Ultimately, what matters is humanity. Cumulative total of over 1.3 million copies best-selling author’s latest book “First-class human power” released

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd.
Ultimately, what matters is humanity. Cumulative total of over 1.3 million copies best-selling author’s latest book “First-class human power” released
Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Naomi Taniguchi) published “First-class Human Power” (Hiroyuki Inoue) on May 26, 2023.
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At the end of the day, personality is more important than skill “I’m working hard, but I’m not being evaluated for some reason” “I’ve learned a lot of business skills, but I’m not very good at it.” “Maybe I’m not good enough…”
Do you have any of these problems?
In recent years, efficiency is required for things such as “Cospa” and “Taipa”. In the limited time, it is certainly important to focus on efficiency. In business, it is also important to acquire detailed skills.
But in the long run, there are more important things. That is the “human power” introduced in this book.
The author defines “human power” as “comprehensive power to live a worthwhile life in society”.
For example, Shohei Otani, who was active in the major leagues and contributed to the WBC championship, is a person with a very high level of “human power.”
In the “goal achievement sheet” he wrote when he was a high school student, he cites “humanity” as one of the factors to achieve the goal of “draft first pick from eight teams”. It can be said that this awareness has helped shape Ohtani as he is today.
High human power builds good relationships and leads to work success, health, and economic wealth.
A total of 1.3 million copies of books! Best-selling author talks about “human power”
The author of this book is Mr. Hiroyuki Inoue, Director of Inoue Dental Clinic. Besides my main job, I also worked as a coach and therapist after studying world-class skill development programs and management programs. He has authored over 80 books and sold over 1.3 million copies in total.
In “Genuine care” published by a small company, I explained the importance of “care” in life and introduced habits that can be practiced in everyday life.
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Our previous work
The book has sold over 40,000 copies and has been well received by readers, saying, “I’m glad I read it” and “I want to put it into practice today.”
– Readers’ voices in “Genuine care”- * Excerpts from customer voices received by our company
◆Since he introduced a lot of hints that can be used immediately, such as the timing of gifts and gratitude, the content was highly versatile even for beginners. I was also surprised by the point of view that “I need to be on the side of being cared for.” (Male in his 30s) ◆It was very polite and easy to read. I think that there is no other work that is useful in life from the theme of caring. I was able to gain a lot of awareness from this book, such as the points of consideration that other people have not been able to do, and the importance of truly caring for others. (Male in his 30s)
◆ It was easy to understand and came in smoothly. As
self-enlightenment, I think that it is a permanent preservation version. (Female in her 30s)
In “First-class human power”, we will introduce the “7 habits that enhance human power” that the author who continues to strive for growth has learned and practiced.
7 Habits That Enhance Human Power
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Since human power is “comprehensive power”, developing the power that everyone originally has will lead to enhancing human power. That’s why I want to be conscious of the above 7 habits.
Among them, the most important one is the habit of 1. “Sincerity”. In today’s diversifying world, it is necessary to think in various ways, not just one. If you stick to your own way of thinking, it will be difficult to live, and you will not be able to build good relationships.
However, if you hide your feelings and only listen to other people’s opinions, you will lose yourself. That is why honesty is so important in this day and age.
If you have honesty, chances will increase and a new world will open up. In this book, in addition to the thoughts and attitudes of the seven habits that begin with this “honesty” habit, we will also introduce practical methods for enhancing these powers in everyday life. At the end of each chapter, we put together an action list, so you can look back and reflect on your habits when you feel like it.
Keep this book handy and put into practice the habits of a “highly human” person for a life of value, blessed with both people and work. There is an early purchaser benefit! Early purchase is advantageous! Limited to those who have reserved and purchased this book by May 31st, we will deliver a special video by the author “To live a worthwhile life, I want to tell you now Hiroyuki Inoue ‘How to enhance human power'”. .
The author himself talks about the characteristics of people with high “human power”, why reading is useful to improve “human power”, and why it is necessary to improve “human power”.
Please see below for details.
book outline
【table of contents】
Chapter 1 Habit of “Sincerity”
Chapter 2 Habits of “Learning”
Chapter 3 Habit of “self-blame”
Chapter 4 Customs of “courtesy”
Chapter 5 Habit of “recovering (failure)”
Chapter 6 Habit of “self-love”
Chapter 7 Habits of “growth”
[Author information]
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Hiroyuki Inoue
Director of Inoue Dental Clinic, Doctor of Dentistry, Doctor of Business Administration.
Born in Hokkaido in 1963. After graduating from Tokyo Dental University Graduate School, studied at New York University, University of Pennsylvania, and Gothenburg University to learn world-class technology, and opened Inoue Dental Clinic, a medical corporation. While serving as chairman of his own clinic, he concurrently holds positions at seven universities in Japan and overseas, including Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo Dental University part-time lecturer, and Indiana University visiting lecturer. The technology has been evaluated both domestically and internationally, and the latest medical and speed treatment technology has been featured in the media and attracts attention. The world’s first Joseph Murphy Trust (Subconscious Authority) Authorized Grand Master. Besides his main job, he has studied world-class skill development programs and management programs, created his own success philosophy, “Life Compass,” and gives lectures all over the country as an author who conveys “a valuable way of life.” He has authored over 80 books and sold over 1.3 million copies in total. Her debut work, “How to Make Your Own Miracles” (Forest Publishing), which was born from a true story, was introduced on a TV program and received a great response. He is the author of many books, including “Genuine Concern”
(Discover), “Turning Twilight of Life into Gold” (Sunmark Publishing), “Everything goes well when human relationships are in order” (KADOKAWA).
[Book information]
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Title: “First-class Human Power”
Release date: May 26, 2023
Publisher: Discover Twenty One
Specifications: 46 size / 240 pages
ISBN: 978-4-7993-2948-1
List price: 1760 yen (tax included)
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