Pre-release reprint For those of you who are trying too hard. Popular psychiatrist Tomoya Fujino teaches tips for living without power. Released “Don’t live too much for someone’s sake”

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd.
[Pre-release reprint] For those of you who are trying too hard. Popular psychiatrist Tomoya Fujino teaches tips for living without power. Released “Don’t live too much for someone’s sake”
Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Naomi Taniguchi) published “Don’t live too much for someone” (written by Tomoya Fujino) on May 26, 2023. .
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Tips for those who try too hard to relax
Tired of trying too hard for someone else?
For example, fathers and mothers working hard for their children and families. Have you ever neglected to take care of yourself and not noticed the screams of your body and mind?
Or at work, for your subordinates, for your colleagues, for everyone on your team, a hard-working and dedicated person.
But that’s why your life is so chaotic, and you’re so exhausted that you just sleep on your days off?
Some of them may be suffering from too much conformity to the values ​​and rules that others have made.
When I was little, I was told by my parents and teachers that I should do this, or that I couldn’t be happy without doing that. Isn’t it gone?
In addition, there are more opportunities to see other people’s activities and how others are doing well on social media, and you may find yourself comparing yourself to others even if you are not conscious of it.
People who work hard, take care of their surroundings, and do their best for others are wonderful people. But if you try too hard and you fall down or get crushed, it’s a waste.
The trick to relaxing and living comfortably is to know your own happiness and what makes you feel comfortable, and to cherish it. In today’s world, we tend to lose sight of our own values, what we want to do, and our own happiness. Let’s be conscious of living a life “for yourself”, not a life for someone else.
A message from a popular psychiatrist to take care of yourself The author of this book is Tomoya Fujino, a popular psychiatrist who has appeared in many TV programs such as “The Class I Want to Take in the World”. On Twitter, in addition to advice as a psychiatrist, he sends messages to take care of himself, and has more than 70,000 followers.
The background to Mr. Fujino’s continued dissemination of such messages is his experience when he was told that he did not know if he would live to grow up due to the aftereffects of a disease called Kawasaki disease when he was young. It seems that there were many things that I had to give up because I could not exercise. I still have to continue taking medicine, and there are a lot of restrictions. However, it can be said that this experience of earnestly feeling that “life may be shorter than others” led to a sense of the importance of taking care of yourself and doing what you want to do.
Some people develop “mental illnesses” such as depression when hardships and pains accumulate. Before that happens, I want to make things easier and recover, so I’m posting on SNS and writing books. In this book, we present loosely kind words and the knowledge of a psychiatrist that soaks into tired and tired hearts so that people who are trying too hard or who are too kind and trying too hard can rest and take care of themselves properly. increase.
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A little work is also recorded along with a message to take care of yourself and cherish it. Practice looking at yourself as you write in your book.
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It is a topical book that has already been well received by various people and has been decided to be reprinted before its release. People who work too hard at work and at home, people who tend to conform too much to the values ​​and rules set by “someone” in their relationships, and people who tend to be swayed by others, should stop and take care of themselves. It’s a book that will help you take care of yourself, so please pick it up when you feel “tired” or “I don’t want it anymore.”
There is an early purchase privilege!
A limited message video from the author will be distributed only to those who have reserved and purchased this book by May 31st. The importance of taking a rest first when you are tired, and when you realize that you should rest a little tomorrow I’m talking about the trick to pull out the power.
Please see below for details.
book outline
【table of contents】
Chapter 1 First, you just need to “take a rest”
Chapter 2 Let’s take care of ourselves more
Chapter 3 What your body’s voice tells you
Chapter 4: Tips for human relationships that don’t overdo it and don’t work too hard
Chapter 5 Isn’t it okay to carelessly become happy?
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Tomoya Fujino
Born in 1991. Psychiatrist. Industrial doctor. Licensed psychologist. Graduated from Akita University School of Medicine. Due to Kawasaki disease, which he contracted in his childhood, he still has a coronary aneurysm in his heart, and he continues to receive treatment. During his school days, he aspired to become a doctor while fighting conflicts such as being restricted from strenuous exercise. He is also interested in the field of forensic psychiatry, such as psychiatric evaluation, and currently works as a medical prison doctor while working in the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology. He shares the way of thinking that he has learned by living with a disability and his knowledge as a psychiatrist, and has made many appearances in the media.
His books include “A book that makes you feel glad that you were born” (Gentosha), “Prescriptions for ‘irresponsible’ to make yourself happy” (Wani Books), “A Psychiatrist Teaches Weakness to Make Life Easier” Lesson” (Mikasa Shobo).
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Title: “Don’t live too much for someone else”
Release date: May 26, 2023
Publisher: Discover Twenty One
Specifications: 46 size / 240 pages
ISBN: 978-4-7993-2951-1
List price: 1650 yen (tax included)
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