Detectives, black foxes, holy knights, former angels, etc. 7 unique rivers have newly debuted from the V-river agency “LOViT STUDIO”! Today, May 25th, the first delivery decision

HIKE Co., Ltd.
Detectives, black foxes, holy knights, former angels, etc. 7 unique rivers have newly debuted from the V-river agency “LOViT STUDIO”! Today, May 25th, the first delivery decision
V-river agency “LOViT STUDIO” operated by HIKE Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masataka Mikami / Toshimi Liang) has 7 new members from Thursday, May 25, 2023. We are pleased to inform you that the river will debut. The profiles and first delivery information of each river have also been lifted, so please enjoy them together.
[Image 1d51825-310-8b84960fa8a5f3308924-0.png&s3=51825-310-76b0064edb0a61192ecb81e2ca293644-1920x1080.png
At “LOViT STUDIO”, 11 V-rivers are already active mainly on the character live app “IRIAM” and Twitter. The 7 people who will debut today will all be male V-rivers, and each of them will fascinate you with their unique delivery with “IRIAM”. V-rivers are preparing to debut one after another at “LOViT STUDIO”, so please wait for the next report.
May 25th (Thursday) delivery schedule
Open Sea Roppe 18:30 ~ Onijo Nozomu 19:30 ~
Teruna L 20:30~
Black Fox Roko 21:30~
Shiramiya Night 22:30~
Yukimachi Toka 23:30~
Magatama Nomikoto 00:30~
*The distribution schedule is subject to change. note that.
LOViT STUDIO Official Website: STUDIO Official Twitter:
Members Introduction
open sea roppe
[Image 2d51825-310-64bf9fa752f1141a2552-1.jpg&s3=51825-310-2f5c43af310ccacae0900281a0fd06ae-750x1500.jpg
Nice to meet you, I’m Roppe the Great Ocean!
It’s a seal in a flower garden full of energy!
When you’re lonely, when you’re in pain, when you want to make fun of yourself, when you want to laugh, I’ll be your shelter! !
Let’s play together! ! !
Onijo Nozomu
[Image 3d51825-310-3069e6aaf908ce5ae7a8-2.png&s3=51825-310-9db6de34bf5b061f45bbafde3c0325d6-1350x2700.png
Hi, how are you?
It’s the detective V-river, Kijou Nozomu.
Because what I like is “to understand and know you guys”,
Feel free to call me if there’s anything you’d like to hear. Of course, if you want to know about me, you can tell me.
Why don’t you have a good time?
I’ll be waiting for you at IRIAM.
Teruna L
[Image 4d51825-310-212f88ce291c90d4b70c-3.jpg&s3=51825-310-08e8d342718fd96477e08019827786dc-700x1500.jpg
nice to meet you.
My name is Eru Teruna, an angel banished from heaven.
It seems that it is necessary to meet many people in order to go home, so I started distribution activities on IRIAM.
Everyone please come and see me.
We are waiting for you.
black fox loco
[Image 5d51825-310-b07a1f37c0e9f7818e19-4.jpg&s3=51825-310-a3dcd81fde0edca14b0df40ee7ee68a9-692x1500.jpg
I’m Roko Kuroko, a fox who jumped into the virtual world when she wanted to make a lot of friends when she was living a leisurely life at a shrine!
I want to make a stream that will make everyone’s day a little more fun! I want you to come to the stream and become friends with Roko!
Shiramiya Night
[Image 6d51825-310-cccfaaae97dbd983cf72-5.png&s3=51825-310-669d018a05220dca4ef5bb07c4a58175-1890x2700.png
are you my master I dedicate my sword to you.
Nice to meet you, I’m Tsuyotsuyo Holy Knight River Shiramiya Knight! I was banished from the royal palace, so I’m looking for my master and friends and streaming on IRIAM! Please come and see us! !
Bless those who see this. Yukimachi Toka
[Image 7d51825-310-bc1944b6e5afabbcce43-6.jpg&s3=51825-310-58f9935d855429eb7aaa5953483a4fb5-750x1500.jpg
Hello everybody~❄
It’s Yukimachi Touka.
I like games, drinking and singing!
I jumped into the world of IRIAM from the snow country because I wanted to make friends with various people❄
I’m looking forward to talking with everyone on the stream.
Magatama Nomikoto
[Image 8d51825-310-d9cf716c31dcb7743282-7.jpg&s3=51825-310-dbdb3f1c488dbf5a28fd2cf355b2e3c3-750x1500.jpg
good morning ♪ hello ♫ good evening
nice to meet you lol
My name is Nomikoto Magatama.
I would like to deliver the singing voice of Nanairo to everyone and enjoy the world of singing together.
I’ll be waiting for you at IRIAM!!
By all means, let’s have a good time ♫
A member introduction video is now available on the “LOViT STUDIO” official Twitter.
[Image 9d51825-310-6037e9a548e45debefa7-8.png&s3=51825-310-c135e679c025816db7f50aaea33861ff-3900x2074.png
“LOViT STUDIO (Rabbit Studio)”, commonly known as “La Vista”, was established with the concept of “Become who you want to be and connect with the world”. It is a V-river office that supports daily activities so that listeners can say, “LOViT = Like! I love you!” Point 1. La Vista will accompany the river from the time of scouting to the debut by creating illustrations and measures to increase followers. Even after the debut, professional staff will provide total support for the river, including monetization support, event implementation, and mental care. Point 2. As of March 2023, as an “IRIAM” organizer, we have partnered with more than 100 rivers and illustrators as of April, enabling a variety of character designs. Point 3. Rivers who have grown into top rivers after their debut will cooperate with each business of HIKE as part of monetization support, and will also support activities other than distribution such as voice actors and singers.
“LOViT STUDIO” 2nd generation recruiting
The virtual liver office “LOViT STUDIO (Rabbit Studio)” is looking for second-generation students who want to belong to La Vista and play an active role in the virtual world. I want to become who I want to be and connect with people all over the world. LOViT = Likes from many people! I want to be told! I want to be something, I want to connect with someone, I want someone to be happy with what I like. We support the activities of those who have such motivation and passion. Apply here:
About HIKE Co., Ltd.
[Image 10d51825-310-162a3941a9f83da6a4f7-9.png&s3=51825-310-4e68585923f846ed0255edaac60cf44a-650x342.png
As an entertainment company that handles all kinds of content centered on IP, such as anime, manga, games, and stage performances, we will swiftly take on new challenges one after another and provide IP value not only in Japan but globally.
Company name: HIKE Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-2-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023 JRE Nishi-Shinjuku Terrace 3rd and 4th floors
Official website:
Representative: Masataka Mikami, Representative Director
: Representative Director Toshimo Liang
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