Legendary Star Studio’s completely new post-apocalyptic MMORPG game “Ashfall” will be released in 2023!

Press release from NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte. Ltd (2022.09.17)

NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte.
Legendary Star Studio’s completely new post-apocalyptic MMORPG game “Ashfall” will be released in 2023!
Legendary Star
Studio (Legendary Star Studio) will be held at the Tokyo Game Show (International Exhibition Hall “Conference Room 201”) from 3:30 pm on Friday, September 16th.
We held a presentation for our latest game “Ashfall”.

– *About the latest game “Ashfall”* *
Developed by Legendary Star Studios, “Ashfall” is a shooting game with MMORPG elements.
In the post-apocalyptic world of Ashfall, players freely explore the depleted and war-torn fields,
You can go on an adventure trip that you have never experienced before. While adventuring in the wilderness, you will encounter various incidents and battles. Pick up a variety of weapons, Create your own post-apocalyptic story. Players can also crossplay (PC, iOS, You can enjoy online multiplayer compatible with Android).

– * Post-apocalyptic world with Asian elements *
The stage of the story is a future world where artificial intelligence fights a fierce battle with humanity. A nuclear war has turned the world into ruins, leaving mankind with dust and iron rust.
And the days of collapse and gloomy. Meanwhile, you have to find the legendary “Creation Core”, so you leave the shelter and start traveling in the collapsed world.
In addition, the scenery, characters, and stories in the game incorporate unique Asian elements.
Players will experience a different atmosphere from previous post-apocalyptic themed games.

– * A free game experience unique to a devastated post-apocalyptic world * Players can control their characters and freely explore the devastated post-apocalyptic world. Enjoy a wide variety of wasteland landscapes, You can enjoy your own adventure journey by interacting with NPCs and recommending stories.

– * Various battles and abundant growth factors *
You can enjoy various battles in this work. A shooting experience that makes use of the terrain using unique firearms,
Dungeon content full of originality will be prepared. In addition to combat, players can also enjoy
You can unlock different growth experiences for your character and feel the freshness of random events happening everywhere. collect, nurture,
Puzzle solving and exploration elements are also incorporated, allowing the player character to grow flexibly.

– *Fight with friends in crossplay*
Gameplay can be enjoyed both solo and multiplayer. Fight with friends, challenge dungeons of high difficulty,
You can fully enjoy the world of “Ashfall”.

– * Super gorgeous music production team *
In this work, famous composers * Hans Zimmer * and * Steve Mazzaro * who have won numerous Academy Awards as music production team, And we welcome *Inon Zur*, composer of the Fallout series, to deliver the ultimate music experience to players.
*Mr. Hans Zimmer*
* ・Profile of Mr. Hans Zimmer:*
One of Hollywood’s leading composers who has worked on numerous movie music. “Dune”, “007/
He has composed music for more than 500 works, including masterpieces such as “No Time to Die” and “Gladiator”.
*Mr. Inon Zur*
* ・Profile of Inon Zur:*
Composer. He has won numerous awards for game music. “Fallout”, “Prince of Persia”,
He has worked on music for many games such as “Dragon Age: Origins”. * comment*
* “This time, as a music producer, I was invited to make music. We hope to deliver unprecedented musical experiences and new perspectives to everyone. Since it also incorporates unique and diverse Asian elements,
I got a lot of inspiration from there. “Ashfall” will bring a breath of fresh air to the game genre.
We bring new ways of understanding and expression to the
post-apocalyptic world through music,
I would like to do my best to convey the charm of this brand new world to game players around the world.”
●* Steve Mazzaro* * Mr.*
* ・S* * teve Mazzaro* * Profile:*
Composer. “No Time to Die”, “Army of Thieves”, “Rhythm Section”, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”,
Participated in music production for works such as “Ice Box”. * Comment: “I still can’t believe I got to collaborate with Hans Zimmer on the music for Ashfall.
When I was introduced to the world and concept of this game for the first time, I still remember being absorbed in its outstanding design. I felt that the idea of ​​fusing Asian elements and post-apocalyptic elements was very epoch-making. we also
We will do our best to create memorable music that makes you want to understand this world.
Many unique musical instruments have been incorporated to match the story and battle scenes of the game, and even if you close your eyes, just listen to the music that is playing in your ears.
I want to aim for music that conveys the power of adventure.”* (C) Legendary Star Studio
* About * * * Legendary Star Studio * *
Legendary Star Studio utilizes extensive development experience in genres such as FPS and RPG,
A development team aiming to provide players around the world with a higher quality game and play experience.
Team members love the wasteland theme and want to create a unique game world through the medium of games.
A world that has finally collapsed due to depletion of resources and war, over destruction and regeneration,
The creative process of the members’ game concept every time is a new reproduction of the multi-cultural wasteland.
Team members have diverse cultural experiences and perspectives, as well as a deep understanding of their own cultures. To provide players with a unique gaming experience,
The studio fused many unique Asian elements in their first film, Ashfall. For example, different styles of Asian architecture, monster images,
It’s a strange mix of Wasteland and fusion, including landscapes. The entire studio strives to provide players with an unprecedented gaming experience.

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