D4 Enterprise Co., Ltd. Retro game all-you-can-play app “PicoPico” May 25, 2023 (Thursday) “RELICS” (M SX2 version) added!

D4 Enterprise Co., Ltd.
All-you-can-play retro game app “PicoPico” May 25, 2023 (Thursday) “RELICS” (MSX2 version) added!
D4 Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naoto Suzuki), which is engaged in the reproduction and distribution business related to retro games, has released 5 “RELICS” (MSX2 version) was added on Thursday, May 25th. This time, “PicoPico” will be the first MSX2 title. Experience play is also possible until 23:59 on Thursday, June 1, so please try to experience the fun of retro games with “PicoPico”.
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“Two great consciousnesses.” I don’t know how long it has existed, but I had two consciousnesses. It may have existed long before the existence of the universe. These two consciousnesses were quarreling and colliding. Which is right and which is bad? Which is the light and which is the shadow? It didn’t make any sense. There are just two consciousnesses in conflict. Through the collision of these two consciousnesses, various substances were born and various things were destroyed. Even light came into existence through the collision of these two consciousnesses. Perhaps this universe was also created by two consciousnesses. And the two consciousnesses have always been in conflict. This fight will last forever. Just like a shudder for the evolution of the universe…
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This work is an action-adventure game released by Bostech in 1986. The main character who was drifting as a spirit body in the ruins that suddenly appeared from the sea. There is no explanation as to why he became a spirit or what the protagonist should do.
[Image 3d69696-208-c288b51ea80998062ffe-0.jpg&s3=69696-208-9f36e1d19763ddf26d4adb1aae9ff645-995x750.jpg
One of the highlights of this work is the spirit ride system that possesses the defeated opponent. Depending on the possessed body, attack methods and endurance will differ, so the key to strategy is which creature to possess as you continue your exploration. In addition, the items that can be obtained will change depending on your actions, and the storyline and ending will change, so it is up to the player how to proceed with the exploration of the ruins. It can be said that the place where you can do trial and error is the fun unique to this work.
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There is also a passionate staging to liven up the world view, with movie-like elements such as the sci-fi character designs, the solid movements of the humanoid characters, and the effective sound of the waves, which will inevitably excite the game. prize. By the way, the opening and ending music was performed by Crystal King, and it became a big topic at the time.
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Genre: Action
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