Shogakukan Co., Ltd. You can decide for yourself whether you want to be beautiful. “Biteki HEN” started.

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
You can decide for yourself whether you want to be beautiful. “Biteki HEN” started.
A collaboration project between Shogakukan’s beauty magazine “Bitteki” and trend magazine “DIME” has started!
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At Shogakukan Co., Ltd., the beauty magazine “Biteki” and the trend magazine “DIME” for business people have started a collaboration project “Biteki HEN” to support everyone who wants to be beautiful in a gender-free way beyond the boundaries of media.
Like washing your face in the morning.
After washing your hair, let it dry.
Like brushing your teeth before going to bed.
The comfort of skin care and the excitement of makeup,
I wish everyone could enjoy it.
“DIME”, which has been working on men’s beauty enlightenment for 17 years, For 22 years, “Biteki” has responded to women’s beauty concerns. Four years ago, we jointly carried out the “Men’s Aesthetic” project. Now we are teaming up again, changing and evolving to start a new project. aesthetic HEN
You can decide for yourself whether you want to be beautiful. But I’m interested in beauty, but I don’t know where to start, We will deliver reliable beauty information to all such people. Beyond gender, age and various categories,
Aiming for an era where everyone can freely choose beauty.
*HEN is a word used in Sweden as a gender-neutral third person singular pronoun that is neither “hon” nor “han”.
In the new project “Biteki HEN”, we launched a collaboration project page on the professional beauty information news site “” and the web magazine “@DIME” that digs deep into “what you want to know”. We are planning to deliver information for everyone to enjoy beauty from the perspective of. From the basics of skin care, to the annoying “hair” problem, to the latest goods that you are interested in, we will transmit gender-free beauty information.
■Comment from Yuka Kobayashi, editor-in-chief of “” “With the concept of ‘refining the beauty of your skin, mind, and body yourself,’ Aesthetic has been supporting women’s beauty for 22 years since its launch, but I feel that the recent rise in men’s beauty is astonishing. For aesthetics who want to propose a life that enjoys beauty, the advent of an era where people can enjoy beauty in a gender-free way is great news.Through “biteki HEN”, everyone can enjoy beauty regardless of gender or age. Be sure to pay attention to the “new beauty proposals” published by beauty magazines.”
Biteki special site
[Image 2d13640-2175-915644161e4fc50e1d7c-0.png&s3=13640-2175-69c6dda4fa70ec977232edb2add6a58d-941x831.png ■ “@DIME” Editor-in-Chief Hiroaki Ishizaki’s comment
“In 2006, DIME started a men’s beauty project, the ‘Handsome Project’. With the aim of being able to pursue beauty regardless of age or gender, we will disseminate information that makes use of each person’s knowledge along with “aesthetic”.In addition to practical information and product information unique to DIME, through
co-creation with various companies. I would like to aim for an era in which everyone can freely choose beauty.Please pay attention.” DIME special site
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