KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. MF Books The new series in May is the long-awaited extra edition of the Chinese-style fantasy & popular series! ! The latest issue of MF Books, which is full of topical works this month, will be released on May 25 (Thursday)!

[MF Books] The new series in May is a Chinese-style fantasy & the long-awaited extra edition of the popular series! ! The latest issue of MF Books, which is full of topical works this month, will be released on May 25 (Thursday)!
The release date for the new issue of MF Books in May 2023 has arrived! This month’s new series has 2 works!
First of all, I would like to introduce “A kiss to the cursed dragon”! At the mansion where she was apprenticed to pay off her debts, Meiju serves Eisho, a handsome boy with a secret, and Kihaku and Cho, who are his young servants. Especially. However, behind Mingju’s lively days, there is a sense of unease about the secret they are hiding…!? Don’t miss this Chinese-style fantasy filled with secrets and high sugar content!
Then he said, “Yao, that’s not it! Introducing Misokkasu!
The troubles that befell Wendelin during his adventurer prep school days, “Hunting match”, the hunting life of Wilma who hunts to survive, “Hero Syndrome girl Wilma”, Elise’s record of
righteousness, who came to be called a saint, “Birth of a saint”, the above three. Record a book!
Delivering the whole story of the dawn of Wendelin and his pleasant friends! “Keep an eye out for the long-awaited extra edition for fans!”
In addition, the popular series “The Summoned Sage Travels to Another World ~The Strongest Items Were Unnecessary Inventory~” and
“Heartwarming Different World Reincarnation Days ~Level Max, Carry Over Items! I’m the Strongest Little Girl~” “The Tale of Mitsuba” “Merchant with Zero Fighting Power ~The Baggage Carrier of the Ex-Brave Party Steadily Pursues the Dream of a Great Merchant~” “My Occupation is an Appraiser, but What Is a Divine Eye? ? There are plenty of notable works such as the sequel to “I want to be free in the world’s best beginner job” and the final volume of “Drunken Thief Buys a Slave Girl”!
The new issue of MF Books in May will be released on Thursday, May 25th! ◆MF Books official website ◆https://mfbooks.jp/ ◆MF Books Twitter account ◆https://twitter.com/MFBooks_Edit
[New series! ]
A kiss to the cursed dragon 1 ~Novice maid serves a master and servant who has a reason to pay off her debts! ~ top
Written by Oto Ayatsuka Illustration by Kaoru Harugano
[Image 1

-He serves a beautiful boy with a “curse”!? A Chinese-style fantasy full of secrets! –
Meiju, who was busy with repaying the debts made by her father-in-law, lived a healthy life with the purpose of raising her younger brother splendidly. My father-in-law decides to work for Mingyu, the largest family of silkworms in Longhua, “Sanke”.
For the sake of her beloved younger brother, Mingju reluctantly accepts apprenticeships, and three people live in the silkworm family’s detached residence: the stunningly handsome boy Eisho, and his attendants Kihaku and Zhang. Meets Cho and decides to serve them. Surrounded by Eisho the mischievous child, Kishiro the nagging father-in-law, and the kind and gentle Zhang Yu, unexpectedly lively days come to Mingju!
On the other hand, behind the scenes, there is a sense of unease swirling around the secret they are hiding…!?
A Chinese-style fantasy with a high sugar content of a natural girl who loves her younger brother and a beautiful boy with a curse (?) opens!
List price: 1,430 yen (main unit 1,300 yen + tax)
MF Books official website bibliography
[New series! ]
Yatsuo can’t do that! Misokkasu 1
Written by Y. A illustration / wisteria chocolate
[Image 2

-Delivering the whole story of the dawn of Vel and his pleasant friends! – The first installment of the long-awaited extra edition depicting the childhood and dawn of Wendelin and his funny friends!
“Hunting Match”: The sons of Margrave Breithilde’s senior vassals, who have their eyes on Vel, who continues to make great strides at the adventurer’s prep school, forcibly pull him out, saying that they are the ones who are suitable for forming a party with Vel. It’s here. Vel firmly refuses, but the other party’s parents also show up and it becomes a big fuss…
“Hero Syndrome Girl Vilma”: Vilma, who has unrivaled strength but needs food many times more than a normal person, started a hunting life at the age of five to prevent starvation due to circumstances in the kitchen at home… After many years of living such a harsh life, Wilma’s destiny began to change when she used her strength to draw a heavy bow that no one had mastered.
Birth of a Saint: Even though she is young, Elise acquires a talent for holy healing magic, basic medical knowledge, a devoted attitude, and courtesy as a noble, and grows up to be called a “Saint.” And she became interested in a boy of the same age who defeated an ancient undead dragon…
List price: 1,430 yen (main unit 1,300 yen + tax)
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The summoned sage travels to another world ~The strongest item was an unneeded inventory item~ 4
Written by / Yosu Illustration / Hull Dog
[Image 3

-The Summoned Strongest Sage, Encounter with the Same Game Player as You!?- Touya, summoned to another world and becoming the strongest sage of the magic profession, enters a dangerous dungeon full of high-rank monsters and easily captures it in order to solve the abnormal situation in the city he visited.
Kingdom soldiers who tried to steal the credit also appeared there, but he defeated even the strongest brave man of the Generate Kingdom in single combat, blowing a bubble in the kingdom.
Having safely resolved the city’s abnormal situation, Touya returns to the Imperial City with a sense of relief. !?
“Protecting the children (future) of the empire is the noble’s duty!” The summoned strongest sage, now confrontation with the evil aristocrat!?
List price: List price: 1,430 yen (body 1,300 yen + tax)
MF Books official website bibliography
Heartwarming Days of Reincarnation in Another World ~ Level Max, Carry Over Items! I’m the strongest little girl ~ 3
Author / Tail raccoon Illustration / Cotton candy
[Image 4

-In search of a way to suppress the magical power runaway, Reni goes to her mother’s hometown, the Elven Forest! -Reni, a former high school girl, was reincarnated in a different world with her level and cheat items from the game she was obsessed with in her previous life. In order to enjoy a different world, Reni, who set out on a journey with the elf Samus, infiltrates the underground facility of the emerging cult in order to help the princess Caries, whom he met on the way. She safely rescues Caries, but causes a magical power runaway there. At this rate, her own life will be at stake, so Reni heads to her mother’s hometown, the Elven Forest, in search of a way to suppress the magical power rampage, but on the way, she is attacked by a dragon girl…!? Adventure to fully enjoy, the third! List price: 1,540 yen (1,400 yen + tax) MF Books official website bibliography page▶https://mfbooks.jp/product/honobono/322203001989.html
Mitsuba Monogatari 2 The Cursed Girl and the Rondo of Death (Rondo) Written by Matari Nanasawa Illustration by EURA
[Image 5

– War, revolution, cult. What is the aim of the laughing girl in this world of upheaval? -Six months have passed since she entered the military academy halfway through, and Mitsuba, who has finished her final exams, is successfully promoted to the next grade. However, when her homeland, the Kingdom of Rozeria, went to war with the great power of Plumenia, Mitsuba and her classmates, Krone, were sent to the front lines of the battlefield. On the other hand, Sandra, who remained in the royal capital, is steadily preparing for the abolition of the monarchy. Aristocrats deceiving each other, citizens planning a revolution, and a cult group drowning in drugs. Taking advantage of the turmoil in her homeland, which is not united even during wartime, Mitsuba’s aim is――!? List price: List price: 1,540 yen (main unit 1,400 yen + tax) MF Books official website bibliography
A Merchant with Zero Fighting Power ~A Former Hero’s Party’s Luggage Carrier Steadily Pursues the Dream of a Great Merchant~ 2
Written by / 3rd Doppel illustration / Garuku
[Image 6

-Each faction’s intentions intertwine at the huge auction of the fortified city! – Merchant Albus, who successfully explored the bottom layer of the Earth Ruins and returned to the surface, obtained the long-awaited wagon and peddling license. Then, along with Roroy, who became his exclusive guard, he was steadily preparing to sell the relics. One day, he learns that the mansion where his fellow female swordsman Clarisse and her older sister Mitra live will be put up for auction by the owner, her older brother. After listening to his friends’ feelings, Albus sets out to further expand his business in the fortified city of Kirket in order to buy a mansion at an auction, but…!? The second act of upstart fantasy begins! List price: 1,540 yen (1,400 yen + tax) MF Books official website bibliography page▶https://mfbooks.jp/product/zerotrader/322302000015.html My occupation is an appraiser, but what is [God’s Eye]? ~I want to be free in the world’s best beginner’s class~ 3
Written by Ryuuto Illustration by Yunohito
[Image 7

– [Divine Eye] vs [Magic Eye] battle. Seeing the future is――! -High school student Tori Mahiro, who was transported to another world with her classmates. Using the power of the Divine Eye, an appraiser who can analyze all sorts of things and events, he succeeds in
overthrowing the Kingdom of Schlieden, which used otherworlders as war potential. With the addition of Alisha and her friends, Madoka and Yuria, and Arata, life in the defense city of Granzawall has become even more lively. On the other hand, Maria, Princess of Schrieden, was occupying another country with the rest of the students who followed her with the power of [Evil Eyes]. In order to investigate what happened in her home country, she sent her classmates, including Touri, who holds the senior position of ‘Destroyer’, as spies――!? The chances of her surviving are–” Will Tori be able to return alive to Alisha with the power of the appraisal skill crowned with gods? A royal road different world fantasy where a non-standard appraiser goes, act 3!! List price: 1,540 yen (main unit 1,400 yen + tax) MF Books official website bibliography
drunken thief buys slave girl 3
Written by Hemon Shinmaki Illustration by Muni
[Image 8d7006-12696-555baa658c2dc44ff11d-0.jpg&s3=7006-12696-a349314916e0c26b8f0406a25d2a83dc-351x500.jpg
-A thief and a girl, their happiness continues into the future. -Harris, an adventurer who works as a thief, regains hope for the future that he once lost by living with a slave girl, Tiana. In the midst of this, Chiech, the daughter of the chief of the Merquito tribe, was brought in, and contrary to Harris’s own thoughts, his evaluation of him was growing. Partly due to the expectations of the country’s upper echelons, Harris was reluctantly becoming a person to be reckoned with in the kingdom. However, it is also true that he has to rely on that speculation in order to achieve his true desire of “happiness with Tiana”. Harris will face many troubles, such as training new adventurers, fighting strong enemies, and being a bridesmaid at a princess’s wedding. Just to get closer to a happy future with Tiana. The rebirth story of a stray thief aiming for a future with a slave girl is complete here! List price: 1,540 yen (1,400 yen + tax) MF Books official website bibliography
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