Post Office Product Sales Service Co., Ltd. Started selling “Kanahei 20th Anniversary Goods”

Post Office Product Sales Service Co., Ltd.
Started selling “Kanahei 20th Anniversary Goods”
Post Office Product Sales Service Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Hitoshi Arawaka) will sell “Kanahei 20th Anniversary Goods” from June 1, 2023 (Thursday) as follows.

[Image 1

In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of his professional debut in 2023, the illustrator “Kanahei”, who is popular for LINE stamps, etc., will release goods using a newly drawn illustration of his
representative work “Pisuke and Usagi” in a delivery form. It will be sold at the post office’s online shop and some post office stores.  6 items: “plush toy”, “tenugui”, “Japanese paper sticker”,
“embroidered key chain”, “PVC pouch”, and “frame stamp set”. Product Summary
(1) stuffed animals
[Image 2

A stuffed toy that reproduces the newly drawn illustration of “Pisuke and Usagi”. The fluffy “Pisuke and Usagi” dressed in uniforms are so cute that you’ll want to hug them.
● Product price (including consumption tax): 3,300 yen
– Body size: about W120 × H165 × D80mm
-Material: Polyester
(2) Tenugui
[Image 3

A tenugui towel with a four-panel illustration printed by combining traditional Japanese bleached fabric and soft dobby weave.
● Product price (including consumption tax): 1,500 yen
-Body size: about W340 x H870mm
●Material: Cotton
(3) Japanese paper sticker
[Image 4

A sticker where you can enjoy the gentle texture of Japanese paper. The feature is that it is easy to paste cleanly with specifications that are less likely to wrinkle.
● Product price (including consumption tax): 550 yen
-Body size: about W62 x H62.6mm
-Material: Paper
(4) Embroidered key holder
[Image 5

“Pisuke and Usagi” key holder reproduced with embroidery. It’s light and durable, so you can attach it to your bag and go out with the cute two.
● Product price (including consumption tax): 850 yen
-Body size: about W65 x H65mm
-Material: polyester, iron
(5) PVC pouch
[Image 6

“It’s a vinyl type flat case.” Recommended for carrying stationery and small items and organizing them in your bag.
● Product price (including consumption tax): 1,200 yen
-Body size: about W277 x H188mm
-Material: PVC
(6) Frame stamp set
[Image 7

A set of commemorative frame stamps using illustrations drawn by “Pisuke and Usagi”. An envelope and letter paper are attached to the mount of the envelope design.
● Product price (including consumption tax): 3,300 yen
– Product contents: Frame stamp x 1 sheet [84 yen stamp (seal type) x 5 sheets],       Stamp sheet mount (approximately W420 x H297mm) x 1, stationery (approximately W130 x H170mm) 4 sheets,
      2 envelopes (approximately W142 x H90mm)
-Material: Paper
*The product design is an image. It may differ from the actual product. * “Frame stamp” is a registered trademark of Japan Post Co., Ltd. Sales information
●Sales location
(1) About 100 post offices nationwide (Click here for details → (2) “Post office online shop”
●Sales start date
Thursday, June 1, 2023
* Sales will start at 0:15 am on the same day at the “post office online shop”. * Internet membership registration (free) is required to purchase at the Post Office Online Shop. In addition to the product price, shipping costs will also be charged.
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