Toyohashi City Picture book artist Akira Hirota’s special exhibition “Nyaona Chin Pugaki Harvest Festival” will be held from May 20 Toyohashi City Children’s Museum here

Toyohashi City
Picture book artist Akira Hirota’s special exhibition “Nyaona Chinpougaki Harvest Festival” will be held from May 20 [Toyohashi City Children’s Museum of the Future]
On the last day of June 4th (Sun), there will also be a reading by the person himself and a book sales autograph session!
A special exhibition will be held on the theme of the newcomers “Chinpougaki” and “Nyaonyaonyao” written by Hirota, who won the “MOE Picture Book Store Grand Prix Newcomer Award”. Do you want to immerse yourself in the world of picture books with your parent and child? [Image 1d25583-264-23cc3eae29a1ae243454-3.jpg&s3=25583-264-71a95774c1be8e2eda89482738663e34-1024x516.jpg
Reading picture books is an essential part of raising children. It is said that there are various effects such as “enriching sensitivity, developing imagination, improving concentration and language skills, and improving communication skills”.
Akira Hirota, a picture book author and entertainer who creates such picture books, will hold a special exhibition centered on two works, “Chinpougaki” and “Nyaonyaonyao”, at the Toyohashi City Children’s Museum of the Future. will be held at
 On the last day, she will read a picture book to you!
“Why don’t you come and experience the world that you usually only see in picture books?”
A must-see for picture book lovers! Opportunity to listen to the story-telling by the author
Period May 20, 2020 (Saturday) to June 4 (Sunday)
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day
Venue: Toyohashi City Children’s Museum Cocoko, Special Exhibition Room HP
Akira Hirota himself will appear on the final day, June 4th (Sun). Picture book reading and book sales autograph session will be held (13:00-15:00).
About picture book author and entertainer Akira Hirota
[Image 2d25583-264-27e15c2dd2656c525fe0-2.jpg&s3=25583-264-905eb153050aed2a3fa7fd540861ee45-400x400.jpg
A comedian/picture book author affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo. Born in 1989 in Kota Town, Nukata District, Aichi Prefecture. He actively holds workshops and storytelling sessions using picture books, and his first work “Mure” published in 2019 won the MOE Picture Book Store Grand Prize Newcomer Award.
After that, he continues to work energetically with his second works “Ichinichi”, “Nyaonyaonyao”, and “Gurugurupi”.
The latest work “Chinpougaki” is based on a tree that actually exists in Koda-cho, Nukata-gun, Aichi Prefecture.
[Image 3d25583-264-2b41fb6762fd3394cc8b-4.jpg&s3=25583-264-354a7cbb201b03aa16fe612957ba2262-568x542.jpg
The latest work “Chinpougaki” is a picture book based on the “Chimpogaki” (also known as brush persimmon), which actually exists in Kota-cho, Nukata-gun, Aichi Prefecture, the birthplace of picture book author and comedian Hirota Akira.
 A mysterious tree that bears both sweet persimmons and astringent persimmons This is a humorous book about Daruma’s monsters causing a big uproar. Hirota who loves cats expresses the love of cats “Nyaonyaonyao” [Image 4d25583-264-aa1e75ded3fb24517efe-5.jpg&s3=25583-264-aaf628255b421a47a86850c23fc4be31-1653x1654.jpg
Hirota is a big cat lover who has spent many years with cats since she was little.
“Nyaonyaonyao” is a book born from the desire to express the joy, fun, and love of interacting with cats in everyday life.
Each time you turn the page, you can add sounds to the cats that increase with each turn, and imagine what kind of cat you would draw. We hope that readers will be able to freely decide how to read and play. “Is it possible to enjoy reading a picture book casually from a different angle?” Please come and visit us.
 Details: Toyohashi City Children’s Museum here HP Details about this release:
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