Get smarter The second strongest riddle! An animal riddle with a quiz to understand the ecology/improvement of imagination and science knowledge at the same time

Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Get smarter] The second strongest riddle! An animal riddle with a quiz to understand the ecology/improvement of imagination and science knowledge at the same time
“What’s in a camel’s hump? 1. Water 2. Muscle 3. Fat” Riddle + quiz to gain knowledge about 74 animals. Find your favorite animal riddles & quizzes and ask your family and friends.
Gakken Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa, Tokyo/President: Toru Goromaru), a group company of Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa, Tokyo/President: Hiroaki Miyahara), will open “Atama Get better! “The Strongest Riddle Animal” has been released.
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▲ “The Strongest Riddle Animal”
The latest issue of the popular Gakken “My head gets better!” series. This is an encyclopedia-like animal riddle book in which animals that are popular with children appear in alphabetical order. You can just enjoy the riddles, find your favorite animal and solve the quiz, or read the quiz commentary and become an animal expert! “This is a book that can be enjoyed in various ways.”
Solve the riddle and take the quiz!
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▲ Quiz on the next page of the riddle
Riddles and quizzes about the same animal alternate. At the end of the riddle page, there is a mark that shows the initials of the animal name as an index, so you can search by animal name like a dictionary. ◆ Animal riddles
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▲Answer: Chawan
Here is a collection of funny and fun riddles that always involve animals. Using the names and characteristics of animals as clues, you can acquire the ability to think and come up with ideas from various angles. ◆ Animal quiz
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▲Answer: 2. Grapes
We will give you a quiz full of trivia to understand the wonders of animal ecology. The answers are accompanied by detailed explanations, so if you work on them before going to the zoo or aquarium, you’ll definitely have more fun!
Comes with a “shoizukan” that shows the appearance and characteristics [Image 5

▲ Arikui’s “shokaizukan”
For animals that are difficult for children to imagine just by hearing their names, there is a “shoizukan” that shows their appearance, size, and characteristics.
In addition to the classic riddles, there are many fun problems! [Image 6

Plenty of variety of problems such as cipher riddles, trick riddles, puns, mazes, and spot the difference.
Features of this book
◆Strengthen your ability to think and come up with ideas By narrowing down the theme to animals, you can use their names and characteristics as clues to think deeply from a variety of perspectives and practice finding answers. Alternating riddles and quizzes will also give you the power to switch your way of thinking. ◆Introducing the mysterious ecology and surprising facts of animals that nurture rich curiosity in a quiz format to draw out the desire to know more! ◆ Acquire scientific knowledge in a fun way Through riddles and quizzes, you can learn not only about the names and classifications of creatures, food and body mechanisms, but also familiar themes such as the growth of frogs. ◆Perfect for reading aloud Various ideas have been devised to make the sentences easy for children from infants to elementary school children to read aloud. You can practice reading aloud by speaking out loud.
When you finish one book, you will surely become a zoologist, saying, “Ask me anything about animals!” “This book is a must-try for children who love riddles and quizzes, as well as children who love animals.” [Product Overview] “Your head will get better! Supervised by Kyoichi Tomita (Representative of the Carnivorous Reptile Research Institute) List price: 1,100 yen (tax included) Release date: Thursday, May 25, 2023 Format: A5 size / 320 pages Electronic version: Yes ISBN : 9784052057229 Publisher: Gakken Co., Ltd. Gakken Publishing Site: [Click here to purchase this book]・Amazon・ Rakuten Books ・ Seven Net

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