BitSummit x KONAMI x Game Creator Koshien Co-Sponsored Special Project “BitSummit Game Jam 2023”

STAND Co., Ltd.
BitSummit x KONAMI x Game Creator Koshien Co-Sponsored Special Project “BitSummit Game Jam 2023”
Within STAND Co., Ltd. (head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo,
representative: Daisuke Miyata, hereinafter referred to as “STAND”), the “Game Creators Guild”, which operates the “Game Creators Koshien”, a growing contest for student indie games, is Konami Digital Co., Ltd. We will co-host “BitSummit Game Jam 2023” in collaboration with Entertainment (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hideki Hayakawa) and the indie game exhibition “BitSummit”.

◆ Comments from the BitSummit Executive Committee
Until now, BitSummit has focused on indie creators and held events mainly to introduce Japanese creators to the world. From now on, I believe that nurturing better creators is one of BitSummit’s responsibilities. It is becoming difficult for companies to secure human resources. Through this event, we believe that we will be able to focus on young creators, provide them with opportunities to showcase their games to many domestic and international stakeholders, and develop human resources who can play an active role with a more global perspective. In addition, true internationalization is not just about selling games overseas. It is also important to understand the culture of one’s own country and accept various values. BitSummit is one of the few opportunities to receive opinions from inside and outside Japan, and it is possible to interact with participants from Japan and overseas through the common language of games. We hope that the holding of game jams will be meaningful as support for creators. ◆ Background of our co-sponsorship
“Game Creators Koshien” is an environment where game creators of the next generation can meet the same creators, work hard, and seize diverse opportunities. increase. There is no place for game creators to learn more than actual production. This year, in order to strengthen the development of young creators, we hope to provide more opportunities for actual production. As part of that, we are promoting the implementation of game jams, and we have decided to cooperate with this “BitSummit Game Jam 2023”.
By cooperating with this event, we aim to further expand the circle of possibilities for student creators, without limiting the creation of a “place for learning and presentation” to the scope of our own contest. In the future, the Game Creators Guild will continue to promote activities that provide the know-how and community of “Game Creator Koshien” like this initiative, aiming to maximize the potential of student creators.
[Overview of Game Creator Koshien]
Game Creator Koshien is an indie game contest held for student creators involved in game production.
The feature is that it is a growth type game contest. You can submit your work as many times as you like until the final deadline. It is possible to enter even if there is no work, and we aim to grow as a creator along with the work while brushing up the work throughout the year.
“Game Creator Koshien 2023” Official Website:
Community label “Seeds by Game Creators Guild” official website:
[Overview of Game Creators Guild]
A base for game creators who “learn,” “talk,” and “teach” each other, regardless of whether they are professionals, amateurs, students, working people, or companies. (Guild).
* Approximately 5,500 active game creators and students aiming to become game companies participate (as of December 2022)
I want to learn skills and knowledge and continue to grow and play an active role as a game creator.I want to exchange market trends and technology with colleagues in the same industry.I want to raise the value of the Japanese game industry and occupation itself and create a better environment. We provide information and opportunities necessary for the future of those who love games that they want to live. Game Creators Guild Official Website: ▼Game Creators Guild LINE
[For adults]
[For students]
STAND Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Aiming for “a world where creators can be themselves” He organizes creator communities such as the Creators Guild and the Game Creators Koshien.
[Company name] STAND Co., Ltd.
[Representative] Representative Director Daisuke Miyata
[Location] Sunshine 60 45F, 3-1-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo [Established] September 2021

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