mikai Co., Ltd. Female VTuber office “Re:AcT” will hold a game tournament “RAG GIRLS CUP -VALORANT-” limited to female VTubers and female streamers on 5/26 (Friday)!

mikai Co., Ltd.
The female VTuber office “Re:AcT” will hold a game tournament “RAG GIRLS CUP -VALORANT-” limited to female VTubers and female streamers on 5/26 (Fri.)!
Let’s liven up the tournament with the official hashtag “#RAGCUP”! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
mikai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takahiro Uemura) will hold a women-only game tournament sponsored by the virtual gaming project “Re:AcT Gaming (hereinafter referred to as “RAG”). The game title will be VALORANT.
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This tournament invites 3 VTubers who belong to “RAG” and 17 female VTubers and female streamers who are currently active mainly on Twitch, and competes with 4 teams. The winning team will receive luxurious prizes.
The state of the tournament will be distributed on RAG’s official Twitch, so please look forward to it!
Click here for the distribution channel ↓

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■ Timing
Friday, May 26, 18:00-
■ Performers (titles omitted)
Dark Akari
Team 1. Kemomimi Sisters
Kitsuneyoi Inari/Otoguro Zakuro/Wolf God Ryuka/Chipoji/Just in case Nene Man Team 2. Panimon!
Amu Tenka/Akira.
Team 3. Mushroom
Shigure Sayo/Mizuno-chan/Mukui.Report/Rua/Good-natured Name-chan Team 4. Don’t Chikuru Honne
Honne no Meimei/Chinoko/Rui Kuguminato/Kurama Miyata/Kurama Kannagi ■ Team prizes
There will be prizes for 1st to 4th place.
[Image 3d26181-37-977d6ef28a1347274de8-8.png&s3=26181-37-cebffb7a75e5ee9a216f38ef123d022c-3840x2160.png
■Introduction of sponsors
Become a sponsor to support this tournament.
・Mouse computer
・Hina meal
・Earth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d26181-37-8dfc0a948b99034dc81b-9.png&s3=26181-37-1a1d830c3fe7ac8342ac7942b9737295-3840x2160.png
■ Announcement of tournament sponsorship campaign
In commemoration of this tournament, we will carry out a campaign with Mouse Computer.
We have prepared a special coupon code, so please take a look. https://www.mouse-jp.co.jp/store/g/ggtune-dgi7g70b7accw101dec/ [Image 5d26181-37-f73cea82d3f2e706672b-7.png&s3=26181-37-054d63ace9dce659e779fcc9e2633848-1920x1080.png

■ Notification of Twitter gift campaign
A Twitter gift campaign is underway with ELECOM GAMING and IO DATA DEVICE. Please see the official Twitter for details.
[Image 6d26181-37-3d8d5d928ba4a06f33ca-4.png&s3=26181-37-af7001cac38f5c27b67c727e6b3a599c-3840x2160.png
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■ Official hashtag
■ About “RAG”
A project that aims to create a society where female streamers can play an active role in the game market in the future through game distribution on Twitch. In the future, we will also aim to expand into the Metaverse space by deriving from the content of games.
■ New member audition
“RAG” is conducting new member auditions.
If you want to challenge together in the area of ​​​​”female VTuber x game distribution”, please apply.
For more information, please check the audition site below.
・ Audition site URL: https://v-react.com/rag
・ Application form: https://forms.gle/CwejhCRiv6bxCue18
■ Profile of mikai Co., Ltd.
・Company name: mikai Co., Ltd.
・Established: August 31, 2016
・Business description:
1. Vtuber operation business
2. Studio rental business
・Representative name: Representative Director Takahiro Uemura ・URL: https://mikai.co.jp/

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