Doing Work Short”. The author, who has studied and gained experience at Toyota, TBS, and Accenture, is a busy business person who is told not to work overtime, but has more work. I am explaining.
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A book of time-saving techniques that can finish an hour’s work in 15 minutes! If you use your head wisely, you won’t have to redo or duplicate your work! Anyone can do it! Introducing 42 tips that will make your work faster! The Contradiction Hidden in “No Overtime”
Japanese office workers have a lot of tasks and spend their days being chased. The fact that work-style reforms have led to a growing trend in many companies that overtime is not acceptable is spurring this trend. To put it simply, the amount of work tends to increase despite strict instructions from companies and superiors to “reduce working hours” and “do not work overtime.”
・Do not work overtime, increase the amount of work
Regarding this contradiction, the author thinks that by “doing one job short”, it is possible to create time for other work. The more work you can do in less time, the more tasks you can get done, the more you can be productive, and the more you can accomplish. Doing short work not only helps you get out of the contradictory situation of “Don’t work overtime, increase the amount of work”, but it also becomes a driving force for achieving great results.
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Shortening work also creates valuable private time, so there are many benefits for busy people.
In this book, by synthesizing the author’s experience working in an organization as a salaried worker, the perspective of a company manager, and the perspective of a strategy consultant, while incorporating specific episodes, tips for “doing work short” are presented. I will tell you in detail.
It is more important to “do it quickly” than “do it quickly” The author’s idea of ​​”doing it short” does not mean doing the job instantly. The image is to increase productivity, follow the shortest route to produce “results”, and process a large number of tasks in the shortest possible time.
In order to “shorten” the work, it is important to acquire the habit of looking at each task from a multifaceted angle and thinking about it. First of all, you need to keep in mind the following “five principles”.
1. Clarify your “priority”
2. Don’t do “extra things”
3. Don’t procrastinate
4. Don’t hold onto things that can be left up to others
5. Don’t make a mistake in “timing”
In order to finish work quickly, it is important to “do it quickly”, but there is a big difference between “doing it quickly” and “doing it quickly”. “Do it quickly” is a motivational problem of “getting motivated”, while “doing it quickly” is a technical (method) problem of “improving efficiency”. “Doing it short” is not influenced by mood or emotion, so if you understand the trick, you will be overwhelmingly successful in your work.
In this book, we will introduce specific methods of “time-saving techniques for work” to manage time well.
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About the author
Daihei Yamamoto
Strategy Consultant/Business Producer. Born in Osaka in 1978. After graduating from the Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University in 2004, he joined Toyota Motor Corporation and was involved in the development of new models. In addition to winning the Toyota Group’s data science competition, he also received the Vice President Award and Managing Officer Award. After that, he moved to TBS. He has worked on a number of promotions and marketing strategies mainly for signboard programs such as “Sunday Theater”, “Record Awards”, and “SASUKE”. After gaining experience as a management consultant at Accenture, he established F6Design Co., Ltd., a management consulting company in 2018 and assumed the position of CEO. He specializes in producing new businesses, branding, marketing using AI, and organizational reform. He is the author of many books, including the best-selling “Toyota’s Meeting is 30 Minutes”
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“It’s faster than ‘I’ll do it right away!’ Habit of “doing short work” [Image 3

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Publisher: Crossmedia Publishing Co., Ltd. (Crossmedia Group Co., Ltd.) Release date: June 2, 2023
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